金曜日, 6月 26, 2009

"But. What if I want to be unfashionable?"

*gasp* That may be the most horrific thing I've heard in awhile. *nods* Well, that and "lead me into the light Carol Anne!" *laughs*

In its most common usage, "fashion" exemplifies the appearances of clothing. In today's world, it mostly represents the the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior. (credits to Wikipedia and Princeton University for definitions)

As always, the fashion industry is one of the top money makers. Names like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and many more bring many a sparkle to the eyes of many of the most influential people (or celebrities) today.

But what is fashion? What is it's appeal? Why is it important?

To me, fashion is best defined by Oscar Wilde as a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. *laughs* Which is so true. Unlike other antiques, fashion in the current usage seems to devalue with age. Although we do get the occasional fabulous vintage find. However, how common are these? Despite knowing this and being obsessed with current trends, many fashionistas still continue to search for that article that screams "timeless". This brings attention to one of the most iconic fashionistas of all time -Coco Chanel. Chanel (currently designed by Karl Lagerfeld), brings to the world an image of simplicity and class even to this day. But despite this, this so called "timelessness" does change every season. When put like this, one can say that fashion is most certainly alive as it evolves to the times and never takes a break- A probable reason for my fascination with it.

The marvellous thing about fashion is that nothing ever looks the same on different people. Somehow, what we wear often serves to project out personality to the world. For example, wearing pink tend to place emphasis on femininity. Also, it's something that almost everyone can afford (Although not in the level that I use in this post) and give their own twist. Plus, there's just that burst of excitment when you have something new. *grins*

What you wear is so important in our current society! Imagine. If it wasn't important, why do people dress up to go to work? Or school? Or out? Fashion influences first impressions, ideals, expectations (You'd generally expect a person wearing Prada to behave like lady) and so much more. What fashion designers create is so much more than art-Because you live your life in it (From The Devil Wears Prada).

Therefore, you can't choose to be unfashionable! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. And horrifying.

Don't scare me like that.

*written @ 1:26 午後.

火曜日, 6月 23, 2009


Loves this.

*written @ 5:18 午後.

土曜日, 6月 20, 2009


Aileen says:
of course
i am awesome

Teddy says:
You are
( not a question btw)

See. I knew it. *smiles smugly*

*written @ 10:32 午後.


And the end of the world has not yet come
I've been in a pretty lousy mood this week because I received news that Maeda was leaving. =( I thought that he was going back to Japan. This created a massive freak out. I mean. If he leaves, WHO'S GOING TO MAKE ME PRETTY?! Plus, I've been going to Maeda for about 2 years! I don't think that I can deal with having bad hair and/or an uncute stylist anymore. *sighs*

But but but! When I took Rachie for her haircut yesterday, Maeda told me that he wasn't leaving! He was just moving to a different salon. =) And and and! He took down my mobile number and said he'd text me where he moved to. =D

I'll still have good hair and my totally cute stylist.

And the end of the world has not yet come. =D

*written @ 11:19 午前.

水曜日, 6月 17, 2009

Presenting some of the inhabitants of Planet Awesome. Of which I am the Queen and Creator.


Sulin, Matt and Cassie!


Me and Hui Jing.



Ee Hong


Jallen, Joey and Hui Jing.



Me, Joey, Clarence




Me and Clarence.

There would be more... But I am still waiting for a certain Mr Kwa to get off his lazy ass and post the rest. *grins*

*written @ 9:10 午前.

土曜日, 6月 13, 2009

That Cerulean Sky
Can you hear the silence rustling?
The awakening from her sweet slumber.
The appearing smile as she rubs her eyes.
Tell me. Is she real?

The words that ring
Yet never leave
The lips that are stained with crimson.
Tell me. Is she beautiful?

She believes.
Oh how much pleasure
She derives from the simple truth-
A secret safe within.


*written @ 7:01 午後.

木曜日, 6月 11, 2009

Aileen says:
send some cold over

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
*blows at the screen*

Aileen says:
i dare you to really do that!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:

Aileen says:
why your office so boring
no one see

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
jeremy saw
was singing to himself
so my blowing at the screen doesnt seem so weird to him
he thinks i just was sighing really pronouncedly

Aileen says:
look look!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
too late
moment has passed
aaaaaaand i win yet again

Aileen says:
so unfair

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
why is it unfair?

Aileen says:
aileen the awesome says so

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
thad the supremely just judge says so

Aileen says:
excuse me! the awesome are never overruled!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
yes they are if they are less than awesome and as a result lose due to their lack of awesomeness

Aileen says:

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
please strike aileens statements off the court record

Aileen says:
court record cannot strike off things one

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
if there are no further arguments, i declare aileen guilty of losing and therefore stripped of her title of awesome

Aileen says:
i appeal to tribunal

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
can strike if you say things that u r not supposed to say
ok the tribunal will hear your case in 2 years

Aileen says:
why do you get to make all e rules!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
cos i am the judge
judge >>> defendant always

Aileen says:
who made you e judge
i'm the parliament lor

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
well you could have decided to be the parliament
but your actions clearly indicated your role as the defendant

Aileen says:
define my actions

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
your actions of being defensive
and complaining

Aileen says:
that's totally not valid!
you can't just make up your own rules

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
i'm sorry
i would expect you to be more prepared before you enter into a court of law

Aileen says:
and being defensive doesn't make one a defendant!
so says the judge with no evidence

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
unfortunately, ignorance is not a valid defence

Aileen says:
to a partial degree
so is provocation

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
the onus is upon you to be aware of the law of the land, and not the courts role to educate you on such matters

Aileen says:

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
therefore, the guilty verdict stands

Aileen says:
what court is this

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
bailiff, please take aileen away until we have decided on a reasonable sentence

Aileen says:
that only works in a crim case
the ACCUSED would still be able to defend him/herself
therefore. i win!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
the facts of the case are clear

Aileen says:
what no. yes okie

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
you dared one mr thaddeus bong to blow at his screen
he blew at his screen

Aileen says:
your procedure is wrong!

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
therefore he wins
there is no case, therefore i will allow no more of the court's time to be wasted with such frivolous and trivial arguments
case dismissed
any further protest and i shall hold you in contempt of the court

Aileen says:
excuse me. accused cannot be held for contempt of court
and plaintiff and defendant are civil terms
you can't even decide what case you want
some judge

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
since our country allows free speech, i shall ignore your previous statements
i shall now proceed to judge the next case. good day.
dont take it so seriously lah
you're so funny when you're irritated

Aileen says:
where can ignore like that!
rawr you

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
of course i dont know the proper legal terms and procedures lah

Aileen says:
that's why i should win

thaddy :: God is good :: says:
i am not a lawyer nor a law student nor anyone well versed in the law after all
but there is no need for legal knowledge in this case because its a simple case of you dared me i did it therefore i win

Aileen says:

ARGHHHH. Not fair I tell you.

*written @ 4:47 午後.

日曜日, 6月 07, 2009

A lack of ideas
I find... that I have a strange lack of things to say lately. Everything I say is kinda puncuated by "I'm going home tomorrow!". *laughs* I think everyone can't wait to get rid of me so that I'll stop annoying them.

But yeah. It is about time to go home. *nods* I'm starting to look less and less like myself. With the bad hair and exam complexion and bushman eyebrows! ARGH. I can't stand it anymore! Can't stand looking so... disgustingly unglamourous. Gotta do something about it.

*written @ 3:28 午後.

水曜日, 6月 03, 2009


1) I typed 22 pages of notes in a little less than 12 hours. *proud* And then I stopped feeling connected to my hands.

2) The rain. Was very big. *nods*

3) Manicures before year 2000 look like claws.

4) I have an exam tomorrow and I am... blogging.

5) My hair. Needs Maeda.

6) Dbsk concert in Bangkok! Woohoo.


10) Heather is still doing her assignment that is due at 430. *amazed yet horrified*

*written @ 1:25 午後.