木曜日, 6月 28, 2007

This is so exciting! One more week before I go home! One more week! *Yays* Right. In order to make it easier for myself and people who want to meet up, I shall put my schedule here!


6th July (Friday):
1) Touch down at about 9+
2) Have coffee at airport with Clarence, WM and Soh (If they're coming to pick me)/ Or not if they don't
3) If 2 turns out alright, take a train to Jie's house at about 10 plus.
4) Reach about 11ish and play with my RUSSELLY (hees)
5) Shower and play x-box/watch tv/go online
6) Sleep

7th July (Saturday):
1) Get up at about 8-ish
2) Drag myself and a change of clothes to my house (reach about 9ish)
3) Go gymming for about an hour (till about 10ish)
4) Shower and get ready to go out with Kelly (or anyone else who's free)
5) At about 4ish, head back to Jie's and go to Grandma's house (YAY! Ba zhang!)

8th July (Sunday):
1) Up at 10ish
2) Head to gym (finish at about 12ish)
3) Get ready to head out with Adrianna
4) Either go back to Jie's house to plonk gym bag or leave bag at home and slack around till Adrianna finishes church
5) Out with Adrianna
6) Either head back home to get gym bag or go back to Jie's house

9th July (Monday):
1) Wait for Dawnie to finish her timetable stuff.
2) Go get hair done
3) Go meet Belle at orchard

10th July (Tuesday):
Is currently a free day. *Pfft* I shall find someone to go out with me! *laughs*

11th July (Wednesday):
1) Wake up at 9ish
2) Gymming till 11ish
3) Shower and head back to Jie's house to dump bag
4) Go meet Brian and celebrate his birthday with him (About 2 plus)
5) Either go back to Jie's for dinner or see if JC friends want to meet

12th to 15th July (Thursday to Sunday):
In Hong Kong

16th July (Monday)
1) Up at 10ish
2) Gymming till about 12ish
3) Shower (Leave house at about 1 30)
4) Reach Dunman at about 2 15
5) Hang around and have lunch with Kelly
6) Maybe have dinner with some TPJC friends

17th July (Tuesday)
1) ) Skip gymming and sleep in
2) Get up at about 11ish
3) Slack around and shower
4) Meet aaron and Cheryl
5) Either meet someone else after that or go back to Jie's

18th-20th July is still open! Anyone(Sulin, Cassie) who wants to meet up then, please tag!

I realise I am going to spend quite a lot on transport and as for all the going out, I have yet to figure out where the money is going to come from.

Ah well. *laughs*

*written @ 11:19 午前.

火曜日, 6月 26, 2007

I want... a lot of things. But right now, all I want is a cuddle. *looks at everyone with big teary eyes* I'm so tired... and the fact that Dawnie's friends are here isn't helping at all. Not that it's really terrible or anything, but it just makes it a bit difficult to keep my diet and study. Ah well... I guess it all comes down to how diciplined I can bring myself to be. I want to get into law and I will force myself to get into it. *nods with determination*

Right! Exams. Wish me lots of luck and I will be back next week! Love you all! *hugs*

*written @ 10:58 午後.

日曜日, 6月 24, 2007

Today's post will be about issues! *beams*

Yeah, yeah... I'm tired of this too. The picture on Belle's blog just scared the hell out of me. My face has become considerably chubby since I got here! And I can't see my collar-bones and hip-bones anymore. It's... worrying. I don't want to be fat! Well, I would go jogging but it's like... 10 degrees outside and it's pitch dark. Do you know how many people get murdered/raped/mugged in Australia everyday?! I really don't want to be one of those people. So I'm going on a diet. *nod nod* And when I go home, I'll probably sweat all my fats out. *bleah*

I've decided that I'm going to have a mixed baby. *laughs* They're so cute! When I go out, they're all I see! The dark hair and blue eyes... o(>.<)o ちょ可愛い!! Yups. I've decided. I'm going to marry a caucasian and have a mixed baby! *muahahaha* And I can say to people "Oh... so your kid is just chinese? Mine is er *searches for a nationality* spainish chinese (did I mention that I love spanish accents?) and is cuter and will be prettier/more handsome than yours!" Yes. I shall have a mixed baby. Even if I have to be a single mother, I will have my own mixed baby who I shall love and boast about. *laughs evilly*

I want to make a list of what I want/need or both. And the only way that I won't misplace it it to write it here. So....

1. One of those chiffon-like dresses with blowy sleeves and an a-line hem that's above the knee. (Pretty!)
2. More of those summery dresses (What?! They're convenient!)
3. A pair of those long sock like stocking with lacy tops in black
4. A pair of basic black strappy heels that aren't that high
5. Nice shoes in general (Love shoes!)
6. An off-shoulder top
7. One of those simple cardigens (It's cold here! And for some reason, they sell them in Singapore. The irony)
8. A turtle-neck
9. More shorts!
10. A new a-line denim mini
11. More skirts!
12. Skinny jeans (I really want skinny jeans! Everyone's wearing them and they all look so cool!)
13. An ear piece for my Sony Ericsson
14. New i-pod earphones
15. A simple to understand japanese manga series
16. A hair cut ( I'm still wondering where I should get it)
17. A Guess bag (There's a girl in school who has a really nice one! Which has inspired me to go get one)

Right! I think that's it!

*written @ 9:59 午後.

金曜日, 6月 22, 2007

I am currently the epitome of pissed off. I was this close to finding out who the idiot was! That close! And and and! What do I find? Sunita threw the paper where I scribbled the IP address away. And she brought the trash down too. *bangs head on table* why why why why why!?

*sighs* I've been rather short tempered recently. It's so hard when there're always people around when I'm used to sulking out my short-temperedness alone. The smallest things irritate me. Things like people throwing my IP addresses away, being so determined to leave the balcony door open even when it is clearly freezing outside and generally just bugging me with incessent little noises.

Well. I would go and rummage through the trash if people actually threw their trash in the right bin. But they don't. Why do I seem to be surrounded with idiocy?! If you don't want to talk to me, don't. No one has an obligation to care about why I'm frustrated. So, fine. Go away.

*written @ 6:58 午後.

月曜日, 6月 18, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updating! It's just that there hasn't been anything really worth telling people about lately. *sighs* Life is so boring! There are so many things for me to be anal and pissed out about... But lately, I've just lost the energy for them. So let me off with a random post alright?

1) cow is getting really boring. I've run out of things to pick on! She wears the same slut-fied clothes and heels that she can't walk in everyday. It's... boring. I need someone else to pick/obsess on.
2) Everyone find the way I say onion really funny. It stumps me as to why.
3) I'm kinda getting stressed out over the fact that I'm not getting stressed out.
4) Spanish accents are hot.
5) There's a girl (Lorenna) from Brazil in my econs class and she has the most gorgeous hair.
6) SimCity is extremely addictive!
7) Waiting for a certain situation to happen is almost equivalent to the waiting for Hikaru to propose to me. *sighs*
8) I can't wait to cut my hair.
9) House is an extremely good show with a cute doctor and a really cynical main character.
10) I miss my piano
11) 私の頭とても痛い。助けて!
12) Although Mary-Kate Olsen is supposed to be anorexic, I still envy her legs. (And money!!)
13) Something in me wants to either break something or get up and make my own dinner.
14) Or both.
15) Somehow, right now, KAT-TUN brings fuck and kill me now to mind.

*written @ 5:55 午後.

水曜日, 6月 13, 2007

I got tagged!

1. Your nickname that is used the most? What is the reason behind the nickname?
Makimaki. *rolls eyes* Adrianna decided that my personality was exactly like Tamaki's in Ouran High. *laughs*

2. Your height? Be honest now...
Heh. 163. And no one can prove otherwise.

3. This is lame and has been asked loads of times, but... What were you thinking about before going to bed?
I assure you. You don't want to know.

4. Are you long-winded or short-winded?
Depends on what I'm talking about.

5. If you don't get sick for a very long time, you'll get Leukemia.
Yeah. And I'm married to Hikaru.

6. I forgot to ask. Your birthdate? And year.. Don't be shy.
Why should I be shy? 22nd May 1990.

7. What's your favourite word? Any language.
Bleah. It's my own language. MUAHAHAHA

8. Ever wondered why the eyes of a caucasian or our fellow Western friends in general have coloured eyes, and not the Asians?
Yeah! But I've never heard anyone who has brown eyes complain about it.

9. In conjunction with Pak Lah's wedding this Saturday (9 June 2007), go on and say a few words.
1) Who 2) The 3) Hell 4) Is 5) That?

10. Do you have an MSN life?
Not really recently... Been busy studying.

Guess what! *laughs* I actually have my own fanclub! here! Adrianna. You need more thesis-es(?)! You are obviously too free! *pokes*

*written @ 4:29 午後.

火曜日, 6月 12, 2007

Panda (And Cassie if you're reading). I hate to burst your bubble like this, but... Wu Zun is definitely big-headed. VERY big-headed. I quote; 'If there is a chance, maybe one of you guys can use the website and try to set up a fan club such as Wu Chun family fan club, etc....hahaa!' *Rolls eyes* Right. Much I love Wu Zun and his abs, I can't help but gag a little. *nod nod* I have an urge to leave a comment like this "Dude! You're supposed to a 27 year old with a degree! You shouldn't be encouraging rabid fangirling and are supposed to keep your ego under control!" God. *bangs head on table* One wouldn't be surprised if he actually set up his own fanclubs. *ponders*

Also, Wu Zun wants his fans (Screaming rabid girl fans) to make friends with each other. Once again, "Dude! You're supposed to be a 27 year old with a degree! You're not supposed to be encouraging rabid fangirling, much less encouraging girls to kill each other!" Situation: Wu Zun is one guy to about 30 000 (an estimate based on the amount of comments he recieves) girls. By asking them to make friends with each other, does he really think that they'll be more civil at events? *rolls eyes* If my friend was talking to my favourite celebrity, I would roughly push her aside and talk to my celebrity myself. Why? Because I know her! And therefore assume that she would forgive me later. Get the picture? *Pfffft* Wu Zun. Business graduate. University of Melbourne. *laughs* Apparently, education does not bestow the gift of common sense.

Well now. Maybe all you readers should make friends with each other and one of you could use blogger to make an Aileen fanclub! *Stifles a laugh*

*written @ 5:12 午後.

月曜日, 6月 11, 2007

1. Start Time: 5 52 pm
2. Name: Aileen
3. Nickname: Leenie
4. Astrology sign: Gemini
5. Gender: F!
7. Hair color: Er... I have no idea how to describe it.
8. Eye color: Chocolate!
9. Height: 163cm. And if anyone says otherwise.... they'll be sorry. =D
10. Most Favorite color: Blue!
11. Glasses: Unfortunately
13. tattoos: Nope
14. Birthplace: Singapore
15. Area code: 6100
16. TRUE friends: Erm. True friends what?

******HAVE YOU EVER*****
17. cut your own hair? Yup... like a decade ago. Not a smart choice.
18.Done something in the past you regret? Not taking up more language classes.
19. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? *blink blink* I have no idea.
21. Skipped school? Only extra lessons. There's only so much chinese I can live through!
22. Bungee jumped? Nope... But I would!
24. Punched someone? Heh. Yeah...
25. Cheated on someone intentionally? Never.
26. Been arrested? Never!
27. Broken into someone's house? Nope... It's too much effort.
28. Been to a funeral? Yep.
32. Used a lighter? For everything except drugging, smoking and setting someone on fire. *beams*

34. Season: Autumn!
36. Ice cream flavor: Anything with chocolate!
37. School subject(s): Erm... I like ElACS best! I don't have to study very much.
38. Candy: Anything sweet
39. Breakfast: Pancakes at Farells (The restuarant near my house)
40. Juice: Apple!
41. Magazine(s): CLEO, Girlfriend and celebrity gossip magazines
42. Movie(s): Lilo and Stitch, Monster's Inc, Interview with a Vampire
43. Song(s):currently: Songs by Fahrenheit
50. Letter(s): A, D, S
51. Favorite fast food restaurants: Chicken treat! I'm currently obsessed with it.
52. Disney Princess: Ariel. She's cool! A bit dumb, but cool.
53. Radio station: I prefer CDs
54. Name for a son: I really like Takeshi... *laughs* But a nice name would be... Christian.
55. Name for a daugter: Allegria, Artemis (Ooh... I would so name my daughter Artemis)

******DO YOU PREFER*****
56. Chocolate or Vanilla? : definitely chocolate!!
57. Alcoholic or not? : Not
60. Scary movies or comedies? Comedies
61. Short or long hair?: Tis is a difficult question. *nod nod*
62. Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons!

64. Mexicans in general: AI KARUMBA!
65. School: *stabs self*
66. Grass: Green
67. Cow: MUAHAHAHA. Let's see.... fat with bad hair with a lack of good taste and too much cellulite. Either that or the lack of thermo-receptors (Which would mean a problem with her hypothalamus. Which would mean a problem with her brain. Which! Would explain a lot.)
68. Canada: Where my LJ friend Aileen lives. We became friends because of our name! How cool is that?
69. Mouse: Ew ew ew
70. Hands: 私の光!

*****THE PAST 3 DAYS, HAVE YOU******
71. Watched a movie? Nope.
72. Talked on the phone? Indeed!
73. Cried? Nah.
74. Choked? Nope.
75. Drank a glass of water? I have improved to 2 cups a day! *beams*
76. Done Drugs? Cold medicine.
77. Read a book or magazine: The Spare Room
78. Watched TV? : Yups! Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy!
79. Looked in the mirror? Duh.
80. Taken a shower? Of course!
81. Taken a picture? : Does a video count?
82. Listened to music? Yups! everywhere I go.
83. Kissed someone? Only Whiffie!
84. Told someone you liked them?: *Pfft* I told someone that I loved her lots! Hee.
85. End time: 6 27 pm

*written @ 5:51 午後.

土曜日, 6月 09, 2007

Reading Wuzun's blog (No. I am not a stalker. I didn't search google in every language to find that blog. The link was on wikipedia! *says in defence*), I have decided that after being a celebrity, people become... strange. I would comment about Jiro's blog too if I was patient enough to sort through all that chinese. (Wuzun has been kind enough to type out a version of his post in english) Anyway, he states that he was really happy to see people wearing the products that he endorses. Why do celebrities say that? We all know that they won't endorse the product if they weren't paid to do so. So... with that line, one concludes that Wuzun is probably happy to see everyone wearing his products because the company will assume that it is because he is advertising them and pay him more! *rolls eyes* Or, he is assuming that the public is only wearing the product to support him. Which in my opinion, is extremely... big headed.

I don't know. Much as I like him, I find it difficult to swallow that a 27 year old is catering to the obsession of teenage girls who leave him 10000+ (I kid you not) comments to his one post.

Hm... I have no idea what the point of this post was. And I failed to make an obvious point. *bleah* Ah well!

*written @ 9:47 午後.

水曜日, 6月 06, 2007

I need someone to make me stop obsessing over cow. Yes. That I am in great need of. But argh...How am I going to find that someone? Either I construct my own super cute guy to be arm-candy or I find another poor soul to pick on. The chances of either happening is currently very slim. *sighs* I would actually stop being a bitch, but everyone knows what I'm like when I'm obsessed... Panda/Adrianna/Cassie would probably still be recovering from my Ya3 obsession! *laughs* So yeah. What to do what to do?

I need Russelly. He can be my obsession. *pouts*

*written @ 4:53 午後.

火曜日, 6月 05, 2007

You'll never believe it! Mango has managed to do the impossible! Mango is... amazing! *beams* She got me the Love In Snow (By Ueda Tatsuya) piano score! o(>.<)o I love mango so much! Hees. Drat. Now I need a keyboard. *grumbles*

I like mangos! They're sweet and lovable. Hee. =D

*written @ 5:53 午後.

月曜日, 6月 04, 2007

It is official that Mango's and my favourite topic to talk about is cow. *nod nod* Cow is the perfect example of suspension of disbelief (The belief in something that is completely fictional). She actually thinks she's hot! *laughs* She. Hot. Yeah. And Wu Zun is engaged to me. She is not only shameless, fat, irksome, but stupid as well! Oh my sun. I never thought that someone that self-absorbed and retarded actually existed. *eyes widen*

Anyway. 1 month before I get to go home!

*written @ 5:01 午後.

土曜日, 6月 02, 2007

Based on my research, I have compiled the many ways of how you can get your celebrity crush to like you:
1. Watch him bully your friend and punch him in the face when he's done.
2. Speak to a random person in a hotel lobby and borrow money from your crush claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of that random person then have a contract marriage with your crush
3. Decide that you really need to be in the same school with him and disguise yourself as a boy (Who knows... You may get to be his dorm mate)
4. Steal tangerines from his family's plantation
5. Be the form teacher of his incredibly rowdy class
6. Be older then him, attract his attention then be really mean to him
7. Be the bodyguard of your crush (Just be sure not to freeze to death at the end)
8. Puposely accidentally kiss him
9. Give up half your life for eyes to see people's names and tell your crush to use you.
10. Find a way to have an arranged marriage with him and pretend to hate him completely

*Laughs* Research resources include: Anego, Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, A love to kill, Fullhouse, My Girl, Deathnote and Goong.

Oh my sun. Wu Zun and Jiro are way hot! o(>.<)o Wu Zun keeps carrying and kissing Ella! NO NO NO! *screams in despair* Ah!! Wu Zun smiled! *squeals* I want a super hot taiwanese (Or in Wu Zun's case, brunein) boyfriend too! *Sighs*

*written @ 5:55 午後.

金曜日, 6月 01, 2007

I really shouldn't have started watching the taiwanese Hana Kimi. This is bad... I have a huge crush on Jiro and WuZun. o(>.<)o I don't need more people to obsess over! *laughs* But so handsome! Hee. Argh. But couldn't they have picked a better actress than Ella? She freaking looks like a boy! And according to the manga, she's supposed to be a really feminine looking boy and be skinny and weak looking. *nod nod* Yes. I read all 23 books of the manga. JJ Lin made an appearence too! It was so weird... (Kya!! Wu Zun is so cool!) Wu Zun is... 27 years old. And Jiro is 26. So old! and they're acting 16 year olds. O.O

Would it kill them to let 16 year olds act 16 year olds? *sheesh* Although... not many 16 year olds have abs like Jiro and Wu Zun. *hm...* It's not fair! Why aren't there that many cute guys in real life?!

*written @ 6:43 午後.