火曜日, 11月 27, 2007

I am.... Not in a very good mood. The day started off good enough but it slowly but surely started getting crappier and crappier.

I actually had the intention of going outside to do some crunches before I went to bed-but lo and behold! Imagine opening the door slowly and being greeted by a harsh "SHHHHH!" I do understand that I should be quiet since there are people sleeping, but really, I think that the loud "SHHHHHHH!" was much louder than the sound I made pressing down the doorknob(Which in my opinion cannot be helped since the doorknob is a push down one and there is obviously a kink in it). God. Sometimes I feel that my family thinks that I'm still 3. Well, it's either that or they think that I am stupid. Which, has been backed up by the years of making me feel that I'm not good enough. But! How ironic it is that I am still expected to get into law. *rolls eyes*

Well. Sorry to disappoint, but I am neither. I do understand something without having needing someone to repeat it 3 times. In fact, I can understand "Do not turn off Colin's computer because he is downloading something" in 3 different languages. 4, if you count sign language. So... There really isn't a need to repeat it 3 times over. *nods* The same thing applies to the instruction about shopping bags. Once is really more than enough.

I don't understand why people yell at Russell when he clamours for attention. We've all been out all day, so he hasn't seen us. Isn't it perfectly normal to crave a little attention? *wonders* It's mean. And I know this because people used to do it to me too.

Also, it has come to my attention that... People all need someone to blame. It may be God, other person or even yourself. But yes. No matter who you are, you will find it necessary to blame someone. When you accidentally step on a corner of a magazine, it is perfectly normal to blame the person who left it there. Even if it has been lying there for the past 3 days. But what puzzles me is how do we choose who to blame. Yes, one could blame me for leaving the magazine there, but one could just as easily blame oneself for failing to notice something that was there was a couple of days and stepping on it. So! How do we choose people to blame?

I am feeling ignored. So! Will those who are ignoring me please tell me when you decide to stop so that I can go kill myself. Why?! Because... That the last time I fucking want to see people who ignore me.

*written @ 11:56 午後.

月曜日, 11月 26, 2007

Right. Before you judge me, I'll have you know that when bored, I have the habit of reading anything I can find. So... Instead on commenting on how I am definitely the most morally corrupt 17 year old around (Maybe not the most corrupt but...), comment on the carelessness of the person who left the book around for me to find. *nods*

The book is called: Useless Sexual Trivia and is by Shane Mooney. It entertained me for a little over an hour so I thought that it would be very fun to share a few of the things that I have learn today.

1) In the original Grimm's "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale, the prince rapes her while she sleeps and leaves before she wakes up. (Prince! Are you seriously that desperate to rape a SLEEPING woman?! What a sad guy.)

2) The number of sperm that could fit into an aspirin capsule would be enough to repopulate the earth to its present numbers. (Now that is freaky)

3) In 1990, 290 women in the US were charged with rape. (O.O)

4)Oculolinctus: An apparently rare fetish where people are sexually aroused by licking a partner's eyeball. (Maybe that's why people close their eyes while they kiss- To prevent eyeball licking.)

5) Otters can get herpes! (Which makes me suspicious about something)

6)Hamsters can have sex up to 75 times per day and prefer to do it face to face. (HAMSTERS NOT ONLY EAT THEIR OWN YOUNG, PEE ON YOU BUT THEY'RE HORNY TOO! Ew...)

7)Some fish have been known to engage in fellatio(oral sex). (The thought that fishes have privates scares me)

8) Fifth century Samaritians would take a convicted rapist or adulterer and tie him upside down but his genitals. (Cassie laughed hysterically when I told her this)

9) Isaac Newton died a virgin. (Considering how much I blame him for all the crappy physics I had to learn, that isn't very surprising)

10) Julius Caesar was known as the husband of every woman and the wife of every man. (I knew any guy who wore olive leaves on his head had to be gay in some aspects!)

11) Anne Frank wrote in her diary, "I go into ecstasies every time I see the naked figure of a woman." (Anne Frank was lesbian....)

12) The infamous siamese twins Chang and Eng Binker not only married but also fathered 22 children between the 2 of them. (It's giving me a headache woudering how they did it)

13)In 1894, Thomas Edison invented the first peep show machine.


*written @ 9:20 午後.

日曜日, 11月 25, 2007

It's hot, humid and the people are hateful but! Home is still home! Despite the heat and zits, it's good to be back. *beams* Kinokuniya was having a 20% members only sale today and I got lots of stuff. Far less than what I used to get last time, but last time didn't include fashion magazines. *nods* Man... I feel poor. Interestingly, the first thing I said when I entered Takashimaiya was "I wanna eat Takopachi!" *laughs* Oh oh! I went to Marina Square with Jie and Dawnie yesterday and LO AND BEHOLD, guess who I saw?! Eevon. Yes! Freaky person. *nods* On a random note, all the young teenage girls (by young teenagers I mean kids still in high school or who have just finished Os. Cassie and I (or maybe it was just me)decided that if you can think of anal sex as sodemy you are not longer considered young.) have taken to stratagically placing their bangs so that it's covers approximately 56% of their face. And! Using their eyeliner as a colour pencil. (Oh the makers of eyeshadow, how badly you must lose out!) They put so much effort into creating the "goth-emo" look and wear yellow pants with flowery birkenstocks. *rolls eyes*

Who's this crazy person?!
Me Apparently. I was majorly bored and starting randomly talking to this guy on the plane ride on the way home. Well, actually... he was the one who looked bored so I took pity on him. *beams* Amazingly enough, he's japanese and the same age as me! Even though he looked 24. Freaky. His name is Yuta and he comes from a stat in Japan that starts with a K. And and and! He said he thought that I was Japanese and that my japanese was really good! *beams* (Randomly: Boa can't sing)

Dammit. Why won't it be cold?!

*written @ 9:51 午後.

月曜日, 11月 19, 2007

I'm the one you go to when people leave. Why. Why is that so? I would think that I'm the last person people want to go to about people leaving. Considering that I am completely void of sympathy in this area. Sometimes I really wonder why I bother when I could just easily tell myself the response I want to hear instead of getting the full on report of someone's day. *rolls eyes* It was really one of those "Why didn't I...? Oh! That's why."

Randomly: I love disturbing Des.

*written @ 5:20 午後.

水曜日, 11月 14, 2007
*/ mizushima hiro_speak English

Mizushima speaking english is so cool! *beams*

*written @ 9:06 午後.

火曜日, 11月 13, 2007
*/ Helium Gas Inhale

The person who takes great pride in messing my hair and who kicked me today. -.- *laughs*

*written @ 11:40 午後.


Stolen from Jie. Hee!

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, and things. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name. Nothing made up!

Your name: Aileen
Four words: Ambitious, amiable, atrocious and admired.
State/country: America
Boy Name: Artemis
Girl Name: Allegria
Occupation: Archeologist
Something you can wear: Aviators! (I can't believe I thought of this)
Something found in a kitchen: Apricot
Something you shout: Argh! *laughs*
Something you do at school: Antagonise
Name of an animal: Anteater?
Name of a Drink: Almond joy. (Why do I know this?)
Name a Holiday: Er... ER! *flouders* ANZAC DAY! *muahahahahahaha*(I was just about to type Aileen day.)
Name a body part: Appendix

Whahahahahaha! Man... I never knew it was so difficult to come up with a holiday that started with A. This is probably the only time where ELACS will come in useful. *nods*

*written @ 5:34 午後.

月曜日, 11月 12, 2007

There's just something about maths (and science, but that's another issue for another time) that screams "Welcome to Hell!"

Seriously. I have no good memories associated with maths (except maybe for Miss Nawal (ex-additional maths teacher) and Chris (maths teacher this year)) at all! In primary school, I was doing maths assesments all holiday long. I never even had time to play! In seconday school, almost all of my elementary maths teachers were idiots and it was such a struggle to pass. *bangs head on table* Even maths tuition was bad. Eevon (my maths tuition teacher from secondary 3 to 4 and Jie's high school friend) was... freaky. I would use another word to describe her, but I can't think of one more suitable(Maybe scary would suffice). *Hm...* Sure, I scare pretty easy, but that does not mean that she was not scary! SHE WAS THE EPITOME OF THE WORD I TELL YOU. I always managed to have fun with my tuition teachers. *nods* I even managed to have lunch outings with my chinese tuition teacher who was like 13 years older than me. And... I have supper with my ex-piano teacher. But my maths tuition teacher? It would take a lot to get me back into that house.

Anyway. I believe with my entire being that Hell is definitely full of numbers and equations.

*written @ 5:31 午後.

木曜日, 11月 08, 2007

In my opinion, if the world was perfect:

1) Governments would spend half their revenue on global warming research rather than on weapons to kill people (I know that we're on the verge of over population but that's a bit much isn't it?)

2) Everyone would have a model's figure or all models would be fat. *laughs*

3) High school uniforms would be flattering (A knee length skirt to protect a girl's decency? Please. Why bother when the blouse is translucent?)

4) The Miss Universes would actually do something to help with world peace. (What are they there for anyway?)

5) There would be no mixed kids. (It's just so not fair!)

6) Someone would buy me the Chanel bag and gold Christian louboutins that I really want.

7)More people from China would be less irritating (I mean, come on! Those that I encountered in Hong Kong couldn't accept the fact that in the law of the world, first come first serve. It should be a human right.)

8) Friends should not be allowed to bring their boyfriends whenever they meet up with single friends. (This should definitely be a law)

9) There wouldn't be so many flies around.

10) It would be autumn all year round! (The perfect weather.)

11) The Singapore government would not have any plans to increase the population (Adrianna told me they had plans to do that while our faces were squashed against the door of the train)

12) No one wold have to learn maths and science if they didn't want to. (What the hell am I going to do with the knowledge that potassium dichromate is purple?!)

13) The world would be fair. (Paris Hilton should be poor and made to live without all but one credit card)

14) Japanese models would all snap in half when the wind blows (Now that would be a sight worth seeing)

15) Plastic surgery just because people aren't happy about their looks should be banned. (Some of us have to stick with what we're given and so should the rest of the world)

16) I would be fluent in japanese. (It would be such a sin for Toma to speak english)

17) All japanese magazines would translated to english. (Now, wouldn't that be nice?)

18) All cars would be environtally friendly.

19) I would have a japan citizenship and be attached to Toma! (Shush! I know I'm crazy)


Somehow, my train of thought keeps ending at 20.


*written @ 12:25 午後.

火曜日, 11月 06, 2007
*/ Toma as Mr X (18 Dec 2005)

*beams* Koyama hasn't changed at all.

*written @ 11:59 午後.

*/ Toma Ikuta - I Want You to Want Me


*written @ 11:57 午後.

*/ Memories of Canning College

Hee... Tennis racket made this! It's nice! *beams* But I'm only in 2 pictures! And you can't see my face! Rawr!

*written @ 6:38 午後.

土曜日, 11月 03, 2007

If you can't tell by now that I am on a complete Toma obsession, you should question the reason for your existance excessively. *nods* I have yet to post pictures of my new love for everyone to see but wait for it! It will come soon. *beams*

Anyway, in an attempt to prevent myself from doing 3rd degree Toma stalking. I have decided to compile a list of all my favourite quote from my favourite dramas!

In no particular order:
1)オレはホモじゃない!(ore wa homo janai!(I am not gay!))- Hanazakari no kimitachi(花ざかりの君たち)
2)ハグだよ。ハグ... (hug. It's a hug)- Hanazakari no kimitachi(花ざかりの君たち)
3)Boy girl talking no touching!- 花样少年少女
4)I know you 外国cut open- 花样少年少女
5)See? He called me hot plates. He so likes me!- Gilmore girls
6)Yongje-shi pali pali dawayo- Fullhouse
7)好き!斗真ーさまと結婚します!(Suki! Toma-sama (伽!私の斗真さま!)to kekkon shimasu! ( I'm going to marry Toma-sama))-Cat in Red Boots
8)Nakatsu! Too close. (I can't remember how to say it in japanese)-Hanazakari no kimitachi(花ざかりの君たち)
9)You look like a 5 year old!- The L word
10) 好き好きチュ!(Ski Ski chu!)- Sappuri
11)We're meeting the Brazillians in 5 minutes right?-Anego
12)パムバ止めろ!子供きってかた!(Pumba yamero! Kodomo kitte kata!(Stop it Puma! There are kids listening.)-The japanese version of The Lion King
13)Sebestian... The whale washing dolphin!- Shark Tale
14) 彰shock!(Akira shock!)-Nobuta wo produce
15)Check it out yo!-Cartoon KAT-TUN
16)BABY!-Hanazakari no kimitachi(花ざかりの君たち)
17)Hotties are Japan's wealth!(As Nanba-senpai so proudly proclaims. I love the way the sub-titlist translated that)-Hanazakari no kimitachi(花ざかりの君たち)
18)Mcdreamy was doing a mcnasty with a mchottie?! Why. That macbastard!-Grey's Anatomy
19)Why are you guys suddenly so gung ho? (I didn't know that gung ho was an english word! O.O)-Charmed
20)My husband is an angel! Literally.-Charmed

All that TV and I could only come up with 20?! Shocking.

*written @ 8:22 午後.

金曜日, 11月 02, 2007
*/ Ikuta Toma, Uesato Ryota, Jimmy Mackey - Christmas Songs

oooh TOMA

*written @ 3:31 午後.



I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately. *nods* There was a marrying dream and a dream involving Nanba-Sempai (which I really didn't want to wake up from)but today's one was the strangest!

I dreamt that I was having dinner at this semi-posh place with this guy called Jason(Like, what the hell! Where did that come from? WHy couldn't it be Toma?!) who was actually pretty cute. In my dream, I was 18 and Jason was 24. Not too weird you say... I suddenly got up to use the bathroom and there was a computer on the way. I actually sat at the computer and started blogging! (What the... -.-)And moments later, Jason came bursting in and yelled at me for choosing a computer over him. Yeah. It sounded ridiculous in my head to. And when he was driving me home, I had this really strong feel of wanting to tell him that I loved him. Which is completely stupid because he is in my dream! All of a sudden (This line always reminds me of Des),the scene changed. I was lying on this bed with all my young cousins from my mother's side around with a few of my relatives. And there was this shoebox in my hands full of letters and little trinkets. I started to leave through them and someone asked me how was my korean boyfriend (his name was mentioned but I can't remember it now). Oh. Apparently, my korean ex-boyfriend was prone to driving like a crzy person. *rolls eyes* I then proceeded to deny that he was my boyfriend and said that Jason was. And there was a blue birthday card in the shoebox from Jason. Weird. The weirdest thing happened when I attempted to call Jason, I realised that I didn't have his number! Instead, I kept searching the name Nicholas. And I had the full name of someone called Nicholas(Which I can't remember) in my phone! O.O

Talk about weird.

Toma Toma Toma! *beams* Need I say more? *laughs* Oh oh! I also like Mizushima (Nanba-sempai) and Odaka Masaki (Sekime)! Odaka is like 18 and is 180cm tall! I like... *laughs* My message tone now goes "ORE WA HOMO JANAAAAAAAI!" (オレはホモじゃない!きゃ!なかつが本当に好き!)

I love it.

*written @ 1:18 午後.

木曜日, 11月 01, 2007
*/ Hanazakari No Kimitachi E MV - Stupid Cupid

DAMN IT! Why does Japan get Toma?! WHY?!

*written @ 11:34 午後.