日曜日, 12月 31, 2006

I want to sit down somewhere and cry. Or strangle the person who caused it. Or both. This is extremely infuriating. I need to blame someone! ARGH!

*Starts sobbing uncontrollably* My puzzle..... My puzzle.... I have this beautiful sparkly black disney puzzle with the witch from Sleeping Beauty as the picture. It's quite a difficult puzzle. Just to do the border and part of the picture took me a couple of weeks. *nod nod* A couple of minutes ago, I took it out to continue doing it, and TO MY UTMOST HORROR, a quarter of the border was missing! *Eyes go wide in horror* You'd think that it would be on the floor, or scattered around the frame I was doing it on. But no.... IT WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. At first, I wondered if it got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, so I asked Jocelyn to go check... but there was nothing. Therefore, the only possibility is that russell ate it. But.... if he ate it, there would be evidence wouldn't it? Like shreds lying around or a distinct smell... But there is none. Except for a single sparkly midnight blue with a scratch on it. *thoughtful face* BUT ARGH! SO DISAPPOINTING!!! The point of doing jigsaw puzzles it to feel the sense of achievement and satisfaction of putting in the final piece. *Nod nod* BUT NOW I CAN'T....

God, this is so annoying/sad/a waste of money.

*written @ 9:51 午後.

木曜日, 12月 28, 2006

*Jumps around with glee* Panda is back! I can't wait to go see her! Or rather, the stuff she brought back. *glints with anticipation* This is so exciting! これわこふんさせる!Hee...

*written @ 9:06 午後.

月曜日, 12月 25, 2006

In regards to the idiot who spoke the unspoken, I don't not wish to talk to him or see him ever again. I'm not really angry, nor do I hate him to the core... I just don't want to feel his presence anywhere near mine ever.

Merry Christmas everyone! みんなーさんメリ-クリしマス!

*written @ 10:23 午後.

日曜日, 12月 24, 2006

Tomorrow is Christmas! So I bring things in the spirit of Christmas!

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Whoever dares say that Hikaru (My Hikaru!) is not the most adorable 16 year old, will suffer! *glares around* Doesn't he look so cool in that jacket. That is the exact shot of how I hope my to catch my boyfriend waiting for me during Christmas time. *Grins* Well, a girl can dream can't she?

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How can any girl resist a face like that? Mark my words, Taiyo will be big. He will be the next Taguchi Junnosuke! And until Taiyo turns 20, I will spend my time staring at Junno. Taiyo is the most handsome 15 year old I have ever seen. And I can't wait for him to turn 18! o(>.<)o

And that's enough squealing for today.

*written @ 10:44 午後.


Ya-Ya-yah - 06/12/10 Live Stage

If that isn't hot, I don't know what it is. Just wish that Taiyo and Hikaru would stop that stupid bad habit and put their sleeves back down. What a waste of a nice suit!

*written @ 10:26 午後.

土曜日, 12月 23, 2006

I've been waiting for this! *Laughs in trimuph* I knew no one in the entertainment industry was that innocent! (Well, except for Junno and Ueda, but I'd better not speak so soon) Apparently, Kamenashi Kazuya was photographed coming out of Koizumi Kyoko's (40) apartment. Pictures are here if you're interested. Shocking, no? Well, I'll have to wait for Sulin to come back before I can reap the benefits of my discovery. *sighs* But 40. Kame is 20! That is so... bleah. I'll do some digging for Koizumi Kyoko and her relationship with Kame so I can tell Dawnie! (This is just here so that I won't forget about it so if you're not interested, you're not.)

Sharing a bed with my Dad is torture. He snores, he hogs the bed and nudges me. o(>.<)o It was horrible! I couldn't sleep at all! How did this happen in the first place? Well... my Dad bought his friend back to the house to spend the night. Yes. Friend. Peng you. 友達. You know, I never thought that my Dad has like... friends. I knew he had business and golfing partners but never... friends. Anyway, last night was terrible. But this morning, I had like a really, really cool dream! It involved Yabu and Yuto! It was so weird... At one part, I was waiting at a bus stop for bus 2 but for some reason, the bus stop didn't have bus 2. *puzzled* My mind is seriously warped. But I stupidly waited and waited anyway. *bleah*

Eragon is a really good show! I loved it! The dragon was really cool... And I think that the kid who acted as Eragon is handsome. *beams* Go watch it!

*written @ 2:07 午後.

水曜日, 12月 20, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SULIN!!!! May you be a happy, cheery sixteen year old today! (she's not around to see this, but birthday wishes are birthday wishes!)

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たんじょうびおまでっと しょおん!! Happy 18th!

*written @ 6:02 午後.

月曜日, 12月 18, 2006

I only got 4 hours of sleep today (8 am to 12pm), so it's a wonder that I'm not totally grumpy and violent. *Nods nods* Lindi went home today... Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. I had actually decided to not cry and be brave, but... the plan flopped like a dead fish in the end. I was fine till Lindi was going into the departure gate. When I hugged her goodbye, I just randomly burst into tears! So did she. God, it was so sad... I mean, people leave me all the time. I don't see what the big deal is. But I still cried anyway. I'll miss her so much... After people dying/going away/getting married on me, you'd think I'd learn to suck it up. Well, I hope Lindi had a safe flight.

It's unbelievable that I survived the entire day without being that grumpy. Going out with Cassie and Sulin is the best! As usual, we went to Kino. Where else do we go? *laughs* I'm determined to collect the entire series of Meru Puri. It's the most beautifully drawn book that I've ever seen, and the story is so sweet... I'm missing book 3! Sulin is going to Japan tomorrow! Junno Junno Junno! o(>.<)o So exciting!

*written @ 8:51 午後.


People who think I'm nice are seriously warped. I am not nice. At all. In truth, I think I'm a bitch. Correction: I know I'm a bitch. But hey. At least I don't make people do what they really don't want to. *flutters eyelashes*

Dawnie just had a high fever. By high, I mean make me feel worried and helpless kind of high. You should have seen the fucking look on linda's face when I had to ask for a towel to use as a sponge. It was like I asked her to pull out her own fingernails or something like that. Like, I'm so sorry I had to disturb you, but my sister is currently on the verge of death with a fever I cannot control! You'd think that she understand the situation and at least pour me a bowl of iced water so I had cold water to dip the towel in, but no... Ah well. At least Dawnie's brain is not dead.

And I HAVE to send linda to the airport later. In like... let's see... about 4 hours time. Joy. It's not because of old times sake or that I'm really going to miss her (I will, but there's no point brooding about that is there?). No... It's so jie won't get arrested if linda's sister (Jocelyn) gets lost on the way back. *ROLLS EYES* (Anything indignant rantings on my tagboard will be ignored because this is my blog and you don't have to read it if you don't want to) What are the chances of getting lost in Singapore?! "Do this for me...." Yeah. Fine. Whatever. I don't see why I warrent a "Why can't you do it?!" when all I've said is "Uh huh...". Oh. Let's bring out the trump card! The "Why do you always remember all the bad things and never the good?" Did you actually think I don't have a reply for that? Well. As a matter of fact, I do. I do remember the good things. It's just that when I am angry and something bad has happened I can't. All I can think of is HOW FUCKING SCREWED UP I AM. There. Right now. After reading this. You think all all the good things I have done for you. I remember them. Do you? (Once again, anything said on my tagboard, handphone, and to my face will be ignored completely because it's 2 30 in the morning and no one is not a bitch at 2 in the morning)

You know why I don't want to go? It's not because it's early, or that I didn't get enough sleep. Let's see... it's just because someone demanded that I go. It's generally like how I love playing badminton, but the moment someone says/said "Go for training if you want your stupid CCA points." the spark just dies. Like that. I'll go but I won't be happy. And I'll find my own way to screw things up for people just like they just did for me.

I don't have a problem. Those people do and something should be done about it.

*written @ 1:47 午前.

日曜日, 12月 17, 2006

Come on... Say it! You know you want to! *Someone is heard mumbling "You are powerful."* And YES! I AM POWERFUL! *Laughs an evil "I'm going to conquer the world" laugh* Face it. Who else do you know can have 3/4 of her family obsessed over pretty boys? (I wanted to say JE, but Joo Ji Hoon is nowhere near JE material, so... pretty boys more or less sums it up) Since my immediate family is generally made up of 4 people, 3/4 is very accurate. *Nods* I have even exceeded my own expectations. *beams*


P.P (post post) (??): Dawnie's a bit sickly, and it's kinda worrying... So, please pray for her everyone (who is christian/catholic)! お願いします!

*written @ 7:15 午後.

木曜日, 12月 14, 2006

I just adore going to Cassie's house! It's just that every time I go, one of her siblings opens the door and makes me wonder if I've got the wrong house. -.-" But her house is fun! Her TV is the hugest TV I've ever seen. O.O Hees. All the better for me to see Junno! *grins* Every time Sulin and I go over, we steal all of the Mp3s that we want from Cassie's computer... たのしですね... I mean, Cassie has like 9 days worth of songs on her i-tunes! (I have 16.5 hours on mine if you were wondering)

I'm going to buy the January Duet! *beams* And a couple of manga tomorrow! (What horrible english I have) Since, Perth has no Kinokuniya (the horror), I figured I might as well shock up on stuff... *laughs* 

*written @ 10:40 午後.

火曜日, 12月 12, 2006

I straightened my hair today! *beams* Plus, I trimmed it too. To chin length... Now, I kinda remind myself of Felicia Chin (Not that I actually like Felicia Chin). But it's so cool! 大好きです!I just love it when Dawnie is back! Should I go colour my hair too? Hm...

*written @ 9:36 午後.

土曜日, 12月 09, 2006

People who have never had a bath seriously don't know what they're missing! A nice hot bath after a long day is the most relaxing thing in this world. *Nods* It was a bit colder than usual (Not cold. Colder than usual) today, and rather damp-which made the bone in my left arm ache like hell. Imagine a dog chewing on your bone... with your nerves still happily alive and sending signals to your brain. *Grins* So I very excited filled my beloved bathtub with hot water and dumped half the bottle of cherry scented bubble bath in it. The water was so pink when I got in! And gosh, I smell like a cherry right now. It's making me hungry. Since there was a considerably large amount of hot water in the tub, I decided to sit in it till it cooled. And... That took an hour. But so nice.... *swoons* If you have an enormous tub with jacuzzi jets and a huge array of assorted bath salts, that's it! I'm yours! *laughs* However, that only applies if you are incredibly handsome, wealthy, find me irresistable and are married to me. *Laughs*

Anyway, Friday and today have been extremely interesting and fun! *Beams* Let's just start with Friday, shall we? I went for my medical check-up to certify that I was fit enough to leave the country. First was the x-ray. Taking a chest x-ray is more difficult than it looks/sounds. I had to wear this gown with only the bottom part of my underwear. *Remembers the massage in Thailand* Tres terrifying! Then, I had to press myself on this... this.... x-ray... thing (let's just leave it at that). The guy started arranging my arms around my waist and said "Hold your breath when I tell you too alright?" HE MADE ME HOLD MY BREATH FOR THE FREAKING LONGEST TIME. *Bleah* The interesting part of the day was when Dawnie took me to thread my eyebrows. SO PAIN! The sensation is so weird/painful. *blink blink* I was allergic to the thread/abrasion/powder/cream that they put on my eyebrows so I broke out in a huge rash. SO ITCHY. Imagine lots and lots of mosquito bites on your eyebrows. That's what it looked and felt like. But now it's fine! *Beams*

Today, I had a vaccination to prevent infection in my brain. Whahahahahahaha! It's called mocco-something but calling it brain infection is easier. Oh oh! I bought this beautiful Ralph Lauren jacket. So pretty so pretty! I'm so in love with it... Bought lots of Gossip Girl Novels too! Gossip Girl is so bitchy and glamourous. I hate it. But I adore it at the same time. Every girl should read gossip girl!

Other great authors/books include:
1. Garth Nix
2. Marley and Me
3. Sophie Kinselle (She is so crappy, but I love her)
4. Owl service
5. Blood and Chocolate
6. Anne Rice
7. Jonathan Shroud
8. Sdney Sheldon
9. Artermis Fowl
10. Ballet Shoes
11. The trumpet of the swan (by the author of Charlotte's web)
12. Slaves of the Mastery and Windsong

Don't waste any time reading anything by Meg Cabot and the author of the sisterhood of travelling pants. If you read enough of them, you'll find that it's all rubbish.

That was.... incredibly random

*written @ 9:04 午後.

木曜日, 12月 07, 2006

I haven't really been feeling like myself lately-Always feeling a bit detatched and light-headed. Heaven knows why. Plus, there's this feeling of uneasiness lingering about... *Ponders* Is there something terrible that's just wating to happen? One can't help but ask myself that. It's a but silly, I know, but... For some odd reason, it's always there. Maybe I'm over-reacting and nothing will happen. *Smiles*

*written @ 10:24 午後.


Everything's happening so quickly! I really need to get stuff done!

Stuff I need to do before I leave:
1. Finish and frame my newest jigsaw puzzle
2. Frame the aristocats puzzle I did eons ago
3. Buy CDs so I can burn all of my shows and songs so that I have space on my hard-drive to download more shows (It's cheaper than buying them and they're already subbed)
4. Replace all my stationary (they only have ball-points over there. The horror of it!)
5. Finish that list of stuff I'm going to bring
6. Make Dad go to the stupid lawyer
7. Make Dad bring me to a dematologist
8. Make time to go watch Kazibouken with Cassie and Sulin
9. Watch Deathnote
10. Play my beloved piano as much as possible
11. See Des (Won't get to see her for a long long time)
12. Spend lots of time with my Russelly
13. Try to spend time with all my friends (This only applies if they call me and ask me out. If they don't, then they don't.)
14. Learn how to cook
15. Drink lots of starbucks (Apparently there is no starbucks over there. The horror)
16. Truly enjoy my air-conditioning (This is truly the hardest to say goodbye to...)
17. Use my new tennis racket!
18. Mail my usual batch of christmas cards (If I can find any lying around)
19. Watch finish Anego!
20. Try not to die while I'm still here *laughs*

Shall type a proper post tonight I think... I haven't done my japanese homework yet. And hell if I can understand the instructions.

*written @ 3:29 午後.

火曜日, 12月 05, 2006

Love In Snow
Lyrics and melody by Ueda Tatsuya (上田龍也)

切なくなる 帰り道 いつまで つずくの?



やがて雪が止んで 光が差して

I was bored and wanted to do something interesting. *laughs* Was going to translate or hiraganise Kizuna for Sulin, but was too lazy to do it from stratch...

*written @ 8:55 午後.

月曜日, 12月 04, 2006

Dawnie (While watching Anego with me): *Points to Jin* That guy really looks like you!
Sze Ling (While the computer was loading): *Points at display picture of Jin* Aileen... Is that you?

Ah! I don't want to look like Jin! No no no no no! 私好き仁じゃない!He's such a rubbish person. I don't want anything to do with him. *BLEAH* OH OH! Aside from that, do you know what I bought today? *beams* I bought the KAT-TUN Kazibouken DVD! It was $80 at the stupid Johnny's store, but I got it for $34 from HMV! *Radiates happiness* The resolution is flawless! You can see them so clearly! *Can't believe it* Dawnie likes Jin. (I don't even understand why. If he supposedly looks so much like me, why does she like him so?) And Sze Ling likes Matsumoto Jun in The Files of Young Kindaichi. Which proves the point-you may not realise it, but Johnny's are everywhere. Who knows? You might even love one of them and not know it. *Laughs* Kazibouken DVD. Will watch it and squeal one of these days.

Christmas List:
1. Best of KAT-TUN CD (Found at Heeren's everywhere)
2. A digital camera
3. The pretty sparkly strappy heels from NINE WEST (size 7 please)
4. Paradise kiss volume 2
5. Meru Puri volume 2
6. The checkered NANA skirt from Pull and Bear
7. A new backpack
8. Alfred! (かわいいですね...)
9. Black liquid eyeliner from the Make-up Store (Marina Square)
10. Regatta VCD (From most friendly VCD stores*english subs please*)
11. Anego VCD (supposedly from VCD stores too, but it seems to be sold out *english subs please*)
12. New moon by Stephanie Mayer (Kinokuniya)
13. Twilight by Stephanie Mayer(Kinokuniya)
14. That really cool black spagetthi strap top from ProjectshopBLOODbrothers (Wisma)
15. The really light green coloured blouse from New Urban Male (Heeren)
16. Score for Love In Snow by Ueda Tatsuya (SOMEONE PLEASE)
17. The pentagram pendent from Tiffany and Co.
18. One of the beautiful fabric notebooks from the notebook store in Citylink (Medium sized please, and with line pages)
19. A credit card... (It's so difficult to pay for everything in cash all the time)
20. Pretty pretty hair clips from the japanese inspired store in Citylink (The pin with the silver flower is so pretty... and the store is fabulous! So many pretty things!)
21. Slimming pills (*cries* I need something to make the fat go away...)
22. The cherry pumps from BATA (in a size 5.5 or 6)
23. The black pumps from BATA in the same size
24. A DVD player with DIVX
25. Coloured contacts (Green is nice or... hazel)
26. Black mascara from Face Shop
27. A new electric eyelash curler (Mine's whacked)
28. Grey's Anatomy season 2 DVD (HMV)
29. Hair elastics
30. Season 1 of NIP/TUCK on DVD (HMV)
31. Final fantasy VII piano score book (Kinokuniya Liang Court)
32. A sponsered trip to Japan
33. A tankini
34. In the Miso soup (Book. Kinokuniya)

Well. That's it for now!

*written @ 9:45 午後.

日曜日, 12月 03, 2006

Ya3 Medley

And the Ya-ya-yah show medley!

*written @ 12:57 午前.

土曜日, 12月 02, 2006

All this japanese madness has made me forget how much I love Savage Garden. I downloaded the song Last Christmas from them and now I can't stop listening to it. *Laughs* Darren Haydes right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Just love his voice... *listens to song and bobs head along*

Fat fat fat! I will get up at 9 tomorrow and go jogging or cycling (just need to burn some calories) and if I get back early enough, I will go gymming again. *nods with determination* Maybe I should just not eat. Hm... Yeah. Shall do that. Stupid Panda! ALWAYS EATING CAKE AND NOT SHARING WITH ME! o(>.<)o

Want to eat cheesecake...

*written @ 11:44 午後.


shounen club

I NEVER NOTICED. DAISUKE IS THE GUY PLAYING THE KEYBOARD. ISN'T THAT IMMENSELY COOL?! (Then again, I can do it too. Damn. Now it's not so cool)

*written @ 12:44 午前.


Holy Heaven 4/10/05

Longer version of my favourite song! I know i shouldn't obsessing again. But! NOW I HAVE THE TIME TO OBSESS!

*written @ 12:42 午前.


Question - Precious Memories + Holy Heaven + Kanjite Miro

Last one. I promise. Not.

*written @ 12:29 午前.


Jibun no tameni 10/9/05

I have to stop doing this! I'm going to overcrowd Hikaru's post.

*written @ 12:27 午前.


Holy Heaven 5/8/05

MY FAVOURITE SONG! *Goes into obsession mode* Sorry Hikaru... But this is a rare find.

*written @ 12:24 午前.


2006.11.12 Question? in SC

Yodagawa is the coolest drummer ever! o(>.<)o Dang. Why is he so short?! Daisuke is way cool! *squeals*

*written @ 12:20 午前.


Question? - Precious Memories

HEH. And another! It freaks me out that I like the keyboardist too... Hahaha. But I do. He's name is Daisuke something? Deshou deshou Cassie?

*written @ 12:16 午前.


Question? - Kanjite Miro (3.5.06)

Hikaru, I don't mean to do anything to outshine you on your birthday, but dang, I've been searching for question? videos for so long! Just adore the drummer and the keyboardist!

*written @ 12:12 午前.




*written @ 12:04 午前.