金曜日, 11月 25, 2005

Wishlist wishlist!

1. A fabulous pair of Manolo Blahniks
2. The Lowe stuffed lion (It's called Leo! Oh pretty please... I will love you so much! I'm sure my love is worth more than $551 =D)
3. The polar bear charm bracelet from swarvorski
4. The polar bear necklace from swarvorski
5. The footprint necklace from swarvorski
6. A haircut from Toni and Guy (Or was it Tony and Guy?)
7. Any nice accessory from Mio at Wisma
8. The stringy orange chain from Mio
9. An i-pod nano
10. A new laptop
11. The white eyeliner from body shop
12. A bathtub with jacuzzi jets
13. A box of Godiva chocolate! (I've never eaten them before...)
14. The Sims 2 for x-box (Original please)
15. The entire collection of The sisterhood of travelling pants
16. Confessions of an Heiress
17. Book 9 and 10 of Petshop of Horrors (Manga(Can be found at Kino))
18. Book 5 of cresent moon (manga(From Kino too))
19. A saxophone
20. Saxophone lessons
21. The jagged ring with diamonds from Geog Jensen
22. A tankini
23. An autographed picture of Tom Felton (I love Tom Felton)
24. An autographed picture of the guy who acted as Tom Riddle (His shuai!)
25. A pair of mary-janes with a heel (After I saw them on Sex and the City, I couldn't forget them)
26. A tub of Yami yogurt
27. The cherry Berkinstocks!
28. The sparkly Berkinstocks
29. The corpse bride soundtrack
30. Pretty earrings!
31. A boxful of double fudge brownies
32. Strawberry tart from Bakerzin
33. Warm chocolate cake from Bakerzin
34. The white Prince tennis racket
35. Mudsludge chocolate
36. A grand piano
37. One of the pretty necklaces from chopin
38. A new piano book
39. The aristocats puzzle (300 piece)
40. The batty tote bag from Topshop
41. A snowglobe
42. A pool table
43. A MAGIC WAND (grins happily)
44. A huge bag of Famous Amous no nut chocolate chip cookies

Wait for more editions!

*written @ 8:18 午後.

金曜日, 11月 18, 2005

Ok... *breathes* I seriously need to stop bitching. I can't stand myself and the way I'm being so bitchy and snappish to everyone. Must. Stop. Now! Anyway, even though I said that I have abandoned the Princess and the Pea Brain yadda yadda yadda... But guess what?! I actually wrote it! In a poem form. I hardly believe that I can write it in a story, but hey, reading it as a poem is so much more fun.

The Princess and the Pea Brain
There once lived a Princess,
And her name was called Cher.
She lived in a beautiful kingdom,
Full of flowers, and pears.

However, her happiness was not to be,
when an evil, scary monster came.
"Oh poor Princess!" The King exclaimed.
"My darling, captured my a dumb Pea Brain!"

In a cold, damp cell,
Poor princess Cher sat silent and unwell.
Her heart was broken, through and through,
And she realised that she was such a fool.

She had loved him so,
That horrible villian,
Whose dark soul was proclaimed Ian.
She had been warned, but took no heed.
So now, she was left solely to weep.

Cher sobbed for nights, Cher sobbed for days,
Till her sweet memories began to faze.
She opened her eyes, from her soft, sweet slumber,
To a Pea Brain staring straight right at her.

Her highness could not take that sight,
And was soon throwing up in fright.
The Pea Brain started to yell and cackle,
And soon appeared to be truly wacko.

Princess Cher could take no more,
Her eyes were red and her throat was sore.
She lashed out like a bolt of lightning,
truly quick and truly frightening.

Seeing her eyes glow red like ember,
The Pea Brain started to quake and tremble.
"I love you and I'll always be there."
He said quickly to Princess Cher.

Cher finally understood his actions,
but could only give a startling reaction.
She ran to the castle safe and sound,
Ans the king proudly proclaimed that she had been found.

Princess Cher's sadness would not wane,
As she knew that king would never approve,
Of her affair with the Pea Brain.

And so, the Princess began to pack,
A score of things which stacked and stacked.
She wrote a letter which explained,
"I've run away with the Pea Brain,
Never to be seen again."

All contents of this poem is hereby copyrighted by the great and all-powerful Aileen.
Well, I wanted to write my wishlist, but I guess I'll save that for another day.

*written @ 4:25 午後.

月曜日, 11月 14, 2005

Argh! *Screams* I really really hate it when people steal my titles, my qoutes, my characters and call them their own. Please don't do that... It's really... really... mean. Like, if Bill Gate suddenly abandoned macrosoft(screw spelling) and someone just took the software and started using all his orginal basic work and improving it and calling it their own, is that alright? Obviously not right? And I'm sure that Bill Gates would sue the under-pants off that poor fool. Haha... Yeah... Anyway, the point is, it's just not nice. If I come up with the qoute, I use it. If I come up with the title and the characters, I write it. I dunno... it just feels bad if the someone who writes my story isn't me.

Anyway, turns out that I wasn't really allergic to the cleanser I used at Miss Jo's house, I think. Haha... but it kinda cause my ezyma (I have really sensitive skin) to flare up. And because I don't have enough medication to cover it, it's kinda spreading to everywhere. Hahaha... I can't go for training! *laughs evilly* It stings when the sun shines on it and when I perspire. So... it's a good thing and a bad thing. Eh! Mr Jeff! Can cover me from Mr Lew? Please? *Looks with wide innocent eyes*

Today was such a day! I had to go for this silly East Zone Cluster Service learning thing (some weird thing that they make to sound so important, but actually, it's just some way to get primary school kids to do community service). Aren't they so evil? Practically lying to little kids that doing community service needs so much planning. *Oh pish* Anyway, I was at the interchange at about 1.15 pm waiting for the bus. Suddenly, I received a call saying that I was supposed to be there at 1! I was with Kelly, Sabrina (My sabs) and Georgiana(on the phone) at that time. And it so appeared that Kelly and I were told to be there at 1.30, Sabrina at 2.30 and Georgiana at 2. Isn't so ridiculus?! And Mr Sim(council teacher) told us the different times! Argh! Also, we weren't told any information on what to wear to the function. So, all of us just assumed that we could go in half-uniform ( school tee and skirt) . Georgiana was late in meeting us and so we proceeded to Gongshan Primary first (the function was held there). When Kelly, Sabrina and I were right outside the gate, Wan Ting(just a girl) called she said that if we weren't in full school uniform, we would be denied entry to the function. By that time, Kelly and I were so pissed that we decided that if we couldn't get in, we would just go home, change and go play arcade. Kelly explained to Wan Ting that we were already outside the school, and we could hear Mr Sim in the background asking Wan Ting to tell us to take a cab home and change. Hello?! Is he like crazy or brainless or something?! Sabrina stays in Seng Kang!

But in the end, we got in. And, Mr Sim scolded us! When it was obviously his lack in planning and communication which caused the whole mess! Argh...

What is with people like that?!

*written @ 9:03 午後.

金曜日, 11月 11, 2005

It's friday! It's friday! Whahahahaha... *prances around and starts strewing pink daisies everywhere* Wait... Did I just say pink? Ew! *runs around gathering up all the pink daisies and starts to burn all of them* In case you haven't noticed, I absoulutely, positively, infinatively detest pink!

I'm so glad that today is finally friday! It has been a really(x 100) long week. I had to wake up at 7 for the whole week! Which, prompts me to question "Holiday? What holiday?!" Actually, I am more stressed then I ever was before -It seriously freaks me out! And once again, the question pops up, what is the point of studying? Like, if you go to work, your boss will actually ask you "list the coefficients of the equation shown" *sheesh*

Anyway, I have decided to abandon "The Princess and the Pea Brain". There are too many people, giving way too many comments. *sigh* I'm not feeling really interesting today.

*written @ 9:09 午後.

月曜日, 11月 07, 2005

The more I go for training, the more I hate my CCA. The more I hate my CCA, the more I don't go for training. *sigh* This is such an *ARGH* situation! Whenever I go for training, I'm in a bad mood! So I end up upsetting my coach. (Only because he say that he isn't comfortable when he sees me) *sheesh* Plus, I didn't get into the school team. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but now, I've gotten used to it. I mean, if Mr Lew doesn't want me in the school team because I don't go for training often, it's fine... However, he had better not come running to me when he finds out that he is short of one singles player (which he will eventually find out).

I feel so xian today...

*written @ 8:16 午後.