金曜日, 9月 28, 2007

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Chariots Of Fire! It's like a sports day where we are not forced to attend. But ooh... It was so fun! We had tug of war and some weird water balloon thing. And SAUSAGE SIZZLE. Yums and fun! Woohoo!

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Me and Andy before maths. I looke fat. I know. I'm working on it.

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Sep and me!

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Andy's trying out his new "make Aileen go away power"

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Nope. Didn't work. MUAHAHA

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Sealion (Semy) and Sep!

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Sealion, me and Joanne (Both from Hong Kong)

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Andy and his girls! =X *laughs*

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The 4 out of 6 girls in maths.

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Look how hard-working we are!

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From left: Veekae(sp?), Bunny, Joanne, me, Sep, Sealion, Matthew behind her, Chris! (Lecturer), someweirdguywhoinevertalkto and Alex. The people in my class who came today. Andy had a test so he ran away!

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Me and Harky in physical science. Look how crowded it is! *laughs* And we got our lecturer (Ian) to take the picture. -.-

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Guys from left: Jung (Mahjong), Andy, Alex and Chet.
Girls: Lean Ping, Sep and me!

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We had a little party during ELACS. So... here's the food!

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Anatasia (She's really from St Petersburg, Russia! Cool!!) and Matt

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Lin Rong and me!

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Andy and Anthony(From South Africa. He can speak german! And he has weird hair. Hm)

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OH. THat is just so wrong! (Terry and Matt)

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A very unflattering picture.

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Weird guy, usb, Terry, Matthew, Sealion, Vicki, Pav and me

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2 of my favourite people! Matt and Jan(ELACS module B lecturer)

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Me and my favourite Belle!

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Belle and May

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Owen has his "ignore Aileen face on". *bleah*

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Alex, Belle, Zhixiang and weird guy.

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2 very lousy map readers. We bought kababs at Curtin University and wanted to go to the bookstore. And where did we end up? The entrance of Curtin International College.*rolls eyes*

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And we met up with Ailin! Aileen and Ailin! We rock! =D

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We love each other.

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Econs class! *beams*
Back row: Stuart(lecturer! Isn't he cute?), Anthony
2nd row: Lorenna (She's from Brazil and is super pretty!!!!), Liying, Lutia
Front row: Christy, Harky, Belle, me, Esther, Alex, Tom and Riann


*written @ 6:41 午後.

土曜日, 9月 22, 2007


1.First off, what's your name?

2.Okay, but what does your best
friend/s call you?
Aileen (I have a bunch of really unimaginative friends. Hm)

3.Have you ever kissed someone with
Nope. Unless I kissed myself. Which is highly doubtful. *laughs*

4.Who is the fourth received call on
your call log?
Des! Interesting.

5.If you could change your eye color
what would it be?
green? Hm...Nah. I kinda like my chocolate eyes!

6.What is the wallpaper on your phone?

7.How many pillows on your bed?
2. (Hey Panda! Remember the time you slept over and the bed was so full of pillows that there wasn't any space to sleep? *laughs*)

8.Who was the last text message you
sent to?
September. =D

9.What color is your shirt right now?
Piyo-piyo coloured. Don't ask. =/

10.What was the best thing that
happened to you last year?

11.nabura ni pilo ung
That sounds like indo!

12.Who's the fourth person on your
contacts list?
It's .... me. Figure that!

13.When was the last time you cried
from laughing so hard?
I think it was the time Des and I were debating about my choice of tv shows. (Eg: The L word)

14.What school did you attend in

15.do you have a crush?
On a number of people who I have never seen in real life. And yes, I know how pathetic I am. *laughs*

16.Who was the last person that made
you laugh?

17.Do you like Quiznos?
Hm. What are they?

18. Who do you make fun of the most at
That is a very difficult question! There are so many! How am I ever going to figure out who I pick on most?

19.What's the longest time you've ever
talked on the phone?
I think it was 6 hours with Des. Hm.

20.Do you think you've gotten
more handsome/pretty since grade
Yup. Got skinnier. But that's going downhill. Bleah.

21.Have you seen your bestfriend cry?
Yup. A REALLY long time ago

23.Do you dance in the car?
I don't dance anywhere besides the world in my head. *nods*

24.What do you think of hunting and
Sweaty. Mosquitoes.

25.Do you and your bestfriend act
I think we're both equally crazy.

26.What is a noise that you cannot
Drilling. And kids screaming!

27.Does your mom vacuum early in the
morning, when you're sleeping?
She used to. I think.

28.Are your parents in love?
Tis a difficult question.

29.What does your 9th txt say?
something on the line of borrowing my notes

30.Who sent it?

31.Would you rather sleep at a
friend's or have them over?
Have them over. I have a problem with sleeping in beds that don't smell like mine. =)

32.When was the last time you wrote a
note, and to who?
On Monday. To Sep.

33.are you in love?
Kinda Sorta not really.

34.who do you miss most?
Eh. RUSSELLY!! And my piano which actually sounds like a real piano with vibrating strings inside.

35.What do you smell like right now?
I don't know and am not going to find out. =D

36.Do you have a hard time admitting
you're wrong?
Excuse me?! I am never wrong.

37.Who was the last person you held
hands with?

38.What shoes did you wear today?

39.What makes you lose your appetite?
NOTHING. Not even fear factor. But I need to find something that does soon or I'm not leaving the house when I get back to s'pore.

40.What color is your laundry basket?

41.Last person you kissed?
Whiffie? But she's not a person.

43.Do you own any Levi pants/jeans?
I own one. One which I will never wear again unless I find a way to shave off the sides of my pelvis.

44.Do you think those stores are too

45.How do you like your steak?
Medium rare. (I know it's gross, but I like it!)

46.Who's in your house right now?

47.Where did you get your last bruise

48.Where did you last go out to eat?
Kabuki Sushi.

49.List three things that keeps you
going in life.
Tv, chocolate and sleep.

50.Is there someone you can't stop
thinking about?
Er. Not that I know of.

*written @ 6:16 午後.

水曜日, 9月 19, 2007

I never mentioned what happened during the most recent bio test did I? It is hilarious. If I do say so myself. *laughs* Remember when we had to learn continents? Can't remember if it was in secondary or primary school though... Hm... Anyway! There was this question: Which part of the world did the hominids with the fairest skin originate? And I was like "Yes! I know this! Europe Europe!" And... they gave us a freaking map. -.- No line. A map. And I had no idea where Europe was. So... I marked North America. *bangs head on table* And... Africa became North America. Joy. You know what this shows? This shows the utter failure of the Singapore education system. *nod nod* I can do functions for additional mathematics (The only thing in add maths I can do apart from matrixes and vectors), Tell you the impact of development on the world, tell you the entire Singapore history from World War 2 AND identify Ammonia, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide from a test tube. But! I cannot identify continents. *rolls eyes* Why's that!? Huh. Why. I'll tell you why. It's because after learning all that crap, THERE'S NO SPACE LEFT IN MY BRAIN FOR THE THINGS I ACTUALLY NEED.

The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So! Why learn?

*written @ 9:08 午後.

日曜日, 9月 16, 2007

I want to go to Yale. Yup. Yale. Ivy League Yale. I wanna I wanna I wanna! o(>.<)o And obviously, life is full of wants we can't fulfill. Ever. *nods*

I'm too dumb to go to Yale. *sighs* And even if I could, I would never be able to afford it. But the irony is, if I was smart enough to go to Yale (even if it was to take some crappy art degree) I wouldn't need to be able to afford it! I would be able to get myself a freaking government scholarship. But nope. I can neither afford it nor smart enough. It's so unfair!

*laughs* I've been whining about this all day (and Logan)and people kept telling me that half of Yale is nerds and the other half is rich asses. And "Ahh..." I said, "RICH, HANDSOME, INFLUENTIAL, POSSIBLY NICE asses!" This continued with those people telling me that I was so materialistic. Well! I don't see how getting married to some rich, handsome, infulential, possibly nice YALE GRADUATE is bad. I'd have the rich, handsome, infulential, possibly nice YALE GRADUATE as arm candy, have a huge rock (Preferably a Tiffiny and Co. Solitare diamond) on my finger and the money to wear manolo blahniks all day. So. What's so bad about being materialistic?

I went to check out the Yale website yesterday and get this- The early admission form is for 2012. 2012! Can you imagine?! I'll be like 22 in 2012! Whoa man. Whoa.

Somebody get into Yale and get me a Yale pullover? *Big innocent eyes*

*written @ 6:47 午後.

月曜日, 9月 10, 2007

Pic spam!

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Esther's birthday cake!

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Birthday girl cutting the cake!

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The birthday girl and I!

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My favourite smurf (Amanda) and I! (She's an evil smurfette!)

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Heather/Yasheng and I!

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The all popular Lila and me!

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Poultry and Esther!

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My cam-whoring moments! *laughs* Man... I suck at it. It's not fair! everyone can take flattering cam whoring pictures except me! =/

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My brand new JUICY COUTURE bag! Look at it, be envious! But just don't ask me what it cost. =X

At last. No more whining.

*written @ 6:18 午後.

金曜日, 9月 07, 2007

We have gathered here to mourn the passing of poor Jennifer (Not that I'm giving up until she lets me get my songs and pictures out, but you get the picture). She was a great friend and she was always there when I needed her (Well, till yesterday). She saw me through my late night and random 3 a.m Hikaru cravings. The great discovery of my Hikaru is owed to Jennifer (And Cassie. But I think Cassie regrets showing me that faithful Kindai) and Jennifer has given me great memories of staying up all night to watch Goong. Sparking the Joo Ji Hoon obsession in Jie which led to the Rain obsession. *nod nod* And if I didn't have Jennifer, I would have never downloaded all those KAT-TUN songs and Dawnie would have never discovered Kame. To all those to have suffered like me, I am truly sorry that you had to go through all the squeals.

*bows in respect* Dearest Jennifer, your life is hanging on a thin wire that is up to me to pull(when I get my 500 songs out). And when I do, all I can say is that I will cherish the memories we have together and that your demise is your fault.

Anyway. I am getting a new lappie! I'm going to name her (It's going to be a her because males can't be counted on to do anything right =D).... Tsuki! Since my mobile is called Taiyou. I have all the Ayukawa siblings! *laughs*

Randomly, there's this thing I can't stand about myself. About this thing, I always know that it was there, but I only realised what a problem it can be today. You know, I can't keep my emotions off my face. Which shocks me-beacuase I am a superb liar. (Not that I ever needed to lie about anything in the past 3 years)But yes. I am puzzled by how the emotions inside can make a guest appearence on my face.

Ah well. It's not my fault that I'm short-tempered.

*written @ 8:37 午後.

木曜日, 9月 06, 2007

I am in desperate need to be shot. Yes. You heard right. Shot. S.H.O.T. Or lying horizonally without the possibility of waking up again. Jennifer is being a bitch again. WHY IS IT ALWAYS DOING THIS TO ME?! WHY! I have 3 assignments!! One of which is worth 10%. Which is due next Friday! Oh my... fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

I am the epitome of upset.

*written @ 6:34 午後.

火曜日, 9月 04, 2007

Oh my sun. I am officially dying. Yes... I am going to complain about all the work I have to do. So, if you (like me) are sick of all the incessant whining and whatnot, please feel free to not read and go do something less frustrating. *nod nod*

I have 3 assignments. 3! Can you imagine?! And they're all reasearch! *bangs head on table* I've never been so stressed out in my life! Sure, the workload was way heavier in Singapore, but at least it didn't count! My physical science assignment is 3%, my economics one is a whooping 10% and ELACS... Well. I can do that with my eyes shut. But argh! It's so easy to not do homework when you're too tired and when it doesn't count. But this counts! So I HAVE to bust my butt doing it. Freak.

And there's homework and revision to do too! I haven't started on anything and my semester 2 exams are in 4 weeks! *screams*

Why are there so moany people who have taken to asking me stupid questions and telling me random, useless things?! I don't have the time or the energy to laugh and entertain them. Plus, I do in no way find them funny. Argh. Is it too much to ask for a little peace with no yelling and idiocity? God. What is wrong with those people?

Just... Stop asking me questions.

*written @ 11:00 午後.

月曜日, 9月 03, 2007

Interesting conversation:
Me: I've been obsessed with this show lately!
Sep: Huh? What show?
Me: The L word! It's so good! It's like sex and the city with lesbians.
Sep: *O.O* You are so sick!
Me: WHAT?!
Sep: You're not supposed to watch lesbian shows! Everyone knows that you don't watch stuff with homosexuals the same sex as you!
Me: Why?
Sep: It's just not right!
Me: So it'll be better if I watch gay stuff?
Sep: Yeah! You're so sick!
Me: Hey! At least if lesbians are doing it, they stick stuff in the right body part! (I actually said hole. But I dunno... It just sounds so vulgar to me now. *laughs*)
Sep: OH MY GOD. I am not talking to you anymore! Stop talking to me! Go away!

If you ask me, I think she's the one who's sick. *shudders* It's okie to see girls being boyish but seeing guy's being really girly is the epitome of gross.

Anyway, I got my university application form today. *stressed* When Jackie (Elacs teacher) was giving out the form, you could feel the tension in the room! Yup. It was that big a deal. The moment the forms were done being handed out, we all started freaking out. I'm kinda being torn apart between University of Western Australia and Murdoch University. *nod nod* IF I get into law in UWA (which is not very likely), do I go for it? Or should I just settle for Murdoch? The law faculty in UWA is more prestigious, but Murdoch offers more choice for japanese studies. Hm... OR! What if I don't get into law at all? (*TOUCHES WOOD*) *screams*

Today's bio practical test was crap. I had to draw a freaking monkey foot. And a human foot. AND a cat foot. Let's get this straight. Aileen does not spell bone artist. I had to draw the freaking feet and label them. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BONES THERE ARE IN YOUR FEET?! *PFFFFFFFT* Stupid monkeys. I don't care how they're different from us. They're them and we're us. *BLEAH*

*pssst* By the way, it's my 500th post.

*written @ 6:16 午後.