土曜日, 12月 29, 2007

Yes, yes... I am fully aware that I haven't blogged in ages. You people don't even tag so there's not much motivation anyway... *laughs* Writers need motivation you know! *pouts* Anyway, here's are some bits from my trip in Korea! Most of the pictures are in Colin's (Bro-in-law) lappie so I don't have them.

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Jie and Dawnie! Somewhere near the Seoul Tower... Snow snow snow!

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Jie and the SNOW COLIN! (Poofie)

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Dawnie skiing (Kinda) in YeongPeong.

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Me skiing! Don't I look cool? Plus, I can actually ski! To some extent. =D And for the record, the pants are not mine.

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Us! In the greentea plantation! =D Ain't my hair cool?

That's it until more pictures!

*written @ 12:06 午前.

日曜日, 12月 16, 2007

Whoa. Today is definitely the most stressful day of my life. *nods* If you read a poat in march last year with me saying that the spa massage in Bangkok was the most stressful, that cannot compare to this time.

As most of you probably know, I am in South Korea now. And today, we went to a hot spring or public bath. MAN. That was really freaky! I was looking forward to it until we went into the locker room. O.O The baths are divided into female and male sections. Jie, Dawnie and I spent like half and hour being surrounded by naked women and arguing whether we were going to go in or not. It was freaky! No one besides my sisters have ever seen my naked! Plus, all the women were all skinny with really good skin. Argh.

But whoa. The baths were pretty! There were fountains and pools and random people scrubbing themselves. We decided to go to the herb bath (a pool of green water) first. Oooh... Warm. (Well, we actually went to the suana first but there's nothing interesting about that) After the herb bath, we went outside. Yes. Outside! In the minus 2 degree weather. *nods* Well, how many people do you know can say that they've been outside in the freezing cold butt naked. We went outside and immediately run to the nearest source of hot water. *nods* It was this really muddy pool of stuff. *laughs* After all that, I really wanted to go to the fountain pool to shower off, but after all the sorching hot water, that pool seemed to be freezing!

Oh oh! And in the locker room, there were drying machines~ *nods* You stand in front of them and they dry you oiff with heat bulb things. Cool eh...

Man... Naked in front of SO MANY PEOPLE! I'm up for anything now. *nods* But... I would love to do it again.

*written @ 6:19 午後.

火曜日, 12月 11, 2007

This will be an issue post. But first, some very belated pictures of mu lunch with Cassie, Sulin and Shing at Central! (As requested by Panda)

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First half of the table

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Second half of the table. Check out all the good food!

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My sukiyaki. It was so good...

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The Sony Ericsson gang. *laughs*

Aileen the Great
*Laughs* I GOT INTO LAW! L. A. W. LAW! Whahahahahahahaha! I missed the University of Western Australia law cut off point by 2 marks. *sighs* A measly 2 marks. Kill me now. But... I GOT INTO MURDOCH LAW. I AM A LAW STUDENT! Ooh yeah... It doesn't mean that I'm going to be a lawyer, but... It's still the most impressive thing I have achieved in my life. Mummy Mummy! I'm a LAW STUDENT. So what if I had crappy results most of my life? I'M A LAW STUDENT AND YOU'RE NOT!! *laughs* Take that you stupid irritating teacher who wanted to take my cca points!

Beauty Pagents
Tell me. What exactly is the point of the Miss Universe pagent? And Miss World and Miss Earth and Supermodel of the World? Sure... They're to seach for the most beautiful and smart women on this Earth. But! What does the reigning Miss Universe/World/Earth do? They win money and endorsements, so? What's the point in that? Today, the newspaper had to make a big fuss on why Singapore never wins. *rolls eyes* The Miss Singapore World contestant said that her situation in the competition was pathetic (She didn't actually say that but I summed it up for her). She stated that the other contestants got months to prepare for the pagent but she only got a few weeks. And! She mentioned that some of the other contestants had lots of gowns, make-up artists, comestic dentists blah blah blah... that the countries paid for. She then goes on to mention that Singaporeans think that girls that win beauty pagents in Singapore are bimbos. *rolls eyes*

See. This is why Singapore never wins. What actually is the point of winning? No one remembers the winner anyway. Can you remember the name of the stunning Miss Japan who won Miss Universe this year? For that matter, can you remember who won last year? The only one I remember is Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Australia 2005 (I think)) and that's only because I see her everyday in a Myer commercial. Singapore also never wins because most Miss Singapores are ... (dare I say it?)PLAIN. Sad but true. Put this year's Miss Singapore next to this year's Miss Japan. Who is prettier? Obviously Miss Japan. And Miss Singapores as bimbos? I can't really say I agree. But this Miss Singapore World? She definitely is one. *nods* The gowns, make-up artists... Who is going to pay for them? The tax payers of course! Seeing that the inflation rate is a sky-high 3.6% and the cab fares have risen again, should the government make the citizens pay for such frivolous things?! The answer is pain-stakingly obvious. True, in India girls are trained for years to become beauty queens but even if they win, they smile, they win some money and then what happens?

Taking part in these stupid, pointless competitions are a formality. If people can't see that, they truly are idiots.

I need something to make me angry. Angry makes good poetry and I haven't written any of those in a long time.

*written @ 10:16 午後.

水曜日, 12月 05, 2007

Christmas list! *beams* (I know it's useless and I usually end up buying the things myself, but i've been doing it for years...)

1) New i-pod ear-phones (This always seems to be on e list)

2) A necklace with an A pendent with sparkly bits on the A (hee)

3) A floating diamond necklace

4) Black patent closed-toe pumps

5) The shiny teeny Fendi handbag in blue! (Pretty)

6) The silver Christian Louboutin mary-janes that I like (OMS!! PWEASE!!)

7) True religon jeans (Or maybe I should wait until I get skinny)


9) A kimono top (Preferably in black but grey and dark blue are fine too!)

10) Designer sunnies! *laughs* (It's all those stupid Japanese magazines that have made me a brand freak)]

11) One of those vibrating plate things (Can sit on them and work out while watching tv!)

12) NEW RUNNING SHOES (Man... I've been wearing mine since I was 12. No idea why my Dad doesn't want to get me new ones. The stuffing in my shoes is making a break for the surface!)

13) The blue seagull dress from The Clothes Publisher at OG Chinatown


15)The sparkly emerald green eye-liner from the make-up store in Marina Square or Paragon

16) One of the cool cross necklaces from Kiss at Central

17) Giraffe PJs!!! (God. That was so random)

18) Never Give up book 6 (Manga. From Kinokuniya)

19) The Embalmer book 3 (Manga. From Kinokuniya)

20) Loveless book 6 (Manga. From Kinokuniya)

Yups... That's it for now! Updates later! Probably.

*written @ 9:30 午後.