土曜日, 7月 29, 2006

Last night, at about 11.32, I received a message. Woohoo... lucky me.
Here's what it said: I just read your blog. Get your facts right. I asked you if you had the points because I did and wanted to share. (Link it to the post just before this one)

Ever heard of this guy called Charles Xavier? Or maybe this girl called Jean Gray? Yes? Aren't they just the coolest people! I mean... They can read minds! *gasp* Anyway, the point is, I can't. Oh how unfortunate I am! To not having been blessed with that awesome gift. Oh... but you know what? I'm sure that somehow, it's my fault for God having made me human. (shamefully and pitifully human I might add) Please. I believe that clarence should be the one getting his facts right. Firstly, he failed to state at any time during the duration of the tightly atmosphered conversation that he was to... what was that word again? Oh yes. I believe it was, share the points for the english worksheet. If he had did, of course I wouldn't have felt that it was really rude and would have taken it as an attempt to redeem himself from making me seriously upset and agitated. But *checks through chat log* nope, he didn't! So if I may ask (of course I may), how does taking that question as a snide, annoying and hugely witless question show that I did not get my facts right? Or maybe... Please correct me if I'm wrong, all women read minds except me. Hm... I don't know. Maybe God implanted an X gene into every single female in the world but me. Well, it is possible! Come on... I'm really open minded! Speak up if any of you can read people's (by people I mean EVERYONE elses) minds!

Well now. Isn't it just facinating that only like 2% of the world can? By 2%, I include people who are seriously, truly, physic and gifted with such an amazing ability. However, I belong to the majority of 98% of the world's population who can't. So... Get your facts right!


*written @ 2:26 午後.

金曜日, 7月 28, 2006

Today, after so many days, it has seemed that my thought's have cleared. *scowls* I hate it when that happens... It means I'm annoyed. I'm am not a patient person. I do lose my temper. Rarely, but yes, indeed I do.

There was once this incidence that I failed to mention. Maybe it was because I was too upset by it? Or was it because I was doing my favourite thing and didn't want to care? Hm... It seems to be the latter.

Here is what happened:
clarence: Why do you like japanese guys?
Me: Why cannot? They're cute!
clarence: Did you know that japanese guys have the smallest penises (well, he didn't exactly say penis, but he used a cruder word that is beyond my sense of modesty to type out.) in the world.
Me: I know. So? (mildly irritated)
clarence: Nothing. Cute what. Cute.
Me: Why do you have to belittle everything I like?
clarence: Dunno. Wait. Why got? Examples?
Me: Calling Russell fat, calling Johnny Depp ugly, saying that about japanese guys... Need I go on?
clarence: No. I didn't.
Me: Thinks : Come on! Everyone heard it! Don't tell me that I was fuming in chinese class over nothing! Says: Yeah. So it's my fault. It's always my fault.
clarence: You said it. I didn't. (can just imagine him smirking)

Why that little *^%@$#^@#%! Ok. Thou shalt be civilised. Let me address and issue here. *breathes* I shall not fight back (because Jeannette patted me and told me not too, besides, it's not worth my time) nor get angry anymore. Why? Because it simply does not matter what clarence, or anyone else thinks. If it makes me smile, I watch it. It's as simple as that. So.... Why don't people get it? *frowns* For example, Jeannette thinks that anime and japanese guys are the most boring thing in the world. But you know what? Being nice and sensitive as she is, she doesn't say anything. Why? Because she has class! And manners! And actually cares about how I would feel if she said something so immensely crude to me! Don't give me that "it's always Aileen's fault" line. This, as far as I know, IS YOUR FAULT. And did you know, that after saying all that, he still had the cheek to ask me for the english worksheet points?! WHAT?! (I was about to say something really really mean, but since I actually have feelings, I won't)


Thank you.

Sukidayo Hikaru!

*written @ 9:02 午後.

木曜日, 7月 27, 2006

Angel Come To Me

I'm sorry... I couldn't resist. Hahaha... what strange pronouciation.

*written @ 7:57 午後.


Hahaha... This japanese guy thing has really been beneficial to me! Believe it or not. It's made me happier and less cynical. Which I guess is good! Hahaha... Although, I think that I am really annoying. All I can ever talk about nowadays is Hikaru. *laughs* But I can't help it! Everyone says he's cute! (Or maybe they're just doing that to humour me) Hm...

Oh yeah!
I learn't how to write japanese today!

*written @ 7:10 午後.

水曜日, 7月 26, 2006

ya-ya-yah - yabu & hikaru wake up

Hahaha! Look at Yabu's hair! So funny! Aren't the producers just mean to come up with something like this? Look at Hikaru's eyebags! Thay should seriously let him sleep. -.- Yabu can't even be botherd with the camera! *laughs*

You'll hear them calling Yabu-Chan. That's what they call children. (the chan part that is) So cute right?! So small...

In cas you're wondering, yup! I've infected everyone with the Hikaru disease. Hahaha... Even Jingle likes him now. =)

Isn't it cute that they faithfully sleep in pajamas?

*written @ 11:02 午後.

火曜日, 7月 25, 2006

Ya-Ya-yah Pool Party Game

Hahahaha... All of them when they're kids... Poor Hikaru and Yabu and Shoon! Hahaha... Hikaru looks like his going to cry!

Today is video day!

*written @ 8:34 午後.


Ya-Ya-yah 2006-07-02 Live Stage

Hikaru! (first singer)*grins happily* Shoon... (2nd singer) with his first solo and yabu at the end! Haha... Taiyo never gets to sing cause he sounds funny! Haha..

No. I am not obsessed. If you don't like it, shut the hell up.

*written @ 8:10 午後.

日曜日, 7月 23, 2006

Ya-ya-yah - Ikujinashi

I love this song! At the do I do I part, the one on the left is Hikaru! (you might find that he looks like someone) I love Hikaru... The one on the right at that part is Yabu. The two people who jump in later are Shoon and Taiyo. Taiyo is the taller one!

*written @ 2:58 午後.

水曜日, 7月 19, 2006

I know love. It is a
Shapeless cruel thing that
Comes and goes without warning,
Leaves no message,
Takes no hostage, pulls a gun
And watches the dying flowers
In the mist of spring's drooping rain.
That is me in love's full regalia,
And you would never be so careless,
As to let yourself be caught.

Nice yeah? Haha.. copied this off Adrianna! She always has the coolest stuff! This is just a paragraph from like a whole long long poem and I love it! *Grins*

Damn. I have got to stop obsessing over Pirates of the Caribbean! I have been waiting for it since I saw the first one... And now I'm jumping up and down in exciment for the third one! I adore the cast. Especially Captain Jack Sparrow! Isn't it amazing how Johnny Depp can be so handsome in the show when he's already 42 with 2 kids? *bangs head on table*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So nice right! Right! Right! *smiles*

Plus, he looks way, way cool in he's costume! And the way he talks and moves and the expression on his face! Wait. Must. Stop. This. Everyone is sick of me talking about him. *shush* But! He's so cool! *smiles* I tend to get too absorbed in what's not really real. Remember my obsession with Fruit's Basket? Lame plot, lousy drawings, but I loved it anyway... However, when I discovered that Haru (a charactor) had a girlfriend in the book, I stopped reading it immediately. How lame is that?! Hey! It's not my fault that guys in fiction look better than guys in real life. =P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Look! Look! *squeals* So shuai! *squeals* Yeah. I'm a superficial, materalistic thing who adores pretty people. So what?! Whoever dares to say that Orlando bloom is ugly, I will punture both his (no girl will call him ugly... Well. Maybe Jeannette, but i doubt it. Ha) lungs so that he will drown in the depths of his tainted blood. *squeals*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She's so pretty! Haha... Des hates her. Why? She gets to kiss both Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the same movie! Haha... If she wasn't so darn pretty, I'd hate her too. =)

Yo ho ho... A pirate's life for me!

I will hate/kill/multilate/make minced meat out of the next person who tells me the characters I love suck.

You know you love me.

*written @ 8:02 午後.

火曜日, 7月 18, 2006

It so appears that what I've written is complete rubbish. I said that the sesshomaru pic was ugly. Yup... And I have just humiliated myself. You know what? I'll go kill myself now.

*written @ 10:28 午後.


There is always a little thing that spoils my thoughts. Today it was, "Johnny Depp is ugly." Well! Technically, I believe that calling someone ugly is the most insulting thing that anyone could ever do. Not insulting to the person who is being called ugly, but the person who is making that terribly cruel remark. Why do I say such a thing? No one can control the way they naturally look. It is given to them by their parents and by God. Being a Christian that actually believes in God, I feel that everything created by God is beautiful. Although, I cannot help having a huge phobia of frogs and rats. But hey, no one's perfect. However, that does not mean that anyone can show such utter disrespect for God's creation. Are you like Cupid? With his perfectly chisled features and symmatrical body? Or are you like Barbie, with the perfect body measurements? Neither? Well... than I do not believe you have that right to call people ugly since you yourself cannot call yourself beautiful in terms of the beauty critiria you believe in.

Point one: Johnny Depp is not ugly.
Point two: I may have disrespected my teacher, but I do not disrespect the God's creation of anyone's image nor someone's opinions.
Point 3: Do not critisize beauty when the definition of it is unclear.

What defines beautiful? A sculpted face, a sharp nose, blue eyes, blond hair? What about if you're a brunette? OMG! You're UGLY. Right. No one has an exact definition of beauty. Most people agree that their mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. Is she stick thin? Or have long hair and trot around in heels all day? I doubt it. If someone came along and commented "Damn. That woman is ugly." I bet you will beat the hell out of that person while yelling "How would you know?! You don't even know her!" Am I wrong? How can you say that someone is ugly, when you don't even know him/her?

And before this comes back and hits me in the face, I have NEVER called anything ugly. It's true! Read all my posts! Never have I called someone that. I may say that someone reminds me of a frog, but frog and ugly are way different. Besides, some people think that frogs are cute, and who am I to argue? Besides, no one asked if Johnny Depp was handsome or not. I like that picture of Jack Sparrow and that's that.

And frankly, I still think that she has a weird nose and slitty eyes.

*written @ 6:26 午後.

月曜日, 7月 17, 2006

And the long awaited pictures of the COSPLAY CONVENTION! *woohoo*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My Cassie! Getting ready for the convention! Haha... I know you can see me in the mirror..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She's the cutest thing no?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hm... I wonder how much I would earn if I auctioned this on Ebay?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There was a whole group of the Ouran High people you know! But it was so difficult to get all of them together!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More Ouran High people!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

CLOUD! To Jingle: See! I found a real one! =P Hahaha... (I only bought the VCD cause Cloud looked so shuai on the cover) From final fantasy VII

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some weird Gundam Seed people with really nice costumes!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I presume by the ears that she is someone from Loveless! But whoa! Isn't she cool?! She posed just for me you know! And she even bowed after I took her picture!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's NANA. From Nana. Duh. Hahaha... I had such a tough time with her boyfriend ok... I mean, what's the point of your girlfriend dressing up when you won't let people take pictures of her?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sesshomaru! From Innuyasha! But this one is quite ugly. There was Innuyasha somewhere, but I couldn't find him...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some weird girls who were damn tall cause of their platform shoes... but so cool eh?!

That's all folks! Bidding for Cassie pictures start at a small amount of $10. *laughs*

*written @ 8:41 午後.

日曜日, 7月 16, 2006

Well! Today, I was intending to blog about my great day with Jolene and Jane and about my beautiful new designer bag. However, there are more pressing matters on my mind. (By pressing, I mean more... piss-off-ful)

I ask "Does it matter what you do in class as long as your homework gets done and your grades are fine?" Does it? Wait, don't answer that. It'll only piss me off more. I do not like mrs vijay. Seriously. I do not. I think that her lessons are boring, annoying and relatively useless since I did all of that in primary school. Not saying that my english is great beyond borders or anything like that, that is how I feel. she let us watch some weird movie about Gandhi, which I seemed to have watched before, so I read this truly intriguing book about the angel and a demon from hell. I admit that it was wrong of me, but did she really have to care? I mean, I wasn't disturbing anyone, or making any noise, and I was watching and reading at the same time. If anyone had asked me of the movie's going ons during this period of time of me reading, I would have been perfectly capable to answer that question correctly. I'm female! I multi-task. It's what I do.

Besides, it's the end results that matter right? In this world, it's all about numbers on a piece of paper. So my point is, whatever I do affects me in the end. And since people are know for being selfish, I believe I have a right to my own demise. "You're not respecting the teacher." Well! I disagree. If I truly didn't, I would be critisizing the damned movie and the way she teaches until she cries. I respect her enough to complete her homework without complaint and to being relatively attentive to her lessons. Therefore, I daresay that I do respect her. A trifle, but nevertheless, a teeny tiny ounce of respect. The only teachers I truly respect is, and always will be Miss Nawal and Miss Si and Mdm Erlis and Mr Peterson. Not some person who in fact deemed it ok to change our seating arrangement without our consent or with our form teacher's. Remember that little incident? It was us being disrepected. But did anyone care? No. And therefore, like her, I will do what I want when I want. You can call me a brat but I remind you that a teacher disrespected her students by doing that. A teacher.

You want me to say it? Fine. I shall. I'm not interested.

5 more months till I get out of this stupid place, and out of that stupid school.

*written @ 10:41 午後.

木曜日, 7月 13, 2006

You see you see! I am right! *dances around happily* Everyone (well everyone who posted a comment on my Jie's blog) agrees that I have written nothing wrong! And that Mrs Neo is just seriously weird and .... I dunno! Dowdy? Hahaha... But you know what? I think I'll hear about it on Friday. *Argh*

16th December! *yay* KANAME

*written @ 9:30 午後.

水曜日, 7月 12, 2006

I realised something today! The person who reads my journal in school is an imbecile.

The stuff I wrote:
I believe that a blog is only meant for someone to vent their frustrations and therefore should not be taken seriously by anyone but the blogger. Is it wrong to speak the truth about some terrible situation? Or complain about a certain teacher picking on you and who seems to throughly enjoy it? I would not call it slander.

Define undesirable comments. As long as it is not racist or politically incorrect, I really do not see why is it intolarable. If someone puts up stuff that you don't want to see on a blog, is it that difficult to just close the window and not look at it? I'm sure that we are all capapble of that.

Anyway, the internet is full of trash. Why not just classify blogs under that catagory and stop making such a big fuss out of it?

And for this page of words I got: I think that there is something very wrong with your attitude. I want to send you for counselling.

Hahaha... Right... My principal wants to send me for counselling. *raises eyebrow* And I ask, "Why is that?" What have I said that is not acceptable? Do tell! *sheesh* Oh! And she also wrote "Why don't you come to my office and I'll show you some student blogs?" Now, let's see... What would happen then? *looks at computer* Oh damn! It's mine! *laughs* Counselling. Me. I think that she's the one that needs it more! Hahahaha... Frankly, I do not see why calling your teacher a bitch is wrong. I do it verbally all the time. I'm sure that if there are students who call their teacher's bitches, that are definately teachers who call their student's the same.

Me. Counselling. What a laugh.

Oh! And here's something for Clarence!

God will make a way,
When there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me.

His junior is in the ICU due to a burst vessel in his brain. *yikes* Well... So I hope that all of you believers reading this will pray for his fast recovery!


*written @ 7:54 午後.

火曜日, 7月 11, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh oh! Look at that! Hahahahaha... Nice, no? *laughs uncontrollably* Well, I would've added more pictures, but due to the stupid site taking three million years to load, I couldn't. *bleah* But whoa! Isn't this pretty? I am like a huge, huge fan of Tom Falton (Draco Malfoy) Don't ask me why, but I just am. Hees... I love this picture!
I need to find a good one of Kaname.

*written @ 8:42 午後.

月曜日, 7月 10, 2006

I seriously do not like it when my blog hits me in real life. Here I am... Happily enjoying myself in my little closed bubble and then *bam* it hits me. Hm... I like my blog because it's a separate dimension from the terrible world of "OUT THERE" and it's like a nice enclosed room that is all mine.

Real life= school= sucks

*written @ 6:10 午後.

日曜日, 7月 09, 2006

Haven't really felt like blogging lately... Why? It just seems that everything or rather, everyone seems to get me angry in one way or another. For example, when Wei Ming and Gabriel came over for the bbq, it was really infuriating. They kept wading into the pool with their clothes on, which is obviously an incredibly stupid thing to do. If they get into trouble, I'll be the one getting scolded and yelled at really badly. I just wonder, why can't they behave themselves? They're like 16! Reality is reaching! Is it that difficult to behave? My sis asked me why I drank so much. Well, it was because, there was really nothing better to do! Cooking the food was so uncomfortable as people kept fanning smoke into my eyes. Which, by the way, stung like hell. And, Gabriel has to eat really really cooked food. *rolls eyes* Will you die if it's a bit raw on the inside?! It's not as if they were really particular about the food's hygenie anyway. I couldn't really talk to my other friends because they seemed to be really tired out, since they came over to help out. So, just drink since there wasn't really any food left to be my dinner.

No. No more bbqs! Just need to wait 5 more months...

*written @ 8:42 午後.

土曜日, 7月 08, 2006

That's it. I can't take anymore. Stop asking me about cheryl! There is no more "cheryl and I". There is the world, and cheryl. So, stop asking me about cheryl! It wa not a fight. It was merely me, trying to desperately not say that she's a stupid person with no faith in Christianity and she, trying to prove the point that she truly "loves" someone and I don't. Apparently, in her eyes, I am incapable of love and any so-called pain that I have suffered is uncomparable to her own selfish relationship pain. Like... whatever. Look. You have cheryl's number. So why don't you go call her and ask her about whatever you want to and stop irritating my ass off!? Everything is about her these days. Want proof?

Ally: How's you and cheryl?
Tina: How's you and cheryl?
Joshua: Hey... what is cheryl's hp number? (Since he messages her so often, I don't see why he is asking me for her number)

See?! Every single damned phone call or message or online conversation is about her! What the hell... I'm am only here for 6 more months. And I would like to spend my months peacefully, with no talk of cheryl, who is exactly like aaron. (Turning out like that in the end and throwing me away like trash)

*written @ 9:37 午後.

水曜日, 7月 05, 2006

My school is doing internet checks now... So gotta lie low for a bit! I seriously hate it when they do that! And then, for some crap reason or another, I'll get into trouble. *pish* Thankfully, I changed my blog add... If not mr sim will be annoying again, and I'll have to go through a lot of trouble! Again! Just... leave the students alone! I don't see why teachers can sue students for calling them names, but students cannot sue teachers for keeping them back against their will. How is that fair? True, life isn't fair, but does it really have to give the advantage to the minority?

Due to the unreasonablity hovering around in the air, I don't really feel like blogging. By the way, I so did not know that "use you brain" is deemed as a vulgarity to guys. Imagine! That is a terrible thing for them to be told to do, but they can put up with things like "Fuck you!" all the time. I don't get it. *shuts up before I offend anyone else*

*written @ 8:48 午後.

月曜日, 7月 03, 2006

Something inside me wants to shout out "Shut up!" But I won't. Even thought it's annoying the hell out of me. Tell me, how difficult is it to follow instructions? I'm not asking him to pay for the food, all I ask is that you buy drinks in bottles. Is that so difficult to understand?! The girls cannot carry so many cans, and neither can you. Please! Can you just use your brain?! For once. Can you just not argue with me?! I can't be patient all the time. I'm female! I PMS, I get irritated easily. And when I do, you get angry with me. Everyone reads the warning signs, so why can't you. If you don't want to, all you have to do is say so. I'll do it myself! This stupid thing is giving me so much trouble! Maybe I should just cancel it. Like, why do so many things? I need to rush the people to give me an answer so that food can be ordered. And Xin Yi, Liang Hao, Josiah and Hui Jing are already giving me crap as it is. All I need from you is a "Ok." Is it that diificult?!

Yeah. The world revolves around guys, their penis and their rubbish sense of practicality doesn't it.


*written @ 10:14 午後.

土曜日, 7月 01, 2006

I am very angry with the washing machine repairman. *Scowl* Firstly, he was suposed to come at 9! But he came at 2. What would happen if I didn't come home I wonder... Since I just showered, I was wearing my piyo piyo nightgown. And he made me open the door in my piyo piyo nightgown! *bangs head against wall* If that wasn't bad enough, Russell decided to run out. So, I had to go out and catch him, in my piyo piyo nightgown. And guess what? My neighbour saw!

I am so humiliated.

*written @ 3:11 午後.