木曜日, 11月 27, 2008

Day out with Harky on... Tuesday(?):

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That alcoholic had me running around looking for places that served drinks at 3pm in the afternoon. =/

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I actually had the cosmo but Harky didn't want her daiquiri after 2 gulps. So... Yeah. I didn't finish it though.

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Harky at the bus stop outside Far East Plaza.

Man. I'm hungry.

*written @ 6:15 午後.

木曜日, 11月 20, 2008

Speaking of agony
Driving is possibly one of the biggest pains I have ever experienced. Every time I think about it, I feel like curling up in a dark corner and just… hiding from it. I know it’s trivial and stupid and totally exaggerated, but I’m not really one to be bold and face my fears. It’s awful! Driving (at least to me) is this terrible, persistent, agonising pain that plain refuses to go away!

The answer is yes. I have failed my driving test again. For the third fucking time. I hate this. I truly hate this with every fiber of my being. I have probably never hated anything this much. Even maths! At least I do manage maths to some extent. But this. This disgusting, horrendous feat that I am expected to perform. I DON’T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! I don’t want to! Heaven knows that I’d rather go back to high school and brave everything all over again than do this. *starts banging head on table* But I have to do it. I have it. It’s a fucking life skill and it’ll make things so much easier if I could do it. Thing is, I can do it! It’s just that every time I have to do a test I screw up and well… screw up. To make things worse, I can’t blame anyone! Not even myself. It isn’t my fault that I never see the cars but yet, it can’t be anyone else’s.

I don’t understand. This is probably one of the first times I’ve encountered something that I completely cannot pass. I went through 6 piano exams all in which I had to play with trembling hands and actually sing in tune and believe me, it does not get easier. Yet, I passed on first try each time. People who have doctorates in music from a world famous music schools passed me! One even gave me a distinction (which is one of the greatest achievements in my life *beams*). And here, I am doing something almost everyone over the age of 18 can do and I am failing at it. Even though I can do it! Fuck.

The worst thing is: I can’t say anything about it. I have no choice but to do it and I can do it. I just can’t pass. And all I can do is try not to burst into tears at my own incompetency.

*written @ 10:29 午前.

日曜日, 11月 16, 2008

The sound of brass
Can you hear the bells of freedom?
Can you hear them ring?
Sure, the sound is distant,
But yet, to me they sing.


*written @ 5:56 午後.

金曜日, 11月 14, 2008
*/ dick lee sings We Are Singapore! cool version..


*written @ 10:14 午後.

木曜日, 11月 13, 2008

I just finished writing my criminal law notes! *wiggles* So I'll take a break till tomorrow morning! *realises that I have to read 5 cases and stuff on murder tomorrow* So... In an attempt to de-clutter my mind, I shall do a meme! *beams* (Stole this off Des again)

My teacher once said that: If you put a poisonous spider on a stick, poke someone with the stick and make the spider bite them and the someone dies because he's too obsessed with reading the Criminal Code, you are still liable for murder.

Never in my life have I regretted: Wearing braces, learning how to play the piano and getting Russelly.

The people who can drive me nuts, but then can always make me smile: Jie, Dawnie, Jay, Teddy, Rachie, Jen and Des.

When i'm nervous: I feel like throwing up but yet... never stop talking.

The last time i laughed (until i cried) was: When Jen told me that she and Teddy were going to be an item. *laughs*

My hair is: Black with brown highlights and unbelievably unkempt.

My feet are: Knobbly and size 6.

Last christmas: Was like any other christmas.

When i turn my head left, i see: The window and printer that eats more ink than I do food.

When i turn my head right, i see: The kitchen. Which is uncharacteristically clean.

When i look down, i see: CRIMINAL LAW. *shoves it aside*

The craziest recent event was: Hm... It's a tie between what happened in Tea Fusion and Jen and Teddy being an item.

If you make me really happy: I'll tell you that I love you and probably never stop talking and jumping about after that.

Where do you plan to visit anytime soon: My comfy bed where Bones and Whiffie are waiting for me. *laughs*

Boys are: male.

I'd stop my wedding if: Someone I loved died.

The world could do without: Exams, mosquitoes and flies.

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Be anywhere near a frog or rat.

Most recent thing you've bought yourself: Undies.

Most recent thing someone else bought you: Jay bought me bubble tea a few days ago.

My least favourite time of the day is: Any time that requires me to wake up using an alarm clock.

The last time i was high: Tuesday.

The last person i talked to told me: That Rachie needs to join the gang at Tea Fusion one day.

Last night: Was... dark?

There's this girl i know who: Who is so annoying and desperate to get laid. (Even if she has explicitly admitted it yet.)

There's this guy i know who: I like.

I'll tell the next person who makes me really happy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm listening to: We are the reason by Avalon.

I last ate: 2 bananas.

My bedsheet is: STRIPY AT THE BOTTOM AND FLOWERY ON TOP! *says with glee*

I smell: Nothing in particular.

On my table, i have: A box of stationary, L plates, random pieces of paper, 3 kinds of moisturiser and a couple of manga.

My full name is: Aileen Bak Jing Wen (Not necessarily in that order). Although I am sometimes known as Leenie, Leeners, Lena and Ai-Chan.

This meme is actually quite old. I did it a long way back. So, see if you can find the old one and compare. *laughs*

*written @ 11:05 午後.

*/ 歐得洋-孤單北半球 KTV

REMEMBER THIS?! I totally wanna get the CD.

*written @ 8:07 午後.

火曜日, 11月 11, 2008

A sudden realisation
Question: Has anyone else realised that there is only 1 female smurf in the cartoon "Smurfs"?

Seriously! How can there possibly be only 1 female smurf?! On that note, how do smurfs reproduce (which actually makes me wonder how carebears reproduce. Hm...)? Do they just randomly appear out of thin air, or do they (dare I say it?) share the single female? But that's just... wrong! Then every smurf that constitutes the next generation of smurfs will be related! Oh. My. Sun. Incest! Ew. Is it possible for smurfs to have such a dubious relationship? Aterall, one must take into consideration that they are meant to entertain children. Hm...

It has been established that I will do anything but study law.

*written @ 8:47 午後.

日曜日, 11月 09, 2008

That long-awaited Friday night
It was truly one of the best and worst days ever. *nods* I can't really describe it without sounding boring so I'll quote Celeste (most of the stuff in today's post is stolen from her blog. *laughs* Plus, she just says it in this perfect funny way.):

First, we met at Northbridge.

. . . stuff happened. XD

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Then everyone headed over to my house for pizza! (All the pictures are from Celeste's camera because I'm too lazy to transfer the ones in mine.)

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Rachie and Celeste!

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The guys. From left: Teddy, Jay and Danny.

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From left: Morgaine, Jen and Celeste. Man... Totally need a picture of all my pretty pretties! =3

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Truly. No one looks decent in this picture. Heck, I'm posting it up anyway.

Although there are pictures of me, none of them will be up here because they are disgusting and I can't bear to face them. *nods*

I say that it was one of the worst days because:
1) Jen and Celeste couldn't stay over with the rest. =/
2) Teddy's car battery died. It was worrying- We had to try solving it without involving the parents. Yikes. On the bright side, I kinda know how to jump start a car now! Kinda. Maybe. Hm... Nah. Well, at least I know that cars actually have batteries in them. *laughs*
3) Jay got into trouble with his parents. On this note, I really don't understand why people can get into trouble with their parents. Maybe I'm the strange one. Meh. I think my Dad and Jie are awesome for not controlling me. *beams*

Well. Exams on next Saturday (they just had to pick a day where public transport is impossible). Going to get cracking.

*written @ 7:49 午後.