火曜日, 10月 31, 2006

I am very angry. With my school, and Linda.

Do you know what the school did? They started emptying all the lockers and books in the classrooms of the Sec 4s! Without issuing notices or warnings that they were going to. I'm not one to leave my books in school all year, so it doesn't really matter to me, but hello?! The school is always encouraging us to go back and study... Of course, if you're going to go back everyday, you would not want to lug your textbooks and files around. Therefore, you leave it in school. If they wanted to clear the lockers and tables, would it be too much to ask that notices be issued?! So, technically.... if anyone loses their textbook, and lets say... fails that particular subject, it would be completely and totally the school's fault. (grinning happily at this. God. How I hate that school) I don't really see why they're doing it, because it's their autonomous status that's at stake and their reputation as a school. Seriously, I do not see why students want to go to dunman, or why their parents think so highly of it. I hate that place.

I am angry with Linda because, she is always on the phone. And out. And I want to use the phone. Now. Because I need to ask Des something and I do not want to use my handphone because IT SENDS RADIATION TO MY BRAIN. *Growls* When she's off it, and I want to use it, the bloody phone has no battery! And her incessent chattering drives me crazy! *bangs head on table* If anyone calls the house, and finds themselves unable to get through, it is because I have disconnected the phoneline. I need peace. And quiet. So anything, please call my handphone or instant message me because I promise that I will disconnect that damned thing and I will do it soon!

*written @ 2:20 午後.

月曜日, 10月 30, 2006

It filtered through the hallways,
It echoed off the walls.
Are you serious? It that true?
Soon enough, the whole palace knew...

Shocked was the Empress,
The princess? Amused.
Poor Lady-in-waiting did not
Know what to do!

She gathered up her Kimono,
And ran down the stairs.
The Empress was on a mission,
To see if the rumour truly was there.

She poked her head into the kitchen,
And she jumped back in fear.
There she was!
The Empress Dowager, sitting on a tier.

Cassie appeared, with curious eyes,
To see how the wonderfully scented
Chinese fried rice,
Could do it's work and make love suffice.

What was that name?
The R, Y and O,
Empress Aileen thought "Ryo!"

She stormed into the kitchen,
Without stopping for air.
"Oh my sun!"
Empress exclaimed "You're in love with Ryo-chan!"

Adrianna was confused.
Her secret had been found out!
She called the phycologist for help,
But sadly for her, all Su-lin did was happily pout.

The Empress dowager could not hide,
And so sent Ryo away.
Ryo was puzzled and very poor,
So he shouted "Oh my darling! You did not pay!"

For Adrianna, Cassie and Sulin.

*written @ 9:50 午後.

日曜日, 10月 29, 2006

News love confession with sub

Cassie! Yamapi! *squeals*

*written @ 2:03 午後.


Shounen Club 20041205 - NewS o Abake (English-subbed)


*written @ 1:38 午後.

土曜日, 10月 28, 2006

Yesterday and today was really fun! *beams* I know that right now I really shouldn't be having any fun, but I can't help it! And it's not like Jie was doing anything to stop me.... *bleah*

I stayed over at her house yesterday! Got there at about 1-ish, had lunch and started playing X-box. *grins* If any of my teachers were reading this, they'd be so appalled! Started off with some random killing game until I got frustated with the stupid character and started playing Lara Croft with Jie. Not playing actually... more like she played and I read the cheats to her and helped her jump about. Jie is really smart! But a gamer she is not... *thinks of all the Lara deaths and sighs* We played till 7 ok! Hahaha... After that, I ate hokkien mee and watched Goong. (Jie never cooks for me...) Jie and Colin had to go out so I was left alone to study till they came back! I did! I did a physics paper and multiple choice! When they came back, I took a shower and played more X-box with Colin till 1. Went to bed after that, but was up till 3 worrying about exams. -.-""" Ironic isn't it?

Went to eat dim sum today! *slurp* I am getting so fat... Gotta stop eating like nothing's going to happen. And bought manga! I feel so terrible... I know full well that I should be studying, and I do all this rubbish. *rolls eyes*

Ah well.

*written @ 7:05 午後.


7 random facts about me
1. I adore JE right now... and probably will for a very long time
2. I've never had a boyfriend
3. I like Onee! (The teochew yam desert)
4. Taking baths is one of my favourite pastimes
5. I collect accesories
6. I am quite mentally unsound
7. I adore all my friends and family!

7 things that scare me
1. Frogs
2. Rats
3. Failure
4. The computer not being able to work
5. The future?
6. The thought of never getting outta here
7. JE shutting down (OH MY... Let's hope that never happens)

7 random music at the moment
1. GOLD -kat-tun
2. Ikujinashi- ya3
3. When you believe-disney
4. Summary-er... a lot of people?
5. Strawberry sex-(I can't read the kanji)
6. Kizuna- Kamenashi Kazuya
7. True to your heart- 98 degrees and Stevie Wonder

7 things I like most
1. My mobile phone
2. My laptop
3. Chocolate!
4. Laughing
6. JE magazines
7. Manga

7 things I say most
1. EH.
2. What the hell!?
3. .... right?!
4. Cassie!
5. Hahahahahahaha...
6. yeah/yah?
7. Oh my sun!

7 people to do this
1. Sulin
2. Cassie
3. Adrianna
4. Jie
5. Kelly
I can't think of anymore...

*written @ 6:26 午後.

金曜日, 10月 27, 2006

Kattun Singing Latin Song in Concert

AH. The latin is horribly distorted but... Ah... Jin. With really really bad articulation and pronounciation... but nevertheless. Jin! *sigh*

*written @ 9:19 午後.

木曜日, 10月 26, 2006

I really don't like it when people are hateful. I mean, if you don't want to talk to me, just tell me and I won't call ever again. Don't give me this bored, "can't be bothered with you" kind of voice! And don't ask "You mean you only called me to ask me that?". Actually I called because I needed somebody and I had a lot of things to tell you. But when she said that line, I really didn't know what to say back.

I know that she has housemates to talk to, and TV shows to watch 24/7. So... Why do I still bother? It is not obvious enough that she has no time for me and simply cannot be bothered? I am truly sorry that I even made the effort to walk to the room, grab the phone and dail the number, since she doesn't want to hear from me. You know what? She can continue staying in her hostel with her Brad and whoever, and I will go for homestay. It's fine really... to live in a house full of people I don't know. What's the difference?!

My apologises for being the youngest and the most needy. I can't help it! When you're in an empty house all day, you yearn for someone to talk to. I can't believe I made the mistake of thinking that she would be that someone. Never again!

I don't want an apologise from her. There's no point, because no one ever apologises to me. It's always my fault anyway.

Just ignore this post.

*written @ 10:03 午後.


There was this incredibly cute quiz that I did yesterday. It was about which member from NEWS you were most suited to. I got Yamapi! *beams* And for the KAT-TUN one, I got Yuichi. Hm... I was really hoping to get Jin or Taguchi or Ueda or Kame, but Jin like girls who are well endowed and er... Well... I'm not. Taguchi wants someone to do his laundry for him! I don't even do my own laundry! (When I start doing someone else's laundry, it's time to slap me and tell me to snap out of it). I can't remember why I didn't get Kame. Hm... Anyway, back to NEWS. There were these conditions for each member, and you had to tick the ones which applied to you. *nod* The member whose conditions you had the most ticks for was the one you were most suited to!

There was a condition: (Has a cute sleeping face) which sparked a rather interesting conversation.

Me: Cute sleeping face?! I don't know! I've never seen my sleeping face. Do I have a cute sleeping face?
Adrianna: No... you have a really scary sleeping face! It says "Wake me up and die!"
Me: EH?!

Me: Jie, what does my face look like when I'm sleeping?
Jie: Like you're asleep lah! Then?
Me: No... Like, do I have a cute sleeping face?
Jie: I don't know. No one can see your face when you're sleeping!
Me: (thinks) Oh yeah...

I have a scary sleeping face. (I know that it's suposed to be I have a scary face when I'm asleep, but I'm too lazy to type that out) So that's why Linda is so afraid of waking me up...

*written @ 2:19 午後.


KAT-TUN voice lesson skit

Adrianna. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE KAME?! *appalled* I'm with Su-lin that Kame is cute and lovable and I would love to keep him as a pet! Er... Junno with black hair! *points* ER. Kame! o(>.<)o

*written @ 1:10 午前.


KAT-TUN - Special Medley

I'm not even going to bother introducing them because only people who know them will be bothered to watch this. But... Oh Junno! And it's obvious that Jin has the strongest voice. But I love them all... Maybe not always, but for now, just love them(even Koki) to bits!

*written @ 1:01 午前.


[kat-tun] in the shonen club


*written @ 12:39 午前.

月曜日, 10月 23, 2006


Oh my darling...Yuto-kun! *laughs* The cutest, sweetest, kid on the planet!

*written @ 10:00 午後.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Is this not the cutest thing? *laughs* It's Cassie new mobile phone dingly dangly! It's really squishable. *grins* Was touching it all day. *nod nod*

MY NEW MOBILE PHONE IS NOT MATERIALISING. WHY IS IT NOT MATERIALISING?! He forgot.... My Daddy forgot that he promised me the pretty mobile phone. *cries* All he does is play golf and I can't say, "Can we go and get the mobile tomorrow?" because it'll sound so... rude. *sniffles*

*written @ 9:17 午後.

日曜日, 10月 22, 2006


I'm on a video frenzy

*written @ 4:04 午後.


KAT-TUN making clips -5

Jin is like going about disturbing everyone! So cute! Jin and Ueda... (o.O)

*written @ 3:44 午後.


So exciting! New mobile new mobile! *beams* Since I'm in the mood, let's just draft a christmas list! (Isn't it silly that I look forward to drafting this list every year? And every year, it seems to be appearing earlier and earlier. *laughs* Ah... Well... there'll be some additions and editions along the way to christmas I suppose.)

1. Sony Ericsson Z610i
2. Manolo blahniks (This has been here since forever!)
3. Hair straightener
4. Digital camera (I wanna post up lots of pictures, but then... I have no camera)
5. To find my missing topshop jeans
6. Someone to play tennis with me! (I haven't even used my beautiful new racket yet)
7. Black liquid eyeliner
8. New running shoes (mine are a tad too small)
9. Paradise Kiss book 2-5 (Just book 2 would be fine too)
10. Best of Kat-tun CD
11. Goong DVD with english subs
12. Gokusen 2 DVD/VCD (I guess I could always put up with the chinese subs)
13. Kurosagi DVD/VCD
(items 11-12 can be found at Liang court)
14. Score for Ueda's Love in snow (I'll practice like hell if I have it)
15. Kat-tun photobook
16. Ya-ya-yah photobook
17. Yamapi photobook
18. A guitar
19. A drumset (I'm sure I can play to a song without the score and drum lessons move too slowly for my liking. Although, where I'll put it is a problem. Hahaha...)
20. Tickets to a Johnny's jr concert
21. A docomo mobile phone
22. A sponsered learn japanese crash course
23.Hikaru/Taiyo/Yabu/Shoon/Jin/Ueda/Kame/Taguchi/Yuichi/Koyama/Tegoshi/Kusano/Shige/Yamapi/Yuto/Inoo/Arioki/Joo Ji Hoon/Kim Jung Hoon/Hayami Mokomichi/Mike/Golf (Am I missing anyone out? *laughs*)

Just bored.

*written @ 3:06 午後.


yamapi as Mr.X - 07/10/05

I love this! Let's put it up again!

*written @ 2:19 午後.

土曜日, 10月 21, 2006

Saw a pretty new mobile phone today! *laughs* I'm really excited because I very rarely see mobile phones that I like. And with this one, it was love at first sight. It's the Sony Ericsson Z610i. Would've searched for pictures, but I am too lazy to put them up. AH! There 's a blue version! Wait... But the brochure only says pink and black. Hm... *eyes brochure suspiciously* This is so exciting! I'm going to get a new mobile phone! I don't really like my nokia. Not because it's lousy or anything, but it's not something I would buy if I were give a choice. *nod nod* I only started using it after discovering how irritatingly feature-less my samsung E600c is. NEW MOBILE NEW MOBILE!

Today was a nice, lazy day... Did maths and watched Gokusen(Great show! With Jin (Oh I miss Jin) and Kame acting). After that, went to Sushi Tei for dinner! *Slurps* I haven't had good outside food for a really really really long time. It was nice to taste the sashimi! And to dress up (I can't find my jeans and I'm getting really really fat). *cries*

Must be skinny!

*written @ 9:26 午後.

木曜日, 10月 19, 2006

Today was one of those days where all I want to do is sit in a dark cold corner, cup my hands over my ears and scream my lungs out. I don't know why, but that's what I want to do. The moment I stepped into the house after coming back from school was search for something sickeningly sweet. By sickeningly sweet, I mean something so sweet that it'll numb your tastebuds and generally kill your insides. But! There was none. So I settled for peanut butter and chocolate oreos instead. In the hall (where we were imprisoned after the practical), I wanted to scream at everyone to be quiet and stop commenting to me on things that I obviously cannot be bothered with right now. Apparently, life is not so perfect- you can't always have what you want. What else could I do but sit there quietly and try to show my displeasure as subtly as possible? It wasn't on purpose... It's just that for today, I don't really feel like smiling.

There was a plan to go eat sushi today. When I realised that everyone could go, do you know how happy I was? Sakae is a treat that I haven't had in a really long time... But for various reasons, I find myself sitting here and typing this rubbish. Adrianna and Cassie have a job interview to go to. *sighs* Not that I mind really, but a "Sorry for cancelling at the last minute!" would've have been nice. After I received the message, my "looking forward to it-ness" just completely fell apart. It was made even worse when Josiah asked me if I was going, because I know that he'll only go if I go. *Remembering the bright eyes* I felt so bad when I had to tell him that I didn't feel like going anymore.

Do you know how difficult it is to tell people who are annoying to me stop doing it? When I do, they all look at me like I've shot them in the head or something. When I don't, I have to suffer in silence. *Argh* When I was feeling so terrible a few moments ago, I wanted to call someone and just laugh at the rubbish conversation we would have. And after thinking for awhile, it came to me that... There is no one I can call. I don't want to disturb Des, Kelly is still in school... Sometimes, when I call Dawnie, I feel like talking to her is no different from talking to a wall-the only thing I hear on the other end of the line is silence. Not to say that I blame her, but technically, a little attention would be nice. I feel so... alone. Isn't it sad that my computer is my best friend? That I need my computer to make me smile and laugh and hold my attention? Linda is on the phone 24/7, there is nothing I can talk to Pa about, Jie is married and I don't want to trouble her with me and my friends are just... I don't know. There must be something else in this world that makes me happy besides sweets and JE. Why can't I find it?

I don't really ask for much. Just... sometimes, I wish people would remember that I have feelings and just listen to me. I don't need anyone to understand, but just listen when the time comes.

*written @ 3:27 午後.

水曜日, 10月 18, 2006

According to DOLLY magazine: Acne is due to hormonal changes in the body, and will eventually disappear when the changes are finished. (It was something on those lines... I'm too lazy to flip to the page again)

*Ahem* Don't hormonal changes happen during puberty? I think they do. Isn't that why they call it puberty? *Looks at pimple field on chest* I've already gone through puberty! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! For someone who enjoys wearing tank tops and halters, this is pure torture. *cries* Actually, I've never had the "pimples coming out everywhere" during puberty... Is that why it's happening to me now?! It's not fair. Everyone has already finished going through with it and it happening to me now! Not fair I tell you! Not fair.

And believe it or not, I am growing again. -.-" Not up growing, but like kid growing! You know that out-growing clothes growing? Yeah. That growing. ARGH... I can't fit into my Levi's anymore. It's not because I'm fat (I have abs! Well... The beginning of abs anyway) but it's because I'm just too big. The only way for me to fit into those jeans is to shave off the sides of my hip bone-Which I'm sure would be really painful.

STOP GROWING ALREADY DAMMIT. I'm fine being 163 and 46 kg (which has now risen) why do you keep making me gain weight?! I can't lose the weight because I simply don't have fat to lose, and all that jogging and weights is making my more muscular and heavier!! *cries*

Someone make it stop...

*written @ 12:53 午後.

火曜日, 10月 17, 2006

Skin colour: Er... Fairish brown?

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown

Clothes colour: Now? Navy blue.

Wardrobe colour: Er... Brown on one side and transparent-ish on the other?

Seven memorable things this month:
2. Pimples galore
3. Duet magazine
4. Ueda's birthday
5. The discovery of Golf and Mike
6. Talking to Mrs Vijay *smiles*
7. Staying over at Jie's house

Six people you talked to face-to-face recently:
1. Jie
2. Linda
3. Cassie
4. Colin
5. Adrianna
6. Su-lin

Five things you bought recently:
1. Lunch?
2. Duet
3. Potato
4. Fullscape
5. Bubble tea

Four people you saw today:
1. Linda
2. Jie
3. The guy who drives the condo shuttle
4. Some freaky girl with manicured claws

Three people you want to talk to now but can't:
1. Mike
2. Jin
3. Hikaru

Lastly, you need to tag people to do this quiz: Adrianna, Cassie and Jie. (includes the one below)

1. grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18 and find line four: Finally, see Susila.

2. stretch your left arm out as far as you can.: Ok. And then?

3. last thing you watched on TV? Goong!

4.without looking, guess what time it is.: It is... 9 49 pm.

5.The actual time? 9 44pm. DAMN.

6.what can you hear with exception of the computer? The air-conditioning.

7. when did you last step outside?what were you doing? About 4 30pm. Going home.

8. what did you look at before you started this survey? Des's blog.

9.What are you wearing? Undies and a huge shirt.

10. did you dream last night? Yeah. About Yamapi. Can't remember what it was about though.

11.When did you last laugh? When I saw "Koyama inproves your sex drive." HAHAHAHA

12.what is on the walls of the room you are in? Paint.

13. seen anything weird lately? Yeah! A girl with manicured claws!

14. what do you think of this quiz? Hm... Fun!

15. what is the last film you saw? John Tucker must die.

16. becoming a multi-millionaire overnight,what would you buy? JOHNNY'S ENTERTAINMENT.

17. tell me something about you that i don't know: Anything you don't know about me are things are you should never know.

18.what one thing would you change about the world? Singapore.

19. do you like to dance? Depends.

20. George W Bush... american? I think so?

21. if your first child is a girl,what do you call her? Yuki-chan!

22. if your first child is a boy,what do you call him? Er... by his name.

23. have you ever considered living abroad? HELL YEAH.

24. what do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? Nothing.

Just wasting time! *laughs*

*written @ 8:57 午後.

日曜日, 10月 15, 2006

It may seem extremely strange to say this now, but I think I'll say it anyway. I miss my Mummy. Sitting one the floor, with my laptop propped up on the bed with Golf and Mike blasting from it, I can't help but wonder... Would things have been different if she were here? I remember how she used to force wheat grass juice(at lease... I think it was) down my throat, the gross tasting ginseng tea, the nonya juice (It tasted exactly like vomit) and all the strange pills. Hahaha... Come to think of it, I was a lucky kid. What other person can boast that they've had a great complexion till the age of 16 because of all the disgusting stuff their mother make them drink? *laughs* And when Jie bullied me, I would run to her and she would say "It's ok, Mummy loves you." and occasionally call Jie in to get scolded. *Gloats*

Would things be different? When I go to the columbarium( I think that's how it's spelt) I cannot bring myself to speak to the marble slab. You see, I do not believe that ashes are anything but ashes. She's up there somewhere... That's what I like to believe. But when I look up, I see... nothing. I can't imagine how much she would cry if she saw me now... It's true that after she left, every fell apart. And everything is still falling apart. However, I don't mean this to sound bad... but... I feel that I enjoy life more without her. She'd never allow Adrianna and Cassie to come ove and would never allow me to go out. So, I guess all things happen for a reason? My only regret is that, even after all these years, my results among my family are still the worst. The challenge I've always been given since I started studying was to do better than them. But for some reason, I never could.

Is it fate?

*written @ 3:44 午後.



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I adore this picture! It's so cute... Can't find the original one though. *sigh*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

MIKE! He's thai! Can you tell? I couldn't... *sighs* But couldn't find any really nice pictures of him. I have a thing for liking obscure people.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pi! *squeals* I bet Cassie would kill to be that puppy. =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And my boys! Hahaha... Damn. I would kill to be in their school.

Well! Just felt like posting pictures to lighten up the mood!

*written @ 1:21 午後.

土曜日, 10月 14, 2006

I'll dedicate this post to what I want. Since, I don't know what I want and no one else can tell me what I want, I really believe that it's time that I figure out and work towards it. (This may sound really self-centered and all... but it what I need to do)

I went to the Australian fair to spply for school today. *nods* It was pretty exciting! As I signed the application form, I realised... That it was real. In 3 months time, life as I know it will change when I leave. I'll miss Chinese New Year, and will probably not be able to come back since Canning College doesn't have long holidays. Will I be more independent? The thought scares me. All my life, I've had people do things for me, fix my mistakes and take care of me. *sighs* It'll really be different over there won't it? My friends (with the exception of Des) will be JC or poly students, with each other and I'll be... some place where I am completely unfamiliar with (Not that I'm not looking forward to it).

Then again, I guess it'll feel nice. No one will control me and I don't have to remember aaron and cheryl and people who really gave me a lot of trouble. None of whom apologised by the way. Nobody will judge me and what I did before appearing will be something that is unknown and undiscussed. I do realise how naive and young I sound! *laughs* But I can't help it! I am only 16 you know... Even though I will protect my maturity with my life, we all know that I squeal over japanese, korean and thai guys, eat chocolate like there's no tomorrow and whine when Josiah won't give in to me. Truth is... I'm afraid. (I never really did well with change)

There's this list of courses, and my mind is in a blank over which I should take. To take a law degree in university needs a 77 percent average. I haven't seen a 65 percent average in a long long time, how am I going to get a 77? My mother once told me "Mummy wants to see you become a lawyer." I never thought that I would pay any heed to it, but here I am, aiming a get a law degree. Is this what people call life's irony? Anyway, looking at the courses, I want to die/cry (whichever comes first). Where is the literature, art, geography?! I more or less suck at the subjects offered. *Looks at booklet* IS THAT?! DAMN. There's japanese offered in the tertiary entrance exam. I wonder if I could take it as a course and not as an examinable subject. Hm.... If I can't, I'll cry!

I don't really want to be a lawyer. I don't mind...but it's not what I feel I truly want. Don't ask me what it is I want. I really don't know! I want to find true love (call me stupid but I believe that everyone has someone out there for them), get married early, have children and generally... just be happy being me. Asking me to see myself living in Singapore and working my butt off, having no thoughts and having to send my children to the very education system that is degrading and unfailingly reminds young people of the numbers and letter they must attain on a piece of paper to be deemed useful. I will not allow it! Hello!? There's tuition at kindergarden level! That's sick! There is no other word for it. Unlike we, the unfortunate singaporean students, I would actually like my children to have a childhood. AND ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO CHOOSE TO STUDY THE SUBJECTS THEY ENJOY AND EXCEL IN.

What do you need to do to attain happiness?

*written @ 10:22 午後.

金曜日, 10月 13, 2006

Jin is going away for 6 months... It's official. He's going overseas to study (I'm having a bit of trouble believing this because they said that about Jimmy Mackey and where is he? In Waseda University in Tokyo with Yuya Tegoshi. What the hell...) and he's most probably going to U.S. I'm a bit worried about that, actually. Seeing the car shrimp video makes me realise how much I'm going to miss the A in KAT-TUN. Who else will make me laugh with his english? Besides, Jin can't speak english for nuts! I seriously don't think the lyrics from songs (butterfly, love you, hard days, and whatever on the lines of those) are going to cut it in U.S. (Cassie and I are hoping ferverntly that he'll go to NUS or NTU or any university here. Did he even get his high school degree? Hm...) Then again, NUS is like one of the top universities in the world so... why would NUS take Bakanishi? And why would Jin want to go to NTU? Oh. He can't have english lessons anyway because he can't speak the language very well. What was I thinking? Who knows where he'll go (if he's even going anywhere). *sigh* I'll miss him and all his stupid antics on Utawara... And there'll be one less person to call a dog John (Eh Adrianna?). But I guess if that's what he wants, I'll just be supportive and wait till he comes (goes?) back. I'll miss Jin so much...

Speaking of missing... The time for me to go is almost here. One part of me can't wait to go while one part of me can't bear to. I'll miss so many things!

List (I think I have obsessive conplusive disorder):
1. Going to Kino and the Johnny's store with Cassie and Adrianna
2. Long bus trips with my i-pod blasting in my ears
4. My beloved piano... (it's been my pleasure and pain for the past 12 years)
5. Manga. Definitely.
6. Rushing to Kino every month to look at all the magazines I can't read (No more Jin *cries*)
7. Hugging Hui Jing and crapping with her
8. Going all the way to Bishan to see Des (Now I'll have to go all the way to Melbourne *faints*)
9. Korean shows. (SHIN GOON AND YUL GOON)
10. Taxis (never seen a taxi in Perth)
11. Linda's cooking (I seriously don't dare to eat my own cooking)
12. My queen-sixed bed (MY BED I TELL YOU! MINE)
13. Tracking Golf and Mike
14. Day-dreaming strange impossible stories with Adrianna
15. Prodding Cassie!
16. Stealing food from Sulin
17. Poking fun at Josiah
19. Violette
20. Kelly! And all the rubbish we talk about together. Let's go for ice-cream one day yeah?
21. My beloved laptop
22. Buying Jap DVDs

More to come!

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木曜日, 10月 12, 2006

The moment I saw my pimple-fied face in the mirror this morning, I knew that today was going to be a terrible, terrible day. And... I was right! Do you know what happened!?

1. I broke my fingernail. Which hurts like hell!
2. I grew a new pimple! In addition to the countless ones on my forehead and 4 on my nose and 1 on my cheek and 1 on my chin. (Feel like scraping off my face)

That has to be the worse news I've heard in a very long time! WHY?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! *cries* Why is he doing this to me? To millions of fans all around the world?! This is so saddening! Just want to... sit and cry. He's been in the entertainment industry since he was 13! 13! (estimating) Or even earlier! Now, he's 22! KAT-TUN JUST MADE THEIR DEBUT THIS YEAR! THIS FREAKING YEAR! I mean, I haven't even bought their first album yet and HE'S QUITTING?! What the hell?! He can't. He just can't! The stupid company is trying to cover it up. Those those those! ASSHOLES! They said that he's only going off for 3 months, to study. Study what in 3 months?! English?! Jin is too blur to decide to go study! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. Who are they trying to kid? Go overseas. *pish* Yeah right. Jin can't speak anything but japanese! *cries* Why are they doing this? I know that Jin isn't this selfish to let millions (I am seriously not kidding when I say millions) of girls all over the world down. Oh... *sobs* There must be some internal conflict and they must have made Jin resign! I just know it!

AND TO MAKE THINGS WORSE, THE RUBBISH COMPANY IS SENDING MASUDA ANS TEGOSHI TO SWEDEN TO PROMOTE NEWS. No... They don't even come here! Sweden is... like what?! 20 hours from Japan?! Singapore is 6! They should come here. MAKE THEM COME HERE. I hate johnny. Hate him so much!

Great. I'm so unpretty and my prettier, male counterpart has just left the only place where I can track him. BAH.

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水曜日, 10月 11, 2006

I SWEAR! My face is on the process of completely falling off. *cries* Seriously. It is literally rotting off! In the process of today, NO NOT EVEN THE WHOLE DAY. In the process of school, MY FACE DECIDED TO POP OUT WITH 3 MORE PIMPLES in addition to the huge one I have on my nose and the countless on my forehead. *sobs* This hurts... I used to have a complexion better than Sammi Cheng! Naturally! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!

I'm so unpretty now ok... Just hate it. I hope that it'll all go away after the Os. Maybe it's the horrid lack of sleep that is doing this to me.

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月曜日, 10月 09, 2006

There is one thing that I seriously need to stop doing. It's not lazing (I don't laze that much!), nor is it obsessing (that's the only thing that keeps me happy! Weird logic. Don't ask). It's... the very bad habit of adding people, fine! Guys to my collection of things (since they don't exist in the real world that I live in, they are things)

The list is as follows (for yours truly to keep track):
1. Hikaru Yaotome
2. Taiyo Ayukawa
3. Yabu Kota
4. Shoon Yamashita
5. Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi)
6. Akanishi Jin
7. kamenashi Kazuya
8. Taguchi something
9. Yuichi Nakamaru
10. Pirat (Golf)
11. Pichaya (Mike, who has become extremely interesting since I found out he is 17 and can speak english)
12. Keiichiro Koyama
13. Yuya Tegoshi
14. Ueda Tatsuya
15. Shigeki something
16. Kusano something
17. Yuto Nakajima
18. Kei Inoo
19. Yuya Endo
20. Matsumoto Jun
21. Matsumoto Kohei
22. Shirota yuu
23. Joo Ji Hoon (hahahaha... I laughed when I saw the name too! But Ah! So handsome)
24. The guy who acts as Yul in Goong

I HAVE 24 PEOPLE?! Oh my sun! Hahaha... Time to watch Goong!

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日曜日, 10月 08, 2006

Oh. matthia is angry not because of the senseless argument over the stupid, insensitive thing he said, but! He is angry that he did not pull the chair when people say he did (according to Su-lin). Hm... So despite having been sitting on chairs for the past 16 years, I happened to miss and fell by myself? I do not have that much faith in my stupidity. Whatever. Why the hell do I even bother?

After deep consideration (falling in love with Golf's Happy Birthday song sang in thai), I have decided that I wouldn't mind getting a thai boyfriend! *laughs* Just as long as he's good looking and sounds like Golf. =D Oh! And after yet another round of pondering (Staring at the guy who acts as Shin Goon in Goong), I have also decided that I don't mind getting a korean boyfriend! Just as long as he looks like that guy. *grins* He's very handsome! And funny! The show is so manga-fied! So cute... The main character (pencil cases will fly when I manage to spell their names) is way WAY pretty! Although... I can't help wondering if she has had plastic surgery. Her face seems to be a little too flawless.

I WANT A DOCOMO HANDPHONE. AND JOHNNY'S CONCERT TICKETS!!!! WHY ARE THEY NOT MARKETING IT INTERNATIONALLY?! Should just fire the stupid PR people and hire me. Oh! On Monday or Tuesday, the LIFE! paper came out with this article on Japan. Erm... It said that most japanese can understand english. So. My question is: If that's the case, why are most of the songs which have english in them are either grammatically wrong, or are completely nonsense?

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金曜日, 10月 06, 2006

Today's recess started as usual... I sat on Eunice's chair and started to steal Cassie's food (like I always do) and talk to matthias and Cassie. When matthias left to do something, I sat on his seat, which was right beside Cassie's (all the better to talk to my pretty Cassie!). For some reason, he likes to make a big fuss out of it and speak of it like I'm melting the table or something like that. *rolls eyes* Today was no different. But today, I'm not sure why (maybe it was PMS) he decided to FORCEFULLY get me out of his chair. That is something that has never happened to me. Not ever! Even Josiah, who is close to me knows that it is just no gentlemanly to do that. Heck. Everyone knows! Apparently, matthias does not. So... he started to tilt the chair until I had no choice but to get up. We all know that this is all playful bickering so, I played along. He threatened to pull the chair from under me. *sighs* All people know that this is supposed to be an empty threat. Am I right? Even if I sit down, the chair is not to be pulled! Why? Oh... Because of the reason that pain would be caused. Everyone knows that! So, with the air still having a scent of "playfulness" I sat. And he pulled. What happened is obvious, no?

I am a very violent person, and therefore, I also sit down very violently (just ask my family!). Just sit for a moment, and imagine the impact of the fall. Ow, no? It was painful. IT WAS PAINFUL. Me having a weak back did nothing to help. Thanks for making my back hurt now matthias. THANKS A LOT. Is it not obvious that an apology should have been in order? For example, if you did such a thing to a girl, causing her to fall and experience pain, would you not apologise? Even if you did give a warning, the intention was not to bring about hurt! So, when it does, the only right thing to do is to say a quick "Ah! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you fall!". That would have been the end of it. But no... matthias did not. Not a word, not an apologetic look. I conclude that he did indeed intentionally cause me pain.

If that wasn't enough, he had to continue picking a fight. To quote :'WOMEN WERE MADE TO BE MUCH LOWER THAN MAN.' Is not not an incredibly stupid thing to say? Look, we all know it's true. The bible says it's true. Every culture in the world supported/supports this thought. However, due to the laws of the unspoken, IT IS NEVER SAID OUT LOUD. Why? Reason being that this would enrage the whole female population. Ever heard of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Yup. That is why. Me being the bitchy self-rightous feminist I am, how could I not snap something back? That sparked a rather spiteful argument. You know how matthias is forever failing humanities? Yup. He can't argue. It goes out of point! Therefore, his side of the argument was irrelevant to the subject concerned. Not saying that mine was very relevent, but at least I had a point to elaborate upon. HE HAD NONE. He was arguing with me for the sake of arguing with me. For the record, the only person I have ever lost an argument with is Ian. You can't argue with me over such a topic and win! Seriously... Oh! Before I forget to mention, he actually told Su-lin that he was angry with me for the argument. WITHOUT TELLING HER WHAT SPARKED IT. *Appalled*

Well, arguments aside, do you not agree that saying such a thing when all your friends are female is a horribly insensitive thing? Girls always say guys suck. But we marry them, we take care of them, we bear them heirs to the family name and by marrying them, we love them. So. My question is, "WHY WOULD ANYONE SAY SUCH A THING?!" Is having a penis a great thing? Russell has a penis! I don't see him demanding things from me and being stupidly insensitive! I bet if any guy told his mother that, she would slap him so hard he'd be sore for a month. matthias is a idiotic male chauvinist pig. I hope that he never gets married and never has children because he so appears to think that a woman's worth is less than his.

Thank God not all guys are that stupid.

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木曜日, 10月 05, 2006

My blog is weird today... I actually posted up those videos like weeks before! Why they actually decided to show up now is a mystery to me. I was planning to post up pictures of Yamapi, but since it's so cluttered already, I shan't. Hahaha... Yamapi is 21 and Dawnie is 21, so... Why is Yamapi so... and Dawnie so... *=D* ? Hm...

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. Sing it with me "Friday friday friday! Lalalala!" I'm been waiting for it for a seriously long time! Finally... I can sleep past 6. *whew*

Just ranting... so I'll put up a list of stuff I need/want/intend to get so that I won't forget. *nods*

1. November Wink Up
2. Pore pack
3. Best of Kat-tun CD
4. New pens (I just bought them last week!)
5. Gooong Dvd with english subs
6. Breast length hair. (WHAT?! how else am I supposed to describe the length)
7. Something to make me lose 6 kg fast
9. New skin. (My current skin sucks)
10. Kurosagi on Dvd/Vcd
11. Burn all my Ya3 shows on a CD so I can watch them on the TV
12. A new handphone (I just want one! Docomo! Or vodaphone!)
13. New running shoes
14. Someone to play tennis with
15. Burn all my Ya3 songs in to CD.

Yups! That's it for now...

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Ueda! I'm crazy, i know

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yamapi's CM MOW


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yamapi as Mr.X - 07/10/05

Don't you just freaking love yamapi?

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水曜日, 10月 04, 2006

Just wanted to fill up the page!

1. single, taken or crushing? Hm... Crushing! On Hikaru, Taiyo, Yabu, Shoon, Jun, Jin, Kamenashi, Ueda, Taguchi, Yuiichi, Koyama, Kusano, Shige, Masuda, Yuto, Inoo and Yamapi! Hahaha... It's just a crush! But I'm hoping it'll become reality one day soon. =D

2. are you happy with your life? Yes! No! Er... yes? I dunno! I can't decide. Obsessed and studying. Life kinda sucks right now. Haha

3.when you meet the right person, do you fall for him/her fast? If I had met the right person, I would be either be married or be in a stable relationship. So. I have no idea...

4.have you ever had your heartbroken? Yes. The people who broke it don't even know that they did. Idiots. What did I see in them in the first place?

5.do you believe, that there are some circumstances where cheating love is acceptable? NEVER. Love= loyalty.

6.would you ever take someone back if he/she cheated on you? Depends on the extent of cheating... And how much they beg.

7.have you ever talked about marriage with another before? Yup! With Adrianna! But nothing has been decided. I will wait for my other half. Hahaha..

8. do you want children? Yes! And they will be beautiful. No one is allowed to drag my thoughts in to reality. *glare*

9. how many? 2! A boy and a girl. The girl whom I will name Yuki!

10. would you consider adoption? Hm... Why not?

11. if somebody likes you right now , what do u think is the best way to let you know his/her feeling ? Ha. No one will like me right now. Everyone's too busy studying away!

12. do u enjoy getting into a relationship? Depends on who it's with. *nods* If it's any of the guys stated above, the answer is obvious isn't it? =D

13.be honest , what is the furthest you and your ex did before? I have no ex. *says proudly*

14. do you believe love in first sight? Yes. Call me stupid but when I saw Russell, I knew we were meant to be. Hahaha...

15. do you believe that you can change someone? Depends on how much the someone loves me I guess... Heck. I can't even change myself!

16. are you romantic? Definately. I'm a sucker for flowers and candles.

17. if you could married anywhere, where would it be? Right now? In Japan! In a Shinto Temple with a beautiful Kimono and headress with my family and a couple of friends. Namely: Adrianna, Cassie, Kelly and Des. The number may change!

18. what would you do if your friend likes the guy you like? Des and I have a pact that if by some twist of fate, we both end up liking the same guy, we will not do anything and give him up. Our friendship is much more important than some stupid guy. Afterall... It's proven that guy's die first. HA.

Off to Dreamland now!

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TANJOBI OMEDETO TATSUYA-KUN!! Happy 23rd Birthday Ueda!

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I'm obsessed. I know. Shut up.

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月曜日, 10月 02, 2006

Y: Ahaha, he's cute. Ehm, you know, Mike wears cute underwear. (-laughs-)
M: Eh, my underpants? (-stands up to show his underpants. They have hearts on it-)
Y: See, they're cute. They don't sell them much cuter than with a hearts pattern.(-without saying anything, Golf stands up and shows his underpants, with the same cute hearts pattern-)Y: You're both cute. (-laughs-)
M: Are your underpants cute?Y: Nope, my underpants today are really ordinary... (-stands up to shows, but they're all-black boxershorts-) See, not cute at all.It's nothing to laughs about. (-laughs-)
G: (in Japanese:) But Yamashita-san's underpants are really sexy.
Y: Sexy? Thank you! Well.. as what kind of person do you two see me?
G: At our first meeting you were really shy. 'What kind of person is he', I thought. You didn't talk that much... But after a while I realised something entirely different.
M: (in Japanese:) You're a very fun person!Y: 'I'm a very shy boy.'*, aren't I?
G: 'I'm a shy boy'*.
M: 'I'm shy too!'Y: Yay, all three of us are shy boys. Yaaay. (-they high five eachother -) If all three of us are shy boys, how will the talking go if we go on a TV show? (-laughs-)
G: Really, what would we do?
Y: It would be all right if we'd just make it our trademark. All three of us sitting there, fidgeting. (-laughs-)
G & M: Ahaha (-roars of laughter-)
Y: You've appeared as guests at a NEWS concert before, haven't you? How was that?
G: It was much fun! All the members were really nice. Your were blond at the time and really slim.
Y: Ah, that time.
M: Yeah that's right. You've become really macho now, you've become a different person from who we met back then, it's really astonishing!
Y: It's sudden from that point of view, isn't it? The changes to my body. (-laughs-)
G: What are the reasons behind it?
Y: To protect Golf and Mike. (-laughs-)
G & M: Ooh, thank you very much! (-they laugh-)
M: How did you do it?
Y: When I find the time I do a bit of armlifting or various muscle training, and before I knew it I'd become like this. (in English:) From here on, let's do muscle training together.
G & M: OK!
Y: After that it's wearing cute underpants. (-laughs-)
M: Got it, the next time we meet I'll come wearing even cuter underpants than today's. (-laughs-)
Y: Are there cuter pants than those? Hah, this is real fun! (-laughs-) Because this is our long-awaited opportunity, is there anythinhg you'd like to ask me?
G: What does it feel like, being the volleyball support?
Y: It's so much fun. You're doing it with such intensity, because everyone is so good, I think I'll just be drawn in from merely watching them.
G: Is it like that? Fun! But during class at school I once got hit in the face. (-laughs-) It hurt!
Y: That would be really bad if it were the V-League's players' ball. I once received a ball, but my arm had turned bright red. If the ball comes flying at you, avoid it. (-laughs-)
M: Apart from that, we'll appear in our summer Daibouken event, do you have any advice for us?
Y: Having a good couch in your dressing room. That's where I'm usually stationed for my afternoon nap. But it's better to just keep track of the time. (-laughs-) For the event itself, if the audience is close to the stage you'll get really pumped up, I think. Do your best!
M: That's good to hear! Thank you!
Y: You two have become good at Japanese, haven't you? And can speak English as well, having lived in Australia for 2 years. Hmm, I'm also fluent in Thai. I can say (in Thai:) 'yoot'!
G: 'Stop!'
Y: Apart from that also 'Son ngern manee'(2).
M: Give me your money! (-laughs-)
Y: So it's robbers' terminology? (-laughs-) But I also know 'Please give me your heart'. Do Thai people know me?
M: Definitely! You're really popular!
Y: Really? Hmm, I really should go there some time.
G: But then it'd be dangerous if you wouldn't hide yourself in my bad if a huge crowd of people would arise. (-laughs-)
Y: Ahaha, that's true, isn't it? But you two really have good characters, I really like you. Our cd 'Fever to Future' is coming out this month. This summer, let's create lots of happy memories together.
G & M: Yes, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Interesting aren't they? This in an interview that is in jap in my magazine! Y is yamapi and G and M is Golf and Mike. Golf and Mike are 2 Thai people who have managed to crack into the Japan entertainment industry. They're growing on me!

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日曜日, 10月 01, 2006

*Sigh* Everytime I think "there's school tomorrow." I feel like dying. It sucks! Like, we can't even end school at the time we're supposed to! We're always suck inside for remedials and all that crap. Aren't they worried about killing us? I mean, it's not that I'm not appreciative of teachers actually staying back to help us... but by making it complusory? And Mrs Vijay delivering a ton of homework on us? It doesn't really seem very fair. By the time I get home, it's about 9 plus and I dead tired. How am I going to do the homework?!


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