月曜日, 10月 26, 2009
*/ Show Lo - Bickering With Jolin Tsai [ENG SUB]


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木曜日, 10月 22, 2009

Derwin - `_´ says:
Are you happy you get to see thad again?

Aileen says:
you're picking him later right

Deerwin - `_´ says:
Want to come and surprise him?

Aileen says:
*nod nod*
*cute face*

Derwin - `_´ says:
Eeee no =3 E= in the car

Aileen says:
whatever that means
eh. really. i dunno what that means

Derwin - `_´ says:
It will traumatise all of thad's brothers.. No =3 E=

Aileen says:
is that suppose to represent a certain physical activity?

D'erwin - `_´ says:
=3 E= = lips. ...

To think. An emoticon that I don't know. *laughs*

*written @ 1:11 午後.

火曜日, 10月 20, 2009

It's takes nothing more than a conversation with my Dad to make me feel that not only am I a complete bum who doesn't count her blessings, I also face a real threat of dying from poverty when I graduate.


It's all about how in the 1960s, people had to struggle to survive. And I have it so good. One doesn't deny the fact that I am fortunate- I could be starving but yet, I find the resources and time to do frivolous things like worry about driving tests. But somehow, after talking to him, I can't help but feel vastly unfortunate.

We are stuck in a world where no one cares about anyone else. Where (face it) people are no better than the animals we claim are lower than us.

So what if we have education. So what if we can identify hydrogen emitting from a test tube. Does it matter? Yes. I am aware that without education, we would not have the conveniences that we currently possess.

But. As they say. You don't miss what you don't know. It seems as if this never-ending cycle of compulsory education, careers and reproduction worries do nothing more than cloud our judgement of what we are in life.

Do we really want to be the species that causes (or can potentially cause) the end of the world? The species that brutally slaughters other organisms for things that we do not need to survive? (No I am not vegetarian but that is hardly the point.) I mean. We have jails. We have political systems that deem it fit to lock people away for "the greater good". Of course I am not suggesting that murderers be let off scot free. But. What gives them the authority to decide. What gives governments the authority to decide what to do about everything, including how to treat other human beings.

Right. This is going into a very illogical place. I am clear that in every society, having a ruling class is imperative.

Pfft. What if I have no job when I graduate?! Do I really see the world in an overly simplistic way? So much that I border on the line of gullible?

I don't particularly like being human at this point. Or alive for that matter.


*written @ 3:42 午後.

月曜日, 10月 19, 2009

Where the water touches the sand
For some reason, half the world has this obsession with beaches.


No. Seriously. Why.

It's hot. And dirty. And crowded.

Plus, going will give your skin premature aging, pigmentation, wrinkles and change its texture. And! Let's not forget the looming risk of skin cancer.

So. Tell me. What's so great about the beach?

More often than not, the water isn't even blue.


*written @ 6:06 午後.

木曜日, 10月 15, 2009

Would it make you happy
If I was all alone?
To face the World's evils
And hear the demons in my head?

I don't have the courage.
Or the strength
To fend them off
All by myself.
All the time.

The only reason is the mere dislike.
But what about me?
And the fact that I like?
Does it really not matter.

That the route to your happiness
Seems to be my complete and
Utter misery?


*written @ 8:07 午後.

月曜日, 10月 12, 2009


Would it hurt to just shut the fuck up about something that doesn't concern you?

*written @ 2:41 午後.

土曜日, 10月 10, 2009

That internal kyaa kyaa~
Oh my sun. OH. MY. SUN.

I am going to Paris! Paris, baby. Paris. *squeals*

Can you believe it?

The idea of being in the same place as Chanel, Dior, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN...

It feels like I'm high on ecstasy.

If you need to remind yourself why Paris is so absofuckinglutely fabulous, check here.

And if you need further justification, here.

Argh. Now I seriously need to go back to being skinny so I can buy designer clothes.

I can do it. I will do it. God please help me do it.

Oh my sun.

Paris, baby.


*written @ 4:46 午後.

金曜日, 10月 09, 2009

On the subject of beauty queens.
Yes. I am aware that picking someone out of a country with a total population of 4 million to be a representative for a world wide beauty contest is challenging. But really. Was there seriously no one else apart from Ris Low?

Having been dissed on the mere coincidence that I come from the same country as her, I would be lying if I said I had nothing against her (which is what I originally wanted to start the paragraph with). So yes. I do think the judges who picked her to represent Singaporeans are fucking stupid.

It's not that poor girl's fault that she isn't eloquent or all that pretty for that matter. It is not her fault that she got chosen and shoved into the limelight. I can't imagine how horrible it must be for her to deal with all the public and international ridicule. If I got dissed just by being from the same country, can you imagine what she's getting?

And really. No one cares about beauty pageants. The last one I watched was when Miss Japan was crowned Miss Universe, and I can't even remember what year that was. The only reason why I watched it was because I thought that Miss Japan at that time was seriously hot. I mean, do you even remember who won Miss World last year or the year before?

My point exactly.

No one's going to care about her once the pageant airs. So, instead of blaming her for the way she is, we should start a petition to change the judges who picked her.

For indeed. They are fucking stupid.

*written @ 4:17 午後.

水曜日, 10月 07, 2009





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日曜日, 10月 04, 2009


At Flo's party. =)

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