木曜日, 11月 30, 2006

Let's see... Dawnie came home with Roystan and some other guy (her friends) in tow. The first thing Roystan did when he came in was to proclaim me fat. Wow. Thanks. I guess I really needed that little comment. Not. *Feels like calling him a terrible name but decides against it* You know... I always believed that everyone had this sense of politeness in them that provides an insight on what they should or should not say. Apparently, I was horribly mistaken. Before anyone yells at me for being upset over such a small thing or bitching about Dawnie's friends, I would like to say that he has done it before. It being look at me and call me fat. Everytime he sees me he JUST HAS TO MAKE THAT SNIDE LITTLE COMMENT. Maybe it's fun, or amusing. I wouldn't know. I'm not a smart-assed moron. *Twitch twitch*

So I'm not the skinniest, prettiest girl in the world. But was the neccesary? I may not be as skinny as his girlfriend, but does that give him a right to call me fat? Maybe, I could look better, be skinnier, but I'm sorry. My childhood has bailed out on me. Leaving me to actually jog and diet like hell to prevent myself from putting on anymore weight. I have hormones, my metabolism is slowing down, and I am getting cellulite. Did he think I wouldn't stop it if I could!? It scared me when I suddenly couldn't fit into my Levi's and my hip bones decided to disappear from view. I'm trying to lose the weight... Really! I am. I've gone on a water diet. Everytime I feel like eating something, I drink a glass of water. Since I need to eat less and drink more water, I'm kinda hoping this will do me some good. Plus, I have decided to only have 2 meals a day. Since I get up at like 2, they will be breakfast and dinner. And I will go jogging tomorrow morning or in the evening and keep it up everyday without fail. I will lose the weight. Even if it kills me, I will go back to my weight 6 months ago. EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. I refuse to give Roystan, or anyone for that matter a chance to happily call me fat just before I've gained weight. And the next time Roystan says it, I will grab a fork and stab it in his eye.

Clarence says that Roystan is extremely rude and that I am not fat. I am thankful for such friends. *Laughs*

*written @ 10:51 午後.


My sleeping hours are completely thrown out of whack. *Nods* I'll bet that I'm the only person (Besides a certain panda) who stays up till 1 am just to catch Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) season 4. And after I'm done watching that, I go back to watching youtube. I go to sleep at about 3 plus and get up at about 2 the same day. *laughs* I'll never be able to sleep at night again.

This morning, for some reason, I woke up at about 6.30 am and had difficultly going back to sleep. I had a huge debate with myself on whether I should get up and do something or just try my best to go back to sleep. Of course, in the end, the latter won out. It was so hot... The sun was rising and I could feel myself being roasted like a turkey! (Just a random thought) But what I'm trying to say is, even if I did decide to get up and do something, what could I do? What can possibly occupy me for the whole day? Even since the bloody youtube people took down Lunch Queen, there's nothing for me to watch. Even though Kurosagi has Yamapi in it, it's really boring. Nobuta is such a stupid show. I can't believe I bought it just so I could watch Kame, Pi and Yuto. *bangs head on table*

Argh. Linda wants me to go with her to buy lime and whatnots. *Bleah*

*written @ 3:43 午後.


[MS] 20050527 - KAT-TUN & Ya-Ya-yah - START, SHE SAID & 絆

I was looking for Ya-ya-yah videos to look at... but somehow ended up starring at Kat-tun. Damn. Hahaha... 10 of my favourite people all together!

*written @ 12:22 午前.

水曜日, 11月 29, 2006

明日!明日!Dawnie is coming back tomorrow! This is so exciting! o(>.<)o There'll be someone to play with me and keep me company. *Beams*

*written @ 8:41 午後.


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"he is someone who is extremely romantic" - Kamenashi Kazuya
"he is a nice guy,because he always let me have the meat" - Akanishi Jin
"to me,he is an acrobat" - Tanaka Koki
"he has a big heart" - Tatsuya Ueda
"he takes the role of the person who gets bullied" - Nakamaru Yuichi (From the guy who won the award for adorable idiot eh Sulin?)

Q: the most attractive part of you is?
TJ: when i smile, my eyes are very easy to draw.

Q: which part of your body, do you think, is the sexiest?
TJ: the muscles on my back, around my arms. i'm very happy to hear people say "wow,the muscles there are good!!" whenever i wear sleeveless for basketball.

Q:what is the scariest thing on Earth?
TJ: thunder!

Q: when will you think that you're very good-looking?
TJ: when i'm about to hit the tennis ball during tennis~ in fact, im very attracted by it too.

Q: how will you spend your rest day?
TJ: SLEEP! no matter where i am, i'll just sleep.

Q: what do you do when u're excited or in high spirit?
TJ: im always smiling. if it's during a concert, i will strip!

Q: the saddest period in your whole life?
TJ: no, im very positive.

Q: household chores that you can do well?
TJ: no, i've the thinking of a BIG MAN(in chinese, it's 大男人主义)

Q: Something that you can't live without?
TJ: handphone

Q: when do u feel most relaxed?
TJ: when i calm down. just kidding! *laughs* when i go for massage session, i feel very good. and it's that kind of massage treatment that lasts for 90mins.

Q: what do you expect a man(男子汉) to wear?
TJ: "strippers" and "rebels" are very "hip" these days but im totally different from that style. i want to become a man who still wears casual shirts when i'm 40,walking around with the kind of look that says "i dont really care"..an easy-going man.

Q: your method of confession?
TJ: depending on the situation, if it's the girl who said she likes me first, i might reply nicely "i like you", "let's go on a date" that kind of words.BUT,when it comes to really confessing, i hope that it's me who will speak up first, from the guy and not the girl!

Q: if you had a fight with your friend, what is the best way of making-up?
TJ: i dont really quarrel with them!

Q: if you're in love,will you change and how wil you change?
TJ: no. there wont be any changes.

Q: until now,what is the most fortunate/the happiest thing that had happened to you?
TJ:i sent an e-mail for my parents on their birthday to wish them,and they replied "im really happy to have a son like you".

Q: if a girl is to tell you something, what is it that will make your heart skip a beat?
TJ: i want a hug.

Q: what is LOVE to you?
TJ: strategy!! but it's very troublesome to fall in love,and i dont need that now. im into pool nowadays.

Q: : if you have a girlfriend, what is the best thing that will happen?
TJ: i can teach her to play pool!!

Q:what things will your gf do to make you feel that she's in love with you and another guy?

Q: how many times have you fallen out of love/rejected?
TJ: none!

Q: what excuses wil you come up with when you're late?
TJ: stomach ache!!

Q: what is ur perfect plan for date?
TJ: going to the amusement park at around 11am..then i'll ask her what she wants for dinner the date b4 and plan where to take her to.

Q: what will you do if you fall for your good friend's girlfriend?
TJ: i wont ever fall for her.

Q: how will you react if you see anyone of KAT-TUN being dumped?
TJ: i wont care.

Q: if your girlfriend is a flirt,what will you do?
TJ: ask her about it and get a clear explanation!

Q: how do you feel about girls making-up on motorcycles or in public transports?
TJ: she should make-up at home!

Q: what will you do, if you wake up one day and find that you've become a girl?
TJ:i'll go to sleep again~ dont want to let others see the state that im in~ fall asleep again,and i might become a guy when i wake up.

Q: bungee jump and parachute,which will you choose?
TJ:parachute.wont it be great to look at the small world from the sky?

Q :if you can transform to something else,what wil it be?
TJ: water. water has indefinite shape,..feel as if i can change into any shape that i want.

Q: during a fire, what is the thing you will choose to save?
TJ: handphone, money and family. if im the only one who survived,i'll be very lonely..if anyone didnt have time to escape,i'll go back to save him.

Q: choose between 1.)if you can live till 120yrs old yet you're poor AND 2.)only live to 30 yet you're rich, which will u choose?
TJ: 1. ~ if i can only live till 30,that's too terrible.i dont even dare to think about it! although i dont want to think about being poor,but i dont need to be very rich. just average will be ok.
average wealth.. living till 80yrs old is enough for me!

Q: if you can change your identity for a day, who will you want to be?
TJ: a dog or a cat!i want to experience the wild, and the life of having totalf reedom. it's okay even if i cant find food,anyway it's just one day,i can tolerate!

Q: choose between 1.)a medicine to become a child and 2.)a medicine to become an adult,whch will you choose?
TJ: 1. -- i want to become a baby again and re-live my life.

Q: think about yourself in 20 year's time..
TJ: married,with kids.. and being an ordinary&good father!

Q: if you're a girl, who will you fall for in KAT-TUN?
TJ: TAGUCHI JUNNOSUKE. compared to KA-TUN, i think it's the easiest,happiest and most relax to go on a date with me.

Q: being popular among the girls and being popular among the guys, which is better?
TJ: both. am i being too greedy? *laughs*

Q: your diary and test paper - which one will you feel embarassed about if it's seen by others?TJ: diary! there's nothing wrong to show someone else my test paper~

Q: your girlfriend and your family fell into the water, if your boat can only sit 1 more person, who will you save?
TJ: ano.. i shall drown myself.

Q: who will you choose to live with forever among KA-TUN?
TJ: because it's too troublesome, i'll choose to live on my own.

Q: if you can get any license,what will it be?
TJ: a professional pool player.

Q: do you prefer cute-and-chubby girls or girls with great figure?
TJ: any one.i dont really care about appearance.

Q: do you like or dislike winter?
TJ: i like winter..but i love summer because i feel very comfortable in summer.

Q: the best date during winter is..?
TJ: go to Hawaii to avoid the cold.

Q: the best ambience for a confession during winter?
TJ: bring her to a church and say "i like you, will you marry me?" HAHA! propose to her to save the trouble next time.

Q: if your girlfriend handmade you the following items(shirt, scarf, gloves), what will you hope to receive? or will you not want to receive handmade items?
TJ: i want long pants. *laughs* hand-made long pants! i'll take good care of it if it's my gf who made them for me--this is a MUST,right?!

Q: what do you think a girl will look cute in during winter?
TJ: i dont really understand woman's fashion,but a white leather whatever and whatever..wont it be cute?

Q: do you believe in santa claus?
TJ: i've never believe in that,not even last time..although some of my friends do believe..

Q: what will you do if you catch a cold?
TJ: no matter what,i'll just sleep..

Q: can you stand the cold?
TJ: surprisingly, i cant stand the cold although i like winter.that's why i wear super thick clothings!

credits for interview go to life_puppet (livejournal).

Junno has obviously never had a girlfriend.

*written @ 12:22 午前.

火曜日, 11月 28, 2006

1}Put your music player on shuffle.
2} Press forward for each question
3}Use the song title as the answer to the question

No cheating!

What does next year have in store for me?
Kaze in notte -Ya3 (I think it's some song about having hope for tomorrow)

What's my love life like?
The Sun-Maroon 5 (I think it's supposed to be hot? *laughs*)

What do I say when life gets hard?
Feel your beeze-V6 (Whoa! It's accurate!)

What do u think of on waking up?
Colourful-Yamapi (Somehow, I don't see myself thinking of love when I wake up)

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
Just wanna loving you-Ya3 (Is it possible? *laughs*)

What do you want as a career?
2 of us-Ya3 (I don't think being in a pair is a good career)

Your favourite saying?
I believe-Savage Garden (Whoa. That's true!)

Favourite place?
Best Friend-Kame and Ueda (Anywhere with friends!)

What do you think of your parents?
When you believe-Prince of Egypt soundtrack (Hahahaha! Seriously?!)

What's your Pornstar name?
Real face-KAT-TUN (I don't get this question)

Where would you go on a first date?
TEPPEN-NEWS (I have no idea...)

Drug of choice?
Carry on dancing-Savage Garden (And my drug is moonlight)

Describe yourself
Yuki no Hana-Mika Nakashima (Cold but beautiful? *laughs*)

What is the thing i like doing most?
Always thinking of you-Kim Jung Hoon (Er... I would border on the lines of using the computer)

The song that best describes my school principal?
Going back in time-J.J Express (Hm... doubtful)

What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Try again-Kis-my-ft (Haha. I was just thinking of loading a page again)

How will I die?
Still Believe-Kim Jung Hoon (That's a really sappy way to die)

How are you feeling today?
Haha-Akanishi Jin (I'm not feeling dreamy. Definitely not.)

How do your friends see you?
Natsu no Namae-Arashi (Aw... that's sweet)

What is your best friend's best theme song?
Bad Day-Daniel Powter (Doesn't really suit Des does it?)

What is the story of your life?
Kanjitemiro-Question? (I can't figure out what his saying)

What was high school like?
LoveXXX-Yamapi (ARGH. NEVER)

How can you get ahead in life?
Shock me-NEWS (Cool...)

What is the best thing about your friends?
Sakura sake-Arashi (They're really cheery and perky!)

What is in store for this weekend?
Strawberry sex-loveless soundtrack (Oh my...)

What song best describes you?
True to your heart-98 degrees and Stevie Wonder (How true!)

To describe your grandparents?
One more time one more chance-Jun Matsumoto (Hm... I don't know)

What song will they play during your funeral?
BadxNice-Yamashita Shoon (HAHA! Seriously?! That would be so cool!)

How does the world see you?
At the beginning with you-Anatasia soundtrack (I don't like beginnings... endings are much preferred)

Will you have a happy life?
Bonnie butterfly- KAT-TUN (Yes. I actually think so)

What do your friends really think of you?
Sparking-Ueda (Aw... really? *laughs*)

Do people secretly lust after you?
She said...-KAT-TUN (And she said "Never look back." *Glints*)

How can i make myself happy?
Starlight-Kis-my-ft (Hm... I guess it's pretty true)

What should you do with your life?
So young blues-Kota Yabu (Sounds promising... Haha)

Will you ever have children?
Special happiness-Kamenashi Kazuya and Taguchi Junnosuke (WTF?! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS)

This is fun!

*written @ 2:20 午後.


Jie inspired me to go search the korean google for infomation on Howl so here it is! He looked better on his album cover though... Hahaha

Here's the link! Was too tired to put the entire thing here.

*written @ 12:42 午前.

月曜日, 11月 27, 2006

*Prods hair* What to do? what to do? Seriously. I really feel like going to dye it the same colour that Yamapi had when he was 17. *Laughs* But I think if I do, all my hair will fall off... *Screws up face* But I don't want to have the same hair as Jin! o(>.<)o It's almost exactly the same! Right down to the whirly parts at my shoulders. *Bleah* The only difference is that my bangs are shorter and my hair is black. Should I go back to short, short hair? But if I do, I have to go through the irritating not long, not short stage again... Dang.

Today was... wet. *Nods* Cassie, Sulin, Adrianna and I went to Liang court. Supposedly to check out the december magazines. But... they were sold out. When the last shipment came in on Saturday. *Is shocked* Anyway, we came out of the train station and it was raining! Heavily! All of us got drenched and were sloshing around in wet shoes- leaving puddles everywhere. *Laughs* The air-conditioning was so cold! ほんとうに寒い!Somewhere between the afternoon and evening, we went to the Picture London store near Far East Plaza and tried to force one another to go try on the dresses. Picture London has really nice dresses... It's too bad my prom is not held at a nice place.*Sighs*

I think I caught a cold from all that running in the rain... *Sniffles*

*written @ 9:51 午後.


Kat-Tun- Type of Girls (Interview)

Lookie! 見て!見てください!

*written @ 1:35 午前.

日曜日, 11月 26, 2006

Some things that I felt like getting off my mind:

1. Much as I like Kame, his hair and the article about him going to L.A are the most atrocious things I have ever seen.

2. Much as I like Jin, he is a useless person and a whiny brat.

3. Koki should leave his poor eyebrows alone.

4. It's funny that Yamapi and Koyama cheat in university exams.

5. Much as I enjoy reading their blogs, I find it appalling that JE people are so simple-minded.

6. Des is either not replying me or I have sent the message to the wrong number.

7. It is difficult to not tell Josiah to shut up with the preaching. (Love what you love, just don't make me love it too)

8. Sometimes I feel like screaming "You annoying little bitch!" to certain people.

9. It is difficult to listen to guys being "squealy" (If you know what I mean)

10. I need to control what I eat!

11. choscandalous.blogspot.com is a good page if you can appreciate it.

12. The way the clothes are not being washed is disgusting to a great extent.

13. I hate being abandoned and one day I will get back at people who did/do that to me.

14. Singapore is too small. And I hope to not stay here in future.

15. The only thing my Dad and I do when he gets back is argue.

16. I find it funny that my Dad once called me spoilt as if I had the ability to spoil myself.

17. I am secretly hoping that a little something will end in complete failure for someone.

18. I think I am annoying.

19. Going cycling seems a good thing to do right now.

20. Fanfiction scares me.

21. I am plotting the murder of the people who are staying downstairs (the banging is horrible)

22. There are bugs in the house and it's gross.

23. I am staring at my handphone and waiting for a reply and it's not happening.

24. People who keep having job interviews are immensely hateful

25. Linda has not returned me my fullscape and I kinda need it.

*written @ 8:42 午後.


Revised list:
1. The Kazibouken concert DVD (From Missxclusive on the 9th floor of Cineplex)
2. Best of KAT-TUN CD (HMV Heeren)
3. A digital camera
4. The pretty sparkly heels in black from Nine West Wisma
5. Paradise Kiis volume 2
6. Meru Puri volume 2
7. X-kai volume 3
8. January's Myojo
9. December's Winkup
10. That checkered NANA skirt from Pull and Bear
11. The black strappy heels that I liked from French Connection
12. A new backpack
13. The Alfred bear
14. Liquid black eyeliner from the Make-up store (Marina Square)
15. Mascara in black from Face Shop (Marina Square)
16. Regatta DVD (From Poh Kim at Suntec)
17. My Boss My Hero DVD (From the VCD store in White sands)
18. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (From Kinokuniya)
19. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (From Kinokuniya)
20. That really cool black spagetthi top from ProjectshopBLOODbros in Wisma
21. The light green collared blouse from New Urban Male (Heeren)
22. The score for Love in Snow By Ueda (Dang... can't find it anywhere)
23. The whole series of Lunch Queen (Stupid youtube deleted the show before I could watch the last 2 episodes!)
24. The petagram pendent from Tiffany and Co.
25. Free tickets to a Johnny's concert
26. Something to make my face stop rotting and heal quickly

More editions coming up soon!

*written @ 3:31 午後.

土曜日, 11月 25, 2006

Complete Nonsense (ぜんぜんナンセンス)
I lay down my fortunes,
And celebrate them myself.
A time there once was,
And time now there isn't.

A bit of understanding,
Of which one doth lacks.
The heart that is broken,
Really doesn't seem so bad.

Symbolism, the endless salvation,
The obscurity of the whole thing.
The relentlessness, the frustration.
Please make it go away.


*written @ 10:28 午後.


From Josiah (A message): A... Hey. christmas is coming!! Inviting you on 23th (wasn't it supposed to be 23rd? Hm..) for christmas event at kallang stadium. Date not confirmed. Tell you... Next time. K.

Right. I'll bet... $10 that this thing at the Kallang Stadium is some "Let's all get together and praise the Lord thing". *Bangs head on table* What do I have to do to make him understand that I am not interested in going for things like that?! It's... frustrating. He keeps trying to make me go to his church! Which, coincidentally is the church that has all the irritating converts that try their hardest to annoy you to convert even though you already told them that you are christian. *Rolls eyes* Ironic isn't it? City Harvest much? Look. I am not going. To this thing and to anyone's church! There is nothing that says I have to go to church. *sticks out tongue* Maybe I'll go with Dawnie when I leave, but now, no. Get that straight. Stop trying to make me go! I won't! Not even if anyone tells me I'm evil and a bad christian and all the whatnots. Whatever. Someone stop Josiah from trying to make me join his church before I snap and do something terrible.


*written @ 9:43 午後.

金曜日, 11月 24, 2006

*Sits down and waits for blogger create post page to load* Whoa! The page is so big! O.O And it feels so funny to type... I haven't typed on a desktop for the longest time! Dang. I keep searching for the touch pad and the keyboard feels so... so... hard.

*Laughs* I bought Jie Shin Goon pictures from Comics Connection today! The stupid rack is so inconvenient! o(>.<)o Su-Lin and I had to take out like half the pile just to get to the pictures I wanted... So tiring! But glad to see that she's happy with them. *Beams* Oh oh! And there were Yamapi pictures too! I shall get them one of these days... Oh oh! And I also had my first taste of Omurice today. Oishii... Hontouni oishii... But the one that Yojiro and Junzaboro make in Lunchqueen seems so much nicer... With the demiglace sauce... *hungry* If Pi could deliver it to the table it'd be so nice! (Actually, if Pi delivered anything, it would be so great! Regardless of what it is... Panda-chan deshou?)

Life is boring... There's not really anything worthy of blogging about.

*written @ 10:00 午後.

水曜日, 11月 22, 2006

If I hear the words "Job" and "Interview" again, I swear I will put my hands around the person's neck and strangle that person. It's annoying. Fucking annoying. Everytime I want to go out, someone has a fucking interview. It's affecting everyone! *Bangs head on table* Oh. And the best thing is.... They never tell me themselves. I have to hear it from someone else that they are going for an interview after I asked. Therefore, I assume that if I didn't ask, no one would find it in themselves to fucking give me notice. It's like... there's this obsessive hunt for jobs. Seriously. It's obsessive. I hate it! Is there a need to go for every single fucking interview that you qualify for?! *scowls* So what if you don't get the job? Is it the end of the world? The need to be distracted. What the fuck do people need to be distracted from? Whatever. Just whatever. I suppose I am not worth anyone's precious interview time.

"Fat. You are fat." That's what I heard when I looked at myself in the mirror today. *Cries* I like grew out half of my wardrobe! All my clothing investments... I am fat and my face is rotting off. (-.-) Joy. Is there a way to make me skinny and pretty immediately? *looks on hopefully*
いつかきっと... This is so difficult!

I don't know about anyone else... But school in January is looking pretty good to me right now.

*written @ 8:35 午後.

火曜日, 11月 21, 2006

Things learnt today:
1. Ashita-Tomorrow
2. Benkyo-study
3. jibun-myself
4. kazoku-family
5. itsumo-always
6. kitsuto(kitto)-hopefully
7. itsuka-someday
9. yune-dream
10. atarashi-new
11. jyoushi-boss
12. aruhi-one day
13. doushite-why
14. kotae-answer
15. isha-doctor

Hahaha! That's what I spent my day doing... I'm such a nerd! But ah well, there was no one to go out with anyway.

*written @ 11:21 午後.

月曜日, 11月 20, 2006

こんばんわ! これわ Aileen です!よろしくおねがいします!

Haha! This is so fun! I managed to figure it out on my computer! I'm so clever! *laughs*

If you can't tell, I had my first japanese lesson with Sulin (PANDA) today! It was so fun! Now I can tell the time in japanese and type simple japanese... Trust me. It's way easier to type japanese than to write it. I can't remember the words for nuts... *sigh*

I am officially free! *woohoo*

*written @ 9:16 午後.

日曜日, 11月 19, 2006

This is so boring! Nothing is happening... well, nothing except the Jin sleeping with a disgusting american girl with no eyebrows thing. But I can't really bring myself to be bothered about Jin and his stupidity anymore so technically, that is nothing too. *Argh* Why is nothing interesting happening?

Singapore is too small. Way too small! Everytime we want to go out, there's always the question "Where?" and "What are we going to do?". Then, after we've decided, we realise that we're just doing the same thing over and over again. *Bangs head on table* It's just too bad that Singapore is so tiny. I really need to go find some place where I can camp out all day and not be bored.

Maybe I should start an arts and crafts project.

*written @ 7:40 午後.

土曜日, 11月 18, 2006


1. Sisters- I love them boths to bits!
2. Sleep- One can never have too much sleep.
3. Steamboat- Whoever doesn't adore steamboat is weird.
4. Supercalifragalasticexpialidocious(Did I even spell that right?)- Because I'm one of the few people who can say it.
5. Smelly- Russelly is smelly!
6. Shonen Club- A show that should be broadcasted everywhere
7. Sugar- I survive on sugar.
8. Scores- Music scores are the greatest works of art!
9. Spectacles- Simply because I adore my Hikaru specs!
10. shoes- One of my many great loves
*Tag and I'll give you a letter too!*

I went out with Kelly today! It was such a nice day... Been ages since I actually went out. Almost forgot how to draw my eyeliner! *Laughs* Spent the whole day eating and eating. Went to Parkway parade to eat BK and then snow ice, after that we when to Suntec to eat Auntie Anne's. After that, I had dinner (steamboat buffet). So full...

It is my believe that since Jin has gone to L.A. We should no longer care about him. It is his own life and he can do whatever and sleep with whoever he likes.

And may that be the end of that.

*written @ 10:47 午後.

金曜日, 11月 17, 2006

There is only so much I can take. Seriously. Don't talk to me. Whatever you have to say, I really don't want to hear it. Stop it. Just... Stop it. Stop it before I lose my temper and snap back something hurtful.

*written @ 10:48 午後.


This morning, I received a message on my handphone. It was a reply to a good luck for history message I sent out at about 1am today.

It said:
Haha! Thanks! You can rest... So lucky! Hey. Wanna go out on christmas eve to celebrate christmas? Probably go to Orchard and take lots of photos among the decorations or something. Take it as a memorial event before you leave. Askt Matt and the others too. But actually... discussing this a bit early... Haha. Oh yeah! When you're in Perth go to Yes 933 Webbie and hear the radio. Maybe I will dedicate songs if I have the time!

So sweet right? *laughs* Guess who sent it! Guess! Guess! Ah... You'll never guess. I was really shocked by it myself. It was... Josiah! So out of character, no? *laughs*

I feels so good to not be rushed to do anything. But then again, my plan for after Os was to go out and play! And what have I been doing? Staying home and rotting. *bleah* No one has time/can be bothered to go out with me. I wonder... Is it possible to create a clone out of myself and make her go out with me? Either that or I need to go find more friends. *nod nod* Maybe someone is free to go out on Saturday! I wanted to, but Jie has to work... *sulks*

Ah well.. You can't always have what you want.

*written @ 12:23 午後.

水曜日, 11月 15, 2006

*runs around happily* This is so exciting! My first japanese lesson is on Monday! Hees... I called the teacher today to confirm. She was so.... chirpy and sqeaky sounding. One of those... Happy peple. Yeah. Happy people. *Bleah* I wonder if she's shorter than me! Wouldn't it be weird if she was? *laughs*

I. DON'T. WANT. TO. STUDY. ADD . MATHS. ANYMORE. *flops like a slug* The first paper was so horrible! I doubt the second paper will be much better... Bah. Hate it. I do not regret appealing to do add maths though... I adore Miss Nawal, and my class (with a couple of exceptions). And I would never have met such great friends if I didn't appeal to do add maths. But. ARGH. Hate the damn subject. And you know what? I have never opened my add maths textbook. Serious! Well, except to wrap it... But apart from that, never.

Oh! At Cassie's house I found this stupid book that we were made to buy in sec 2. It's called "Basic Errors in English". We've never used it, so I assume the school just made us waste money in buying it. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I was curious and so I opened it, and realised that it was the stuff that my Mother was teaching me in the lower levels of primary school! O.O Buying that book was such a waste of money... *tsk tsk*

Stupid Os.

*written @ 8:58 午後.

火曜日, 11月 14, 2006

1. when you looked into the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?: I want my hair to grow faster!

2. How much cash do you have on you?: None. My wallet is in my bag... *laughs*

3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"?: ROAR!!!!!!

4. Favourite planet?: Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate.

5. Who's the 4th person on your missed call list in your cell phone?: I just cleared my phone list so I don't know.

6. What is your favorite ringtone on your phone?: The chorus of Holy Heaven by Question?

7. What shirt are you wearing?: This red shirt that I bought in Korea 5 years ago.

8. Do you "label" yourself?: Nope.

9. Name the brand of shoes you're currently wearing: I'm er... not wearing shoes...

10. Bright or dark room: Dark. I want to sleep.

11. What do you think about the person who did this survey before you?: Dawnie? Hm... she's pokable!

12. What does your watch look like?: Er. Which watch?

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?: Watching Nip/Tuck and talking to Su lin.

14. What did your last text msg on your cell say?: How was add maths?

15. Where is your nearest 7-11?: About a 10 minute walk away.

16. What's a word you say alot?: Bleah

17. Who told you that he/she loved you last?: I can't remember.

18. Last furry thing you touched?: RUSSELLY

19. How many drugs have you done in the last 2 days?: If vitamins count... 4 pills.

20. How many rolls of film do you need developed?: Film is out-dated.

21. Favourite age you've been so far?: 16! The discovery of JE.

22. Your worst enemy?: Myself?

23. What is your current desktop picture?: Jin and Yabu!

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?: K.

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks and being able to fly, which would it be?: FLY. Flying must be nice...

26. Do you like someone?: Sure! I can't be bothered to list all of them out again though... haha

27. The last song you listened to?: Love song by Yamapi

28. What time of day were you born?: I have no idea.

29. What your favourite number?: Hm... 1! If an equation has a 1 in it, it's really easy to solve!

30. Where did you live in 1987?: Er. I didn't exist then? Haha..

31. Are you jealous of anyone?: Yeah. That irritating lena girl.

32. Is anyone jealous of you?: Not that I know of!

33. Where were you when 9/11 happened?: In school I think...

34. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?: When it happens, I'll tell you!

35. Do you consider yourself kind?: Yes. I actually do. Hahahaha

36. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?: Somewhere on my back!

37. If you could be fluent in another language, what would it be?: JAPANESE.

38. Would you move for the person you love?: Yup. It's ok once you get used to it...

39. Are you touchy feely?: Yups! But only to people I love. Uncomfortable when people touch me though.

40. What's your life motto?: Whatever happens, blame yourself first.

41. Name 3 things you have on you all the time: My handphone, i-pod and earring sticks

42. What's your favourite town/city?: Perth!

43. What was the last thing you paid for in cash?: Hello Panda. (chocolate craving)

44. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone and mailed it?: Er... somewhere in August to Des.

45. Can you change the oil in your car?: I'll tell you when I try.

46. Your first love: Is Russell and tha's the end of that.

47. How far back do you know about your ancestry?: Apparently, people with my chinese last name were farmers in China. And there was this official with the same last name? *shrugs*

48: The last time you dressed fancy, where did you go and what did you wear?: Jie's wedding... Wore a dress...

49: Dose anything hurt on your body now?: Yeah. My head. I think I haven't been drinking enough water again...

50: Have you been burned by love?: Depends on what kind of love.

*written @ 10:35 午後.


Freedom is almost here! *reaches hand out and stretches* I can almost... touch... it... Almost but not quite. *bangs head against table* Germaine (my cousin) asked me if I wanted to go to Sentosa with the family and I really, really wanted to! Hontouni shitai! But I can't. I have stupid MCQ on the Monday after that. o(>.<)o WHY?! After this, I am not opening another book or writing anything for as long as I can help it. *nod nod*

*written @ 10:21 午後.

月曜日, 11月 13, 2006

I realise that... I don't cry when I see people die anymore. I just sit there, dry-eyed and think "That's so sad." The urge to cry is not there, the pain that others feel when someone dies is not there. I don't know if this only applies to me, but after witnessing death up close, I cannot bring myself to waste my tears on that scene. It's not because I am heartless, or made of stone.

That girl and her family had 10 years. Years. What did I get? I got 3 months. 12 weeks. Less than 93 days. All I do is think "That girl is lucky. She got 10 years with her loved ones." I didn't even get to turn 14. Aya got sent home because she still had hope, she still had time. My mother got sent home because there was no longer any hope. The 3 months were hell. The whole family couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. I couldn't even bear to stay at home because everytime I started to do something, I had to massage her feet and try to ease her pain. I hang my head in shame as I say this, but I was frustrated. I was angry. I too asked, why me? Why us? One will never forget that feeling of helplessness. Don't say that I don't have tearducts when you yourself have yet to experience the sight of a loved one slowly wasting away. I use the word slowly as it was agony. In reality, it was too fast. Don't tell me that I'm heartless, when you have yet to hear the sickening beep of the heart-rate monitor. Don't speak to me like you are appalled when you have yet to cry till you can't cry anymore. Don't. Just... don't.

You've never had to push a wheelchair have you? Or force a smile because you don't want anyone to see how broken you are inside? That's why people cry at drama's where people die. You were not the one who had to go "Ah, it's ok. It's ok." when she apologised. You were not the one who had to cry at night because you felt guilty for the resentment.

That's why I didn't cry.

*written @ 5:23 午後.


My sister is a (dare I say it?) fangirl. *nod nod* I have such a weird family! One sister keeps calling me a loser and another is joining in the fandom. (o.O) And once Dawnie starts to watch Goong, I'll have another squeally little person on my hands. *laughs* But I actually really looking forward to it!

Yesterday was really, really fun! Jie came over and we spent the whole day watching Goong on youtube.

Jie: Ooh... Shin Goon in underwear! *clicks link*
Me: Wha?
Jie: EH. Why like that?! (viewers under 18 are not allowed to view this video)
Me: Then just log out of my account lah
Jie: Don't want. So troublesome... *mumble mumble*
In the end she couldn't resist and logged out anyway. *laughs*

Another one!
Jie: I wanted tall, dark, handsome and intelligent (about guys)
Me: And then?
Jie: But I only got dark and handsome. *pouts*
Me: *starts laughing uncontrollably*

I will go and watch Tatta Hitotsu No Koi and 1 Litre of tears and check if LunchQueen is up so I can watch it tonight! *hees* (Is this person even having exams?!)

*written @ 11:07 午前.

土曜日, 11月 11, 2006

Crap. I am such a horrible fickle-minded person! I was so excited about the possible Ya-ya-yah debut in April, but now I don't want them to debut. I want Question to debut! *beams* I mean, come on! The people are like what? In their 20s? And they have to play background music for little kids to jump around to. Let the poor people debut damn it!

December's issue of WINK-UP is featuring Question? ! So exciting! Can't wait to make my monthly trip to Kinokuniya! o(>.<)o I don't even understand what's so exciting about Question? being featured. I can't even read the damn magazine. Ah pretty pretty pictures! *smiles* Maybe it's a sign! Maybe Question is debuting in April! *squeals* I don't see a Ya3 feature! But then again, there are always Ya3 features... Ah don't debut don't debut! I want Question? to debut! Next year is so exciting! NEWS is coming back, KAT-TUN is releasing a new single and there's someone debuting! I WON'T BE HERE. Bah. Now I don't want to leave. *Thinks of O levels* Ahh! I take that back! I want to leave!

I am very sick of studying. VERY VERY SICK. I keep studying and studying and studying. That's my life. I want to play! I want to go out and play! I want to go to Liang Court, shopping, play tennis, start my Japanese lessons with Sulin, eat chocolate like there's no tomorrow, watch Goong at Jie's house, go for coffee and most of all... Sleep until I can't sleep anymore! *looks forward to it* I want to do those stuff now! NOW I TELL YOU! *cries*

1 litre of tears is extremely sad. I feel that it's extremely sad... but all I do is sit there dry eyed and watch it and think that it's very sad. *laughs* Can just imagine Adrianna crying at episode 2. *laughs* (Before anyone scolds me for not studying, I was watching that at like 1 am)

I wonder why I'm so long-winded today.

*written @ 8:12 午後.



AH. Look at all the old women in the audience! So gross! Hahaha... can just imagine sulin going "AH! Don't know where to sit!" Hahaha...

*written @ 3:02 午後.


Shounen Club 2006.10.08 D.N.A

Lookie what I found! *laughs*

*written @ 1:51 午後.


My favourite time of the year is coming! *beams* I said I would do it, so here it is!

1. Best of Kat-tun CD (Can be found at HMV Heeren)
2. New earphones+pads for my i-pod (mine are a bit static-fied)
3. Paradise kiss book 2 (ARGH I CAN'T FIND IT)
4. A digital camera
5. Some hair elastics (I've run out)
6. The pink Gossip Girl book (can't remember the title)
7. Gokusen season 2 DVD (with english subs please)
8. Vampire Knight book 4
9. Ouran High book 9
10. The Real Face PV
11. A tub of Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough
12. A collection of mp3s by QUESTION?
13. Liquid black eyeliner from The Make-Up Store
14. A new bottle of mosturiser
15. Tickets to a Johnny's concert
16. Some anti-touchmystuff spray
17. A new notebook (a pretty one!)
18. A pair of coloured contacts! (although the thought of touching my eyeball freaks me out)
19. Hair extentions
20. One of those japanese teeny weeny pleated skirts in black
21. The pentagram pendent from Tiffany's and co
22. The dragonfly ring from Tiffany's and co
23. A sound proof room with a computer, a bed and air-conditioner
24. A hot-fudge sundae! (chocolate)
25. A new tank top that actually fits
26. Golf's and Mike's album
27. Yamapi's Daite Senorita album
28. A new one-piece suit (it's too small now)
29. New over-sized shirts! (my oversized shirts started to fit)
30. The Alfred bear from Goong!
31. A tamagochi!
32. December's potato magazine!
33. A remote that will make linda speed up the moping so that I can go study and not sit at the dining table and perspire like hell.
34. A off shoulder top!
35. Some way to make Dawnie stop calling me a loser and make her the loser!
36. Some way to get back at Dawnie for calling Junno ugly!
37. Someone to play tennis with me
38. Some way to find what I really want
39. Some way to design my own shoes and get them made!
40. A well-detailed plan for Cassie to meet Yuto! *beams* hahahaha
41. A new wallet (mine's getting kinda dodgy)
42. A new backpack (my ripcurl one is getting dodgy as well)
43. Some aloe gel (I'm running out)
44. Something to get rid of the acne on my chest
45. A husky!
46. A new piano book that's not classical
47. A steamboat treat (I adore steamboat)
48. A gun
49. A bottle of olive oil to put on my hair (it's so dry)
50. And lastly, Yamapi/Taiyo/Junno/Kame/Jin (hahahahaha)

*written @ 12:32 午後.

金曜日, 11月 10, 2006

I feel annoyed with the girl who can't spell the, rules and captain on livejournal. But yet, I feel that I am very childish for feeling so annoyed. Am I?

I came across Yamapi's blog in chinese a couple of days ago, I couldn't find any english translations so I posted a post on Yamapi_daily asking if anyone would like me to tranlate it. When I switched on my computer to check my comments, I saw this:

dear n00b,
read da rulez.
1. post a pic with every post.

She obviously has a really low IQ. I mean, are there acually people who are still incapable of spelling the, and rules in this world? And I assume that she can't spell captain because her user name is capt_koki. She's an idiot. So why am I so annoyed?

Oh! I realise I have another weird habit. When I'm angry or upset, I like to play Love Story. *wonders if anyone noticed*

*written @ 7:50 午後.

木曜日, 11月 09, 2006

The player of this game starts with the "6 weird things or habits about yourself." People who get tagged will have to post a blog telling their 6 weird things or habits as well. Make sure to post this rule clearly! At the end of your 6 weird things/habits, you need to choose 7 people that you would like to be tagged and write their names down.

1. Just because I eat it, doesn't mean I actually like it.
2. I like to sleep with my pillow on my head and wrapped up tightly in my blanket.
3. I can't sleep without my dogs *laughs*
4. When I'm sad, I eat chocolate in pounds.
5. When I'm quiet, I'm either not feeling well or angry.
6. I like to think while I'm in the shower.

People who have to do this: Jie, Kelly, Des! (The rest have already done it)

Today turned out to be one of those eat an entire chocolate cake days. (Yups. I bought one after tuition and am eating it) Eevon is mean. Warui! Hidoi! Ware suki ja nai! Yes. She is mean. She makes me feel... stupid. Do we really have to remember how to find the sum of interior angles in a polygon to considered smart? *bleah* Well! I can read 7 languages! Can you? They include english, chinese, taiwanese chinese, japanese, french (piano terms), italian (piano terms) and germen (piano terms). And and and! I can listen to and relatively 5understand languages! English, chinese, japanese, korean and thai. Ha! Can any one else? (besides Adrianna, Cassie and Sulin) See! So I'm smart. Just that.... Maths is my worst enemy and I hope that the person who discovered all the rubbish maths I do now died really horribly.

Shit. I think I caught a cold.

*written @ 7:51 午後.

水曜日, 11月 08, 2006

Shounen Club 10/8/06

HIKARU IS SO CUTE!!! They should show this on cable!

*written @ 8:19 午後.


ya-ya-yah live 2005.1.5

This is the only clip I could find of QUESTION? The drummer is 23... *cries* And the I don't know who the key-boardist is! I WANT QUESTION TO DEBUT!

*written @ 7:56 午後.


Jin is in LA. I knew where he was would come out sooner or later! *laughs* But the stupid japanese fangirls had to go all irritating over him and he had to change schools. *rolls eyes* To follow Adrianna's logic: Jin should come here! Paparazzi in Singapore in illegal and there'll be no one to be stalker-fied over him because the country is so tiny, we'd all see him somewhere or another anyway. Besides, the airfare to here is cheaper than that to LA. I do wonder why Jin is so baka-fied sometimes.

Following that discussion, we had a strange conversation...
Me: But if he came here, he would have to get used to chinese, and singlish.
Adrianna: Singlish is really easy to put up!
Me: Haha... All the lah, leh, mah, meh all need to be used in different contexts
Adrianna: See lah! And See leh is the same what...
Sulin: Where got see leh?!

*laughs* Seems that Adrianna still has a long way to go on mastering singlish.

I am so sad! *not sad sad, but sad... (?)* All I need to smile is a picture spam. I look forward to saving pictures on my computer. That's so... sad! But I found great pictures of Yamapi today. You know... If a 15 year old Yamapi like came up to me, I would think "Who is this blond freak?" And live to regret it a year later. 16 year old Yamapi was handsome! Hahahaha...

I need to find something on Question? to feed my addiction! Why is there nothing on them anywhere?! ARGH. Bloody obscure people.

*written @ 6:05 午後.

火曜日, 11月 07, 2006

This is so exciting! Sulin is going to learn japanese with me! *Dances around happily* So exciting so exciting! I can't wait to commence lessons! Would it be really cool if I could watch all the dramas without the need for subs? And actually read all the japanese stuff I look at? *squeals* And to top things off, my babe is going to Japan! So cool! Heh. I've already instructed her to be at the johnny's store at 10 becasue that's when it opens and she would have to queue to get in. Oh oh! Take lots of pictures! This is so exciting! Can't wait till I get to go myself...

I have this great urge to straighten my hair and dye it something outragous. *laughs* Maybe it's the hyper-ness caused by the chocolate I just ate. But really! I feel like dying it like Jin coloured or Yamapi blond! *Er...* I'm classifying hair colours by names. Great. -.-"" But argh! It's keeps curling and whirling! And I want it to stay straight! Why won't it? *wonders* Aren't the chinese supposed to have straight jet balck hair? *Looks at brownish whirly hair* Eh. What is this!? Where did the whirly and colour-fied genes come from?

I know what I want to be! I want to be a Johnny's stylist! Think of how fun and good I'll be... I'd never allow Kame to do that to his hair, Yabu would have his own hair and be a bit heavier, and I'd make sure that they will never have to wear rubbish clothes for photo shoots again. *nods*

The chocolate did this to me.

*written @ 6:00 午後.

日曜日, 11月 05, 2006

The medley the medley! *runs around crazily*

I just adore Question? ! Ever since I heard Holy Heaven for the first time, I've really, really liked them! Why does it seem that no one else does?! The key-boardist kinda freaks me out, but kinda interests me too (maybe I have strange taste). And the drummer and bassist are really cute! Crap. Why are there no profiles of them anywhere?! Not even in the magazines! Am I really the only one who likes them? But they're really good. They're the only band that plays their own instruments (Cept for Tokio) and they're not crashy and hurtful on the ears like others. And the voices sound good! Better than nishikido ryo who has a teeny weeny wispy voice! *bleah to adrianna* I refuse to like ryo. Never! Ah.... I want Question? to debut in April. *jumps around* They really deserve it. And I will buy their first CD.

Watching the medley, I see what made Inoo so appealing to me in the first place. Ooh ooh! Cassie! Watch! Ack. I want J.J EXPRESS to debut too! But it's better if Yuto's in it. Inoo and Yuto and Yamada must be together! Taiyo is the next Taguchi. I'm sure of it. When Taiyo turns 20, I will get every single magazine with features him. Why does it seem that I'm the only that likes Taiyo too? Oh oh! Must remember Taguchi's birthday! I forgot Jun's and missed Yamapi's. They really should give Taiyo more solo's. Ever since his voice broke, he has started to sound really good! Although, they keep making him sing Koyama solos. Wonder why...Sulin! Yabu's hair! *cries* He ruined his hair... I don't understand why people blessed with perfectly straight and black hair just insist on dying it! *growls*

Adrianna. I accidentally stumbled across a fanfiction with a ryo and Uchi (Uchi!!!!) pairing. *blinks with red bloodshot eyes* AH MY EYES! It burned! The girls on livejournal are scary. If you ever read any Jane Green books, you'd know what I mean. It was bad! *Hides under covers* I'm not ready to read about guy on guy. Especially not one where Uchi gets taken advantage of by ryo! *cries* How do people read that stuff. I didn't even know that girls could be that scary. *shudders*

Ah. I hate exams.

*written @ 7:55 午後.


Johnny's Juniors - Music Station Special Medley

*written @ 7:53 午後.


Me thinks that Sulin is amazing. Seriously! She spent the entire day watching Kimi wa petto yesterday! I wonder if she has finished watching it yet.... She was watching youtube till 4.30 am! And she messaged me at that time too... *sleepy* Now, she's going to National Library to study. *amazed* Sulin! Did you even sleep at all? Just can't believe it that she's going to be the one getting 8 points and going to TJC while, I'm like going to do like so much worse. *bleah* Hahaha. Ah well... Smart kid.

No words can describe how much I adore Yamapi! I like him so much that I searched through every crevice in the internet for his blog and found it! In chinese. I read his blog in taiwanese chinese... *rolls eyes* Hm... I wonder if I can get permission to translate it into english. Because the translated version is on this stupid j-web thing that I can't get an account for because my computer cannot type japanese. *irritated with the dumb website* Speaking of japanese, my learn japanese plan is coming along quite smoothly! Sulin, Sulin! Learn with me! Learn with me! Onegaishimasu!

Well. Time to go back to slogging.

*written @ 11:59 午前.

土曜日, 11月 04, 2006

Shush... Just... Shush for awhile... STOP FUCKING CALLING MY NAME! Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up! Everytime linda calls my name, something bad is happening. Like the phone breaking down! Not that it was a bad thing, but she kept fucking whining to me. And just, Russell had a piece of wood stuck in his mouth which we couldn't get out. You know why is happened? It was because someone did not have the common sense TO FUCKING MOVE THE PIECE OF WOOD AWAY. And also, it was also because that someone is never home. My. Maid. Is. Never. Home. The another day, she needed money for groceries. Which is strange, because I give her money like 2 days before. Apparently, she needed to buy detergent and tissue paper. Let's see... Why would you need detergent if you don't wash any of my clothes? And tissue, why do you need to buy tissue when there's no tissue whenever I need it?! A couple of days she asked/told? me "I'm going to hougang to see my sister." Fine. And she just told me "My sister is coming tomorrow." Why does your sister need to come over? To get on my nerves? She's sees her sister more often than I see my own! Oh oh! Since she's apparently so "poor", WHY IS IT THAT HER HUSBAND/FATHER HAS TO CALL EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK?! It's gotten so bad that I don't even need to say hello when I pick up the phone. All I need to go is "linda is not in." I have never said it to a wrong person.

My head hurt, and I'm sleepy and I want to cry. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FUCKING JUMP ON ME?! For some reason, it takes a lot of time for me to fall asleep. Do you what's it's like to toss and turn for hours and not be able to sleep even when you need to? I had just managed to go into deep sleep when he.... *cries* And after that, I couldn't really go back to sleep anymore. GIVE ME BACK MY 3 HOURS OF PRECIOUS SLEEP! Why does he have to come on my bed? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! *bangs head on table* It is not fun. Nor funny. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ME. NO ONE! Do you how difficult it was to resist the urge to scream out in pure fury? If no one will let me sleep in peace, I WILL FUCKING GET A TENT AND SET IT UP OUTSIDE. What did I ever do to him? Why won't anyone just let me rest? It's always "Leenie this, and Leenie that." Stop it! It's agony! Leave me alone... Shush. Stop letting me I don't want to know. Let me rest. IF THE JUMPING THING EVER HAPPENS AGAIN I SWEAR I WILL PUNCH HIM SO HARD THAT YOU'LL SEE THE IMPRINT OF MY KNUCKLES THERE FOR A MONTH!

If I had a gun, I think it'd be much easier if I just shot myself in the head first.

*written @ 8:28 午後.


You know... If I owned a gun, a lot of people would be dead. It would pobably be something I would regret doing, but I'd lose my temper and do it anyway. *Nods* Do you know how I got woken up today? I got woken up BY SOMEONE JUMPING ON ME. I don't know what I did to deserve that. After the jump, it continued with him staying on top of me and doors banging, and Linda doing some irritatingly noisy thing. I tried to pretend I could still sleep and put up with the noise, but I couldn't. The last straw was when linda dragged open the balcony door. You may not know what that means, so I'll tell you. It means THAT THE ENTIRE ROOM WILL HEAT UP LIKE A FUCKING GREENHOUSE-Not very pleasant for someone who slept at 3. So finally, I got fed up and moved rooms. If people expect me to wake up happy and smiling AFTER SOMEONE JUMPED ON ME, you are horribly wrong. If that's the way I have to see people, I'd rather not thanks. I like quiet. And the phone breaking down is that best thing that's happened in years. I really couldn't help but give an evil smirk when linda was fiddling with it. But now, the problem is, everytime I want to use the other phone, it has no battery. Damn.

I have the utmost dislike for nikishido ryo and his girlfriend. His girlfriend is a stupid japanese and protugese mixed model who is the same height as me, and weighs 43kg. Let's see, when was I 43 kg? Oh yeah... It was in Sec 1! When I suddenly lost a hell lot of weight and everyone thought I was anorexic. *rolls eyes* In the pictures she takes, her arms look like twigs and her collar-bone is so prominent that it looks like you could grab it and break it off. To quote Clarence :"Pretty what..." Apparently we all have different ideas of beauty, when it is models like her who should be banned. Oh wait! They are. *laughs* And ryo is only 168 cm(and he's lighter than me), that's the same height as my sisters! I do not see why Adrianna likes him so much... He's really mean too! He told Jin to go lose weight. *growls* Oh! Did you know that his current girlfriend is Jin's ex-girlfriend? (This probably matters to people who are actually interested). Whatever. I just hope that ryo and his stupid girlfriend die or something. With luck, his girlfriend will snap like a twig!

I'm cranky, perspiring and eye-bags make up most of my face. Humour me.

*written @ 11:31 午前.

木曜日, 11月 02, 2006

Literature was... RUBBISH. Like. HELLO?! If you want to set such a question with a supid long answer, can you at least give students enough time to write it? *irritated* I didn't get to finish my qn 1! I wanted to cover the part where Susila died but I didn't get to, because there was no time! *bangs head on table* I'm so annoyed by it! And when I on my computer, the first thing I see is "I heard lit was easy". It was not easy! It was annoying and just.... ARGH. I'm sorry that the bloody people on livejournal thought it was easy. Don't know why. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING DIFFERENT BOOKS! *mumbles*

Anyway, Sulin saw a guy who looked like Tsuchiya Hikaru from Gokusen 2! *squeals* So handsome!

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水曜日, 11月 01, 2006

001. How old are you? 16
002. Gender? female
003. location? S'pore, the place where souls die.
004. first JE group exposure? Ya-ya-yah
005. when you first heard of JE, did you hesitate fangirl them? No. I do not fangirl.
006: Well, are you addicted to them now? Yes!
007: Current favorite debuted JE group? KAT-TUN
008: Current least favorite debuted JE group? SMAP
009: Favorite Junior? Hikaru, Shoon, Taiyo, Yabu, Inoo, Yuto, Yamada
010: Least favorite Junior? The 2 demons in J.J express
011: Favorite Junior group? Ya-ya-yah
012: Least favorite Junior group? KITTY
013: Who is your favorite debuted Johnny? Jin, Kame, Taguchi, Koki, Ueda, Yuichi, Yamapi, Kusano, Shige, Uchi, Jun Matsumoto...
014: Least favorite debuted Johnny? RYO.
015: Do you own JE merchandise? Yups.
016: Who comprise your OTP? Hm... Let's see... Yabu, Shoon, Taiyo, Hikaru, Jin, Kame, Yuichi, Taguchi, Ueda, Yamapi and Mike!
017: Nakajima and Yuuto are...? Names
018: Have you ever had a JE dream? Yeah
019: What would you rate that dream? If it came from my head, it can only be NC 16 can't it?
020: Which Johnny makes the best boyfriend material? Yamapi
021: Which Johnny is the biggest wuss? Hate to say it... but I think it's Taiyo.
022: . . . which Johnny is the next Johnny? Some guy who runs the Kyoto branch (can't remember the name)
023: Which Johnny is the next big thing? Yabu or Yuto. OH! And Taiyo.
024: Takki or Tsubasa? Takki
025: Kame or Jin? I have the perfect answer to this! BOTH.
026: Shoon or Taiyou? Taiyo
027: Ueda or Ryo? Ueda
028: Uchi or Kusano? Uchi
029: Jimmy Mackey or Joey Tee? Jimmy Mackey
030: . . . what are your thoughts on Joey Tee? I have no idea who he is.
031: Did you know he has a MySpace? No
032: . . . if Jimmy Mackey had a MySpace, would you friend him? Yeah. Why not?
033: Do you have a MySpace? No.
034: Skinniest? Yabu.
035: Fattest? Er.... None of them are fat.
036: Nicest boobs chest? Yamapi and Shoon.
037: Best dancer? Taguchi.
038: Worst dancer? Tegoshi
039: Manliest? Koki
040: Girliest? Jin
041: Cutest? YUTO
042: Scariest? The 2 demons from J.J express
043: Best singer? Jin
044: Worst singer? Hm... can't think of any
045: Smartest? Ueda
046: Dumbest? Jin
047: Favorite PV? REAL FACE
048: Least favorite PV? TALOK DEE
049: Most in need of a haircut? Jun Matsumoto
050: Do you watch JDoramas? YUP
051: . . . JDoramas without a JE member? No.
052: What is your favorite JDorama? Gokusen 2
053: What was your first JDorama? Gokusen 1
054: Did your first JDorama have a JE member? Yup. Jun.
055: Do you have a favorite JE "actor"? Pi!
056: Who is the best JE actor? Koki
057: . . . the worst? I find Kame stiff
058: If you were a JE costume designer, would you keep up the gaudy, sparkly tradition? HELL NO.
059: The song, Kizuna. Better by Kame alone or better in a group? Alone.
060: Did you see DREAM BOY 2004 starring Takizawa Hideaki? No.
061: How about DREAM BOYS 2006? Snippets here and there.
062: Which JE group has the best concerts? KAT-TUN
063: Word association- mayonnaise - Fat
064: Word association- Johnny- guys
065: Word association- Jin - Hot. Baka
066: Word association- lipsync - Yamapi dropping the mike! Hahahaha
067: Favorite JE song? Love in snow
068: Least favorite JE song? Some haha song by Jin
069: Which JE boy needs plastic surgery next? And for what? None
070: Which Johnny do you want to bang? Yamapi's kinda bang? Hm... Pi, Jin, Kame, Yuichi, Taiyo, Koyama, Taguchi, Tegoshi, Uchi.
071: Would you bang him if he had crabs? No
072.how about Herpes? No
073: . . . HIV or AIDs? No
075: . . . why? My Dad owns a pony canyon CD. Need I say more?
076: Do you like wFL (w-inds., FLAME, Lead)? Don't know. Never heard them.
077: Which did you come in contact with first, PC or JE? JE.
078: Do you know what a macro is? Nope
079: . . . have you ever made one? I have no idea...
080: . . . did it refer to anal sex? No.
081: Have you ever had a conversation entirely in caps? Yeah.
082: . . . more than one at the same time? HAhaha.. Yeah.
083: Does fangirling tire you? I don't know. I don't fangirl.
084: Have you spent more than 5 consecutive hours watching JE stuff? No.... But close.
085: . . . do you find yourself watching your JE downloads? Duh. Why download them if not?
086: . . . for more than 10 minutes at a time? Er.. Yeah?
087: Have you ever gone over the daily 1GB SendSpace limit by just downloading JE? Not yet...
088: Are you immune to the porno popups of MegaUpload? Quite... I've seen worse.
089: Do you know exactly what time to download things so you get the best download rate? Yup. At 3 am.
090: Does this survey make you feel like an obsessed freak? Not really.
091: Have you and a friend ever fought over whose favorite Johnny was better? Haha... It's what we do for kicks.
092: . . . did you resort to slaps and/or punches and/or hairpulling? No. Well, not yet anyway.
093: Have you been to a JE concert? Nope. I wish I could.
094: Wanna smuggle me in next time? You get the arrangements done and we'll see...
095: What do you think of kitty GYM? Can do without the Kitty.
096: What are your feelings on JE wank? Nani Kore?
097: Did you ever see a guy on the street and go "Hey, he would look good in ____'s costume from ____ performance..."? No. Hello? I live in the place where souls die!
098: . . . did you take his picture, and can I see? No pictures.
099: Do you read JWebs? Yup. Not in jap though.
100: Whose is your favorite? Koyama's.
101: What would you do if you saw your favorite JE boy on the street? Pinch myself before running up to talk to him if he's not mobbed by irritating screaming girls.
102: Has a JE song ever made you cry? No.
103: Which? - None.
105: And finally, the gayest? Hm... Dunno?

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Johnnys Jr. in 少俱 KISS (031102)


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