水曜日, 1月 31, 2007

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誕生日おめでっと薮君! Happy 17th birthday Yabu!

*written @ 12:12 午後.

火曜日, 1月 30, 2007

Nope. No pictures today... Didn't really go anywhere interesting. Nothing that you've never seen. *beams*

Today, someone messeged me. He's name is Darren. And he ate 1 kg of steak. What a pig!

Right. I asked Darren what to blog about and this is what he gives me. Word for word.*rolls eyes* So, now you know what Darren said. Forget this. I'll just do a random post!

1. If I keep eating like I'm eating, I'm going to be fat.

2. It was a really nice day today!

3. Cherry Tomatoes are very addictive. *nod nod*

4. Dream Girls is quite a boring movie. Don't watch it.

5. Panda! I want a layout like yours! 好きです!

6. I can't believe I'm watching Speed. How old school is that!?

7. School looks really... uninviting. And big.

8. I really wanna go jogging.

9. Tennis tennis! Need to play tennis!

10. Wanna go to the beach again! SO PRETTY!!

11. It amuses me that Josiah called me a bitch and refused to clarify why when I asked. *laughs*

12. I really really feel like sleeping. And it's baffling.

13. Speed is quite a dumb show.

I shall... go sleep now.

*written @ 10:13 午後.

月曜日, 1月 29, 2007

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Dawnie made dinner! Guess who was the poor soul who had to clean up.

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Right. It's a lot of people. I'll only intro the major people! Steven is front row (squatting) 1st from the left. Darren is behind him, Jasper is beside Darren, Kaiting, Anthony, Pauline, Anna, Kumu and... Forget it. It's just too tiring!

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I like the way Steven is getting glomped! Hahahaha! And how everyone else is unaffected.

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Girls! 1st row: can't remember, can't remember, can't remember, Yee mei!, Joanne. 2nd row: Kai Ting, Pauline, Anna, patience and can't remember.

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From left: Wei Ni, Izzue and Kumu!

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Patience, Karen and can't remember

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Judy(at least... I think that's her name) and me!

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TADAAAA!! The beach!
Right. That's it.

*written @ 10:19 午後.

日曜日, 1月 28, 2007

You know... There's just something about camera whores that makes people obsessed with them. It's like they scream "Look at me! Look! I'm so beautiful!" right into your ear. They don't actually, so... What is it about camera whores that gets them so much attention?

I tried to do a bit of camera whoring myself to test my theory (that people flock to the shameless) but failed miserably. Maybe I'm just better suited to always be behind my words.


*written @ 4:57 午後.

土曜日, 1月 27, 2007

Someone please make it rain. Please. I am begging you. MAKE IT RAIN! Do you know how bloody hot it is outside?! It's 41 degrees! Oh my sun... LITERALLY. OH. MY. SUN. It's hotter than Singapore is on it's hottest. And news has it that it will hit 50 next month. *screams in horror* It's like a contest on who can wear the least clothing without looking like a slut I tell you. (A random thing, but I'm kinda paranoid that someone will climb through my window since my room is street level)

Today was Australia day! So Dawnie and I went to Mill Point to watch half an hour of fireworks. SO PRETTY! Sugoi kirei! o(>.<)o We (Dawnie and her friends)sat on the grass and had a pinic. Then, this weirdo came up to me and asked "What's your name?"in this strange voice. So freaky! I didn't know what to do and no one helped me! So I just stared and stared at him to make him go away. It was a scary experience.

Wilson (This malaysian guy who I call tennis racket) is so poor thing... Apparently his homestay has nothing for him to do and he's carers seem... MEAN. Yeah. So... Let's all pray for him to have a better life alright? *laughs*

*written @ 1:35 午前.

木曜日, 1月 25, 2007


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Jolene, me and Jane!

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Friends! Too bad about the one who was too lazy to come... *laughs*

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Boredom at the airport!

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More boredom at the airport!

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My breakfast! I was a bit too excited and took a bite before I took the picture...

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Eggs benedict!

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Eggs with spinich!

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Fruit and toast!

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I know it looks contradicting, but this is what it's really like.

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The skyline from my balcony at 8 45pm!

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It's smiling at me!

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Something pretty at The University of Western Australia.

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From left: Su Ern, Wei Ni, May and me!

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Wei Ni and me!!! She's my pooh bear!

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Su Ern(bird brain) and I

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May (or any other month) and me!

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We all stay in May's room! Wei Ni, Su Ern and I sleep on the floor.

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I think it's a Kangaroo.

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I see a horse, do you see a horse?

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Looks cool eh?

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*written @ 10:18 午後.

日曜日, 1月 21, 2007

Well... It's a strange time to post anything... but I'll try!

Like, oh my sun! It's so hot! I have slipper tanlines on my feet. AND I AM FOOD FOR MOSQUITOES!!!! Am at orientation and have made many friends... so all is well! No worries! I'll post pictures once this is over!

*written @ 9:19 午後.

水曜日, 1月 10, 2007

*Angry* If you thought I was blunt, you are seriously, seriously mistaken. I am not blunt. I am... straight-forward. (Is there a difference? Whatever. Being straight-forward sounds better)

We all bail out of situations that we don't want to handle. Like, when you don't want to go to school, you lie that you're sick. You do not say "Can I have a MC because I didn't feel like going to school today?" No. Why? Your Mother would never allow it and the doctor would tell you to stop being childish. We all know the importance of appearences. The masking of words is also considered an appearence. Like, for example, I would never (that has yet to be seen) call Jie's mother-in-law a "nasty dragonlady" to her face. Instead, I say "Auntie." See? If I didn't use my words to mask my utmost discontent, someone would get hurt. And I don't mean in a crying, emotional way.

A couple of days ago, josiah (the one who tried to re-convert me) decided that he wanted to see me off at the airport. I told him that it was alright not to come because my flight is really late, and since I know josiah, I knew that he wasn't going to come anyway. And guess what? I WAS RIGHT. He bailed out. Do you want to know what lousy excuse he gave? Come, let me tell you. He said, without any shame, "Not sending you off le. Too lazy." Is that not the dumbest, most rude excuse anyone can give? If you don't do your homework and tell your teacher that it was because you were too lazy, you'd be sent to do detention for the rest of your life. I'm not upset that he's not coming to the airport. No. That doesn't upset me one bit. It's that by saying that he is too lazy to send me off, josiah is giving me the impression that I am not worth the effort that he is going to need to put in to get his butt out of the house and to the airport. Well. Fine.

Just don't talk to me ever again.

*written @ 9:07 午後.

火曜日, 1月 09, 2007

This is truly annoying. People who I never want to see or hear from again are asking me in this sickly sweet tone "When are you leaving?" ARH. Irritating irritating irritating! o(>.<)o Like, go away! Go away! Why are they so interested to know where I am? It's not as if we've been talking and going out very often that if I go it's a great, great loss. Bah. I'm not going to miss them, so why are they acting like they're going to miss me? Stupid pretentious people.

*written @ 9:39 午後.

月曜日, 1月 08, 2007

Seriously. There's only so much Rain you can take before you become water-logged. But until then, it'll be Rain all the way. Hee!

*written @ 10:58 午後.


Prank on Rain and Kim Sun Ah (Eng. Subbed)

*written @ 9:53 午後.

日曜日, 1月 07, 2007

Going out with Cassie and Sulin is the greatest! God, how I'm going to miss it... I mean, do you anyone else who can put up with me being all irritating and squealy and noisy all day? *sighs* Well, besides Kelly (My Kelly!) and Hui Jing. Hm... I hope I'll find people just as nice over there. Despite feeling trapped here, it's actually pretty scary that I'll be going away from all the familiarity. But I guess I'm one of the few lucky people who can have a new beginning every couple of years or so. *beams*

Damn. I regret not burning my council tie like I said I would! Hate the stupid CCA, hate the teacher. I hope mr sim gets like mutiny-ed or something like that. *sticks out tongue* Speaking of rebelling, the badminton team should rebel against mr lew too! Face it, the guy's a lousy maths and CCA teacher. Bah. Hope no one respects him.

*Argh* So tired. I didn't even do anything! Heaven knows why I'm so tired. Oh oh! I packed like a third of the stuff I want to bring with me, and the suitcase already looks rather full. This is worrying...

*written @ 10:24 午後.

土曜日, 1月 06, 2007

I have quite of issues to address today. (Yes, I am a person with issues. Like what Dawnie always says) So, have a seat, be comfortable and enjoy the read.*Beams* Of course, you could always just go away if you're not interested. There will be titles to each issue so that I don't get confused and stray from the topic. *nod nod*

If Yabu can dye his hair, so can I
Yamapi coloured apparently. *laughs* If you've ever seen 17 year old Yamapi, you'd know what I'm talking about. And no. I did not dye my whole head blond. I have streaks and I love them to bits. *grins* Oh! All the hair came off too. If you hated my stupid china doll hair like I did, good news! It's all gone! I have a... Yuya Tegoshi hair style! Except that it's not that flat, and it's Yamapi coloured. It looks a bit funny now because of all the stupid straightened hair. But I hope the straightness will go away soon. Dang. I knew I should have kept my Jin hair the way it was. Even the hairdresser says that Jin looks like me! Whahahaha! But I think I'm more "guy" then he is... I mean, like well! I do have shorter hair! Love my hair! If you don't, shut up.

Pior Appointments
Let's see... Kelly and I were supposed to have lunch on Monday together. (Or maybe it was just my own hallucination that I agreed to look for her after school) If that's the case, please clarify it with me. Anyway, I thought I was meeting her, so I blocked the day. But she messaged me saying that she was meeting Khai Yew for lunch on Monday and asked if I wanted to go along. *blink blink* Hm... Really. Was the entire thing a part of my imagination? I do believe that she had made a pior appointment with me. Or was I wrong? This is rather upsetting. Well... I guess if she really is having lunch with Khai Yew, it's fine. Just that I do not have anymore free days this week. Maybe next week I can. Oh! I realise I don't have a next week here. Aw... too bad. I guess I'll have to wait till December. Besides, since that the engagement I supposedly made with Kelly is a part of my own imaginings, I have decided to go out with Dawnie. Hees...

Annoying People
You know when people who you really don't want to see act like they want you to go see them? Yup. I had 2 of those cases. Bah. Don't wanna talk about it.

*written @ 5:28 午後.

木曜日, 1月 04, 2007

This is all Jie's fault. ALL HER FAULT! o(>.<)o Do you know what I just did because of her?! It's so horrible.... I didn't even do this for my beloved KAT-TUN but I did it for him. *bangs head on table* Because of the show Full House, I have an obsession with Rain. Yes, Rain. The korean singer whom I used to looked upon with distain. That Rain. ARGH. I'm so ashamed of myself... I mean, I can't keep adding names to the list of imaginary (if I haven't seen them in real life, they classify as imaginary) male celebrities I like! Or can I? Hm... About the atrocious thing I did, I bought Rain's album (Eternal Rain). I didn't even buy KAT-TUN'S album... Oh oh! And I bought the DBSK album too! So I spent quite a large amount of money today... *sheepish* I like Jae Jung (sp?) from DBSK! Hee...

Rain Rain Rain. Jie, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

*written @ 9:44 午後.

水曜日, 1月 03, 2007

This isn't happening. I mean, it can't be happening! Can it? *Looks at computer screen* Yes it can! *Covers eyes and hides* Bah. Today's only the 3rd day of year 2007 and I'm sick of it already. On the 1st, my puzzle pieces went missing. Yesterday, I was pretty much hating everyone and everything because I had my period. Today, I see this. *growls* Hikaru, my Hikaru has a scandal! *Is completely horrified*

Shida Mirai has apparently been spotted 'canoodling' with Kamiki Ryuunosuke and Ya-Ya-yah's Yaotome Hikaru. If case you was wondering (or were not) Shida Mirai is a 13 year old girl and is the lead of the show called 14 year old mother. *Checks up on Kimiki Ryuunosuke* (Oooh! So cute! Too bad he's 13 and not a Johnny. Damn) Anyway, She's like 13! A pre-teen! And she's moving in on Hikaru (My Hikaru)! No no no no no! o(>.<)o She may not even have gotten her period yet, so she should bug off and stick to people her own age. *nod nod* This does not include Yuto as Yuto has already been reserved by Cassie. And Yamada, because Yamada is mine. Hikaru should know better! That's girl's in junior high! He's in senior high! Heaven forbid that they end up in the same school.

Bah. Whatever.

*written @ 1:40 午後.

月曜日, 1月 01, 2007

Well... It's year 2007. Joy. I don't know why people are so happy during countdowns! I mean, on the last day of the year, I sit at home and sulk. What happened to 2006?! I'm not ready yet! Give me back my year! *Growls*

Here are my resolutions! (I'm listing them off the top of my head and have no plan of honouring most of them, but in the "spirit"of the New Year, here they are *warning!* They'll probably be hundreds of them):

1. Be skinny again! (God, I miss being skinny.)
2. Be more organised (Yeah, like thats ever going to happen)
3. Have better skin (Oh please?)
4. Have nice hair for once
5. Get a boyfriend (*beams* Of course it has to be someone that I love! It'd make life less boring. Hee)
6. Stop squealing over JE so much (My resources will be greatly diminished. *the horror*)
7. Be more tech-smart (I wanna make my own layouts! And actually Panda, I have no idea what java-script and buffering are)
8. Be more independent
9. Be less talkative (Or...maybe not)
10. Lose my temper less often (Being angry makes people old)
11. Stop biting my nails (It's a disgusting habit. I really should stop)
12. Put more effort into practising piano and learning japanese
13. Stop using singlish (I really hate that I do)
14. Expand vocabulary
15. Learn how to drive (And not be one of those irritaing woman drivers)
16. Stop hating certain people
17. Stop sheming to kill people (It's violent!)
18. Learn to love myself (everyone should do that)
20. Find out what happened to my beloved puzzle
21. Appreciate all my friends more (I'm sorry that I haven't been a good friend...)
22. Try to be more photogenic
23. Work out more (flabby flabby flabby)
24. Play more tennis! (I miss tennis)
25. Wear all my watches (I have so many...)
26. Sleep less (I wonder how I ever survived on 5 hours everyday)
27. Drink more water
28. Fit into my Levi's!
29. Stop being so blunt (But then again, I love that I'm blunt)
30. Improve cooking skills
31. Be less grumpy in the mornings
32. Have more baths! (hee...)
33. Learn to act offended when I am (Like... Punch that person who called me fat)
34. Be less childish
35. Be less... loud (according to Hui Jing, I'm embarassing)
36. Get sick less
37. Watch less TV
38. Have better memory (ARGH... hate it when I can't remember stuff)
39. Stop being so picky on stuff
40. Multi-task less (quality suffers)

That's it! Told you it'd be long...

*written @ 11:48 午後.