水曜日, 8月 29, 2007

I was never really good with goodbyes. There was always the tantrum and the violent fit of tears... But after awhile, you just figure out that it's not going to change a thing. Things/people that have to go will go. It sucks being big. You can't cry or throw tantrums or bang your head against something (I might leave a blood stain and the landlord may kick us out). It's just so hard- To see the people you love so much leave and not be sure whether you'll see them again. Especially when the person is a noisy, jolly, weird member of the family that isn't related to you. *nods* The worst thing is I can't cry. Why? Because it's humiliating and everyone will say "It's alright. You're a big girl... Don't cry." Damn it. I miss the time I could just brawl and reach out for someone to hug without facing judgement. But instead, I'm sitting here, dry eyed and trying not to smash the cup nearest to me while screaming "Damn the damned Australian immigration". *sighs* I'll really miss Sunita. Her room looks so empty with all the boxes stacked up in a corner-ready to be shipped off. It's as if she's never coming back. *touches wood* I don't like it.

Life isn't really about finding out who you are, your purpose and all that nonsense. Life is about doing what you don't want and making the best out of it. Sure... I'll get over it. Time heals all wounds. But yes. That is what life is about. Why do we study? Work? Go through this seemingly stupid cycle? It's because we have no choice- We are bound to follow the rules of society.

It's great to be human. But sometimes... I just can't help but wonder what I did to deserve the curses of being what I am.

*written @ 9:45 午後.

土曜日, 8月 25, 2007

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Aileen!

  1. Only one person in two billion will live to be aileen!
  2. Aileen is 984 feet tall!
  3. All shrimp are born as aileen, but gradually mature into females.
  4. Baby swans are called aileen!
  5. Aileen was the first Tsar of Russia!
  6. Aileen is worth her weight in gold - literally!
  7. While performing her duties as queen, Cleopatra sometimes dressed up as aileen.
  8. Aileen became extinct in England in 1486!
  9. Originally, aileen could not fly.
  10. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about aileen.
http://thesurrealist.co.uk/trivia.pl" method="get" style="background-color:#5F5F42;color:#CFCF95;padding:4px;text-align:center">I am interested in - do tell me about

*written @ 8:56 午後.

金曜日, 8月 24, 2007

Blurry eyes
Close your eyes when you're weary.
Lay your head down to rest.
Forget the tears of yesterday,
And maybe you God will bless.
Unfold your wings with vengence-
As that of a silver reverie.
Leave the dawn that is breaking.
Into the song that never sings.


Random post!
1) Let's all wish Cassie, Adrianna and Des a very happy birthday! (Their birthdays don't fall on the same day but they're all within the 20th to 24th)

2) I am in serious need of a haircut

3) I have exposed YaSheng to the gorgeous-ness of Shirota Yuu (優城田)

4) 私はかな氏だよ 

5) I am growing pimples like nobody's business (bleah)

*written @ 5:41 午後.

火曜日, 8月 21, 2007


Since no one seems to be caring about me (Those people had better be dead or dying or else they'll be in trouble), I shall scream here.

If I don't get into law *touches wood*, I can still get into legal studies. OR SO I THOUGHT. But now I can't! Because... if I transfer to law in my second year, I'LL HAVE TO STUDY FOR ANOTHER 5 YEARS. That's like 6 years! Like primary school! No no no no no!! And Jie has brought up a very good point- what if I don't get into law even when I'm in legal studies? NOoooo... *bangs head on table*

BUT BUT BUT BUT! I wanna get into law. I wanna! *flails* All my life, I've been made to be acutely aware of how stupid I am. Good in literature? *pffft* So I can read and enjoy books that people think are totally boring. So I can write poetry. So I can write 3 pages of fluff on a essay. SO WHAT?! I don't want to be a literature teacher! I mean, I hate my literature teacher. I once wrote a poem about what a bitch she was. Anyway, yes. I am stupid. Major in linguitics? AND BE WHAT?! Sure... It'll be super cool to be able to speak lots of languages (My aim is to be able to speak and read english, simplified chinese, japanese, korean, italian, french and possibly cantonese). But what's the point? WHY IS NOTHING I LOVE USEFUL?!

You know what I need?

I need to go.... bang my head against something harder than this table.

*written @ 6:11 午後.

日曜日, 8月 19, 2007

I am having a career crisis. *nod nod* If I teach in Japan, the maximum I can earn is SGD 3900 per month. Hm... Not bad, you say. WRONG. It is very bad! I will need about 1300 for rent, about 1000 for food, 300 for transport, and that will leave me with... 1300 to spend per month. That sucks. Actually... it is better then fresh grad starting pay... *hm...* But this is Japan we're talking about! Out of that 1300, I'll need to save for visa renewal, airfares, emergencies.... And I want to go shopping. NO! It is not enough! That means that I'll only earn like 15 600 a year! THAT'S PEANUTS!! o(>.<)o

The only solution is to get married to a japanese. Which will take ages because I don't think that anyone will want to marry a 24 year old university fresh graduate. That will solve the housing and food problem... BUT! It'll take ages! And I need to get a job to support myself when I graduate. *bangs head on table*

I need to start a "Aileen's Japan Fund" like... now! Maybe I should charge Dawnie like $5 every time she tells me to do something without saying please. OOH! That's quite a good idea! I think I'll make like $50 per day. Oooh... I'll make 25 550 SGD per year! COOLNESS. But seriously. I need to live by myself somewhere when I get older.

And I need to write a post on the significance of saying please.

PLEASE remind me about it if I forget.

*written @ 7:32 午後.

金曜日, 8月 17, 2007

I close my eyes and sit there
Waiting for the silence to go away.
Days I've waited and days it prolongs.
When will it finally end?


In case you don't know, it is taking me all my will-power to sit here, stay awake and antagonise. Why spend all that effort? Well. I need a 15 minute break from maths and bio (And... I have failed my bio test on genetics. Joy.). I'm seriously thinking of dropping bio. Sure, I'm not doing too badly at it. But damn it, I hate it. I especially hate genetics. I don't really care how a kid gets disease from his/her parents... I mean, if you have it, you have it, not amount of learning how you got it is going to do any good. Screw bio.

I'm not in a good mood right now. It's friday night and I'm waiting for a call. It really sucks because I have a feeling that it's never going to come and yet still hang around my phone expecting it to ring. *rolls eyes* Unfortunately, I am one of those stupid people who actually believe other people when they say they'll call. I'm not upset that my phone isn't ringing... It's just that I failed a bio test (again), am completely exhausted and am in desperate need to be angry and blame someone that isn't me.

*written @ 9:47 午後.

木曜日, 8月 16, 2007

Out of all the boy groups I have known, Fahrenheit is definitely the lousiest boy group of them all. *nods* I have nothing again them, but... It's true. They can't sing at all. And the average age between them is 27-28. There's nothing wrong with being 27-28, but for a DEBUTING boy group?! Way too old.

Year of debuts:
1) Arashi : 2000. (Matsumoto Jun was about... 17-18?)
2) KAT-TUN: 2005 (Kamenashi Kazuaya was 19)
3) NEWS: 2003 (Yamapi was 18)
4) J.J Express: 2007 (Inoo is 17)
5) Fly to the Sky: 1998 ( Brian was 18)
6) N'Sync: 1995 (Justin Timberlake was 14)

Right. Wu Zun and Jiro can act? Let's see.

Shows acted:
-Wu Zun: Hana Kimi 1 and 2, Romantic princess, The X-family, Tokyo Juliet, KO one
- Jiro: It started with a kiss 1 and 2, Hana Kimi 1 and 2, The X-family, KO one, Dan chao fan (蛋炒饭, The Pawnshop no. 8.

Let's compare!
1) Matsumoto Jun: Kimi wa Petto, Hana Youri Dango 1 and 2, Bambino, Gokusen 1, Kindaichi Files 3, Bukura no Yuuki, Yonimo kimyona monogatari, Propose... (He has 2 more shows but I'm lazy to type them )
2) Kamenashi Kazuya: Sapuri, Gokusen 2, Tatta Hitotsu no koi, Kindaichi Files 7, Kinpachi sensi 5(Hikaru acted in 7!), Yuuki, Nobuta wo produce, Kuitan, Tokkyu tanaka 3 GO
3) Yamapi: (OMS SO MANY): Stand up!!, Lunch Queen, Nobuta wo produce, Kurosagi, Proposal daisakusen, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Long love letter, Dragon Zakura, Shinrei Safaa no Shi, Shounentachi, Nekketsu Renaidou... (You get the picture. I have lots more left)

Wu Zun and Jiro combined: 8 (Didn't count same titles twice and didn't count 2nd part of shows)
Yamapi!: 24

Fahrenheit? *Pffft* For people so old, they sure don't have many achievements.

And Yamapi is 22 and is studying in Meiji University. Sure, he hasn't finished his degree yet... But! At less he's not telling his fangirls to make friends with each other and open another fan club for me. And! His solo fanbase stretches to Poland/Finland (whichever's further). Where does Fahrenheit's combined fanbase stretch to?

Why is the Taiwan entertainment industry even bothering publicising them?

I know this whole post is pointless, but I needed to take my mind off phone calls.

*written @ 6:57 午後.

*/ Fly To The Sky -Sea of Love

This is my new favourite song! Not really sure about who the singers are, but man... This song rocks! Check out the part where they're dancing in jeans. It's hot. *laughs*

*written @ 6:53 午後.

月曜日, 8月 13, 2007

You will never believe what I just did. NEVER! Well... maybe you will. Eventually. Right now, I'm having a bit of trouble believing I did what I just did.

It all started at the bus station.
Me: *thinks* Ooh... Cute guy.
Me: *gets on bus as usual*
Guy: *sits at seat in front of mine*
Me: *silently rejoices*
Me: *texts Adrianna and squeals*
*Stop gets here*
Me: *Gets down and notices that cute guy gets down too*
Me: *also notices that guy is walking down the same street as me! (And at 600km/h no less)
Me: *Decides to go for it (nothing much to lose)*
Me: I'm sorry... Can I ask you where you're from?
Guy: Indonesia *says with aussie accent* Why?
Me: Oh nothing... You just reminded me of someone I used to know.
Guy: You?
Me: Singapore! *beams*
Guy: Hi! I'm Ari (SOUND FAMILAR?! Check this! Look at 22nd March)
Me: *realises* You're Kevin's friend!!!!
Guy: *laughs* I'm not really his friend... We just come from the same hometown. What's your name?
Me: Aileen!

*Talks until we reach a fork in the road/street*

Me: Well... bye then! You'll probably not remember me tomorrow!
Ari: I'll remember! Hey... What's your number?

*KYAAAAA* Yes. I know that I am incredibly shameless and I have no idea how I mustered up the courage to randomly talk to a total stranger. But... Nope. No regrets at all!

I just hope Kevin doesn't find out.

*written @ 6:04 午後.

日曜日, 8月 12, 2007

It's 12 34 in the morning and I have a splitting headache. So... what am I doing here?

Anyway. It has come to my attention that all korean dramas involve a love square comprising of a irritating, unrefined girl(A), a really rich cute guy (B), another rich cute guy (C) (though not as cute as the first) and a supposedly really pretty cultured girl(D). What strikes me as funny is that A ALWAYS picks B. Why's that? She fights with him, gets mad with him and hates him to the core in the whole show (excluding the final few episodes). So... my question is "Why doesn't she just pick C?"

Wouldn't you pick C? I would. I would so pick him first and stick with it. Like the case of Lee Jun Ki (He is the perfect guy besides the fact that he smokes) in My Girl (The C in this example). He's nice, handsome, rich, funny, homours A and bought out an ENTIRE restaurant to propose to A. What's not to like?! Sure... he wears cross earrings. So? Anyway, the point is, if A just picked C, wouldn't everything be so much easier?! A wouldn't have to cry all the freaking time and lie to everyone about her relation to B. She can spend Cs money happily and right out in the open. SO. WHY DOESN'T SHE JUST PICK C?! (Well, in the case of Full House I can understand. I too would so pick Rain over the weird bushy eyebrowed guy. And in Goong- I too would like to be first in line to be queen) But other then that, I would so pick C.

And D. What's up with that? She's supposed to be pretty, rich and stylish! D in Goong looked like crap most of the time and D in My Girl needs to go get rid of her stupid fish lips. The one in Full House wasn't too bad... She had nice hair. And the funny part is, they all like C first. And only when B is unavailable (too busy fighting with A) do they suddenly realise that they want B. *PFFFT* If C is available, WHY NOT PICK C?! B's too busy fighting with A and he's going to fall in love with her anyway. God. Why are women in these shows so stupid?!

A. Let's pick on A. Why is she always dumb? Can't poor people be smart too? Why does she have to do stupid things like steal tangerines and let her friends sell her house (I still don't get this. How do you sell someone's house without the deed and the confirmation of the owner)?! And why do they all have to be whacky? Can't they be serious and logical and let D be the stupid crappy one? Sure... it's to give hope to unrefined, dumb women out there. But what about people like me?! Why does the smart, refined D never end up with a man?!(Not that I'll be so stupid to want something just because it's/he's unavailable) Not even C (who never ends up with a women anyway because he is dumbly in love with A). Stupidity should be a crime.

Hm... B is just... there to fight with A and provide the second half to the lousy kiss at the end. But in the case of Full House, A is there to provide the *KYAAAA* effect. *laughs* But then! If I had to fight with someone and cry over them so much, I would still go for C and spend all his money without underhanded methods. See... If A just gave up and picked C, D can have B (Who is so hopelessly in love with her and yet goes to fall in love with A. MEN.). SEE! Everyone is happy, and everybody gets to be rich and loved.


*written @ 12:34 午前.

金曜日, 8月 10, 2007

Get this: There are strong rumours that say that Rain (Bi/Pi/雨/Ji Hoon) was seen making out with one of the brothers from the duo GolfMike in his Bangkok concert 2 years ago.

*Eyes widen* Obviously, this is from Jie. I can't really be bothered with which female Rain is making out with unless the lucky girl happens to be me or someone I hate. If it's the latter, I will promptly kill the bitch so that Rain can turn his attention to me. *evil laugh* But other than that, can't really be bothered. But no... He couldn't make out with someone female! He had to make out with Golf/Mike! O.O But seriously, who can blame the guy? I would so make out with Golf/Mike. But... Golf/Mike gay? I mean! He's 20/19! Are you even allowed to be gay at that age?! Hm.... Nah. I highly doubt it. Judging from the GYM (Golf Yamapi Mike) shoot last year in Winkup (I think), both Golf and Mike have absolutely no taste in clothes (Neither does Yamapi, but not everything is about him) which is so typical of guys. But then again, I have never seen Golf or Mike without a shirt on. *suspicious* And I have seen every single girly, skinny, un-abed(Except for Shoon) JE member in just boardshorts. Damn it. Why are there no pictures?!

Someone please buy me a ViVi magazine. (Yes Adrianna. I have moved over to the dark side. But if it's any comfort, I'll hate Lena because she's unpretty, short, looks like a stick and because you hate her. =D) I need to look at pretty, teeny clothes I can't afford. And I also need to look at skinny models wearing teeny clothes that I can't afford to feel guilty about having 2 pieces of cake and 4 pieces of chocolate in 2 days.

Vivi magazine... pwease?

*written @ 5:31 午後.

月曜日, 8月 06, 2007

This morning:

Me: *looks out of window* *thinks* YAY! It's not raining! *does a wiggly dance*
Weather: *Looks at Aileen's happiness in disdain and starts pouring*
Me: NOooooo! *Grabs Hong Kong Disneyland winderbreaker and braces myself for impending doom*
Me: *gets out and opens umbrella*
Umbrella: *immediately turns inside out*
Me: *curses* *keeps umbrella and covers head with hoodie* *Proceeds to get wet and has to spend the whole day in school with wet jeans and shoes in 13 degrees*

On the way home:
Weather: *decides to torment Aileen again and starts pouring*
Me: This is not my day. *senses that it isn't too windy and attempts to open umbrella*
Weather: *Decides to be a bitch and stops the rain just when Aileen has her umbrella open*

I seriously can't take much more of this. It definitely says something when there is a puddle in the library where I last stood. *nod nod* Oh oh! And I experienced my first hail storm today! Well... Not exactly experienced... It was more like

Storm: *Comes down in a really noisy WHOOSH and stops like 2 minutes later*

while I was safe and sound in my economies classroom listening to Stuart going on and on about foreign investment (Or was it?). Man. I would seriously hate being outside at that time. Imagine that you're happily minding your own business and walking down the street when *WHOOSH*! You'll be like "OW OW OW!" And try to find shelter. The moment you detour and find that roof, it stops. Whoa. If that happened to me, I'd be way, WAY angry. (If this is a trick where God is trying to make me thank him for only getting caught in the cold, pelting rain twice instead of the hail, it's not working.)

About my calls being rejected, I REALLY want to scream. But there's not really much point in doing that because she'll just do it again and again until I snap and and kill someone. *hm....*

*written @ 6:01 午後.

金曜日, 8月 03, 2007

Today was a rather shocking day. *nod nod*

Shock 1: Matthew(Matthew is this super cute, super childish guy from Hong Kong and every girl he knows takes a fancy to him) is attached.

Shock 2: Matthew's girlfriend is someone I know quite well (Dammit. Can't find an excuse to hate her. *laughs*)

Matthew. Attached. MAN! What is the world coming to!? When did it happen?! How could I not notice? *bangs head on table* And his girlfriend isn't even the girl that September and I thought she would be. *laughs* But it was funny.

Me: September! I have something to tell you!
September: What? What happened now?!
Me: Matthew's taken! *says with teary eyes*
September: WHAT. By who?
Me: Guess guess!
September: Sealion? (This girl called Sammi who hangs out with Matthew and I would cuddle her 24hrs if I could)
Me: Nope! Try again.
September: You?!
Me: What the hell.
September: In your dreams right? *laughs* Who lah!
Me: It's... Shevon (A friend of ours).
September: YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! *Goes on to question about when it happened and how I found out*

*laughs* And the world is now missing yet another single, cute guy. Matthew attached. I never thought it would happen. *laughs*

Anyway... This has been a week of interesting conversations.

This one started when Chet told me that he asked a couple of malaysian guys "If you could screw any girl in the school, who would it be?" and they all said kiki (Something this weird girl with a Hong Kong boyfriend calls herself. It's like everyone has a boyfriend from Hong Kong. Is this a trend or something?). So... After asking Chris, September and I decided to test the question out on Andi.

Me: Everyone that Chet asked said that they would screw Kiki. Are you one of them?
Andi: Who's Kiki?
September: *points to Kiki*
Andi: No! I don't wanna! She's been USED!!! *says in a disgusted tone of voice*
September and I: *Burst out laughing*
Me: Right. Now we know that Andi's future wife has to be a virgin since he doesn't like girls who are "used"!
Andi: NO! I didn't mean that... Just that Kiki's been used by a lot of people!
September: How do you know that?!
Andi: I'll go ask!
September and I: GO GO! We dare you.
Andi: FINE! *Gets up, walks halfway and comes back* I'm... afraid.
September and I: *Laughing like idiots*

*Shiping picks the wrong time to come sit with us*
Chris: *asks Shiping the question*
Shiping: *looks alarmed* Huh?!
Andi: *tries to act innocent in front of Shiping* How do you screw someone?
Chris: Er.... You grab a screwdriver and stick it in someone.
Andi: Huh? Stick? STICK WHERE?!
Shiping: *Looks completely confused*
September and I: *Are laughing our heads off while the entire cafeteria looks at us like we're crazy*

And it has been quite a fun week. *beams*

*written @ 7:27 午後.