木曜日, 10月 25, 2007


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Snooky grew a pretty flower! o(>.<)o I'm so proud of myself! *laughs*

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The process! Alex came in demanding someone female tie his tie for him. -.- At 3, he strolled in and exclaimed "WHAT! It's only 3 and you all are getting ready already!?" Argh. Men. Hahaha!

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Lean Ping, Alex and Sep! (All cousins! Isn't Sep pretty?)

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Me, Anna-chan and Sep!

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There's just something about Matthew that makes me look bad... =/

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Heather and me! We were really bored while waiting for food...

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Pretty Wei Ni and me!

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The girls! Me, Wei Ni, Sep and Heather!

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Jasper and me! I really like this picture.. *laughs* All the guys looked really, really nice and they were all in suits and jackets!

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Sep, Jaspy, Me and Bunny!

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We were Tennis Racket's (Wilson)first gang in Canning! Imagine that! Lucky guy...

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Wei Ni and poultry!

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I love my poultry!

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Pucker up!

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Jane and me

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I wanted to take a picture of Andy sulking because he didn't want to wear a suit, but the idiot started laughing at the last minute. -.-

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This is a retarded picture.

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Owen and me! I had such trouble dragging him out of his seat to take a picture with me. MEANIE

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Our entertainment. Tennis Racket can really sing!

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Qi Jie and me! I had to change because I had to run to the bus station afterwards. And for some reason, every single person conered me to snap pictures moutside the ladies' room just when I was going to change. -.-

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The teeny Lin Rong and me!


*written @ 11:59 午後.

日曜日, 10月 21, 2007

Tagged by Mango! =)

Seven things to be done before my death:
1) Learn horse-riding!
2) Be proficient in at least 2 new languages
3) Get my diploma in piano
4) Live in Japan for a few years
5) Get married to someone who loves me as much as I love him
6) Buy myself a pair of Chistian Louboutins/Manolo Blahniks/Jimmy Choos
7) Open my own boutique

Seven things that I will not do even if it kills me:
1) Kill anything besides bugs, bacteria and certain people who deserve to be shot
2) Eat brussel sprouts (Yes. I hate them that much)
3) Sit through any korean drama without the luxury of the fast-forward button
4) Be a slut
5) Go out with someone I don't like
6) Eat bugs
7) Live in any 3rd world country

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public:
1) Laugh at animation porn (but it's funny!)
2) Scream at the tv while watching dramas
3) Wear really funny looking PJs
4) Eat stuff straight out of the can
5) Wake up with really messy hair
6) Sing very out of tunely at the top of my voice
7) Watch disney songs in cantonese and laugh my head off

Seven fav sentences/quotes:
1) Bleah
2) Like...
3) What the hell?!
4) I'm too lazy...
6) I want chocolate!
7) I'm bored...

Seven favourite songs from all time:
1) Lydia-FIR
2) Ikujinashi-Ya-Ya-Yah
3) Un Myung-Full House OST
4) True to Your Heart- Stevie Wonder and 98 Degrees
5) Part of Your Worlr- Jodi Benson
6) Sea Of Love- Fly to the Sky
7) Beautiful Soul- Jesse Mccartney

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did:
1) Ever question my taste in anything besides food (Especially if you wear a shirt with 15th Century cuffs that never caught on after the 15th century for a reason!)
2) Insult my friends or family
3) Ever imply that I am stupid
4) Bug me about a subject that I have no interest in talking about
5) Tease me about my weight (God. I hate that. And of these days I will get my revenge!)
6) Ruin any of my books
7) Leave me alone with someone I don't like


*written @ 2:23 午後.

木曜日, 10月 18, 2007
*/ Sleeping Beauty-Once Upon a Dream Japanese/Japonés

I like this.... The prince is so sweet!

*written @ 3:03 午後.

*/ Pocahontas - Just Around The Riverbend (Finnish)

Finnish really fits Pocahontas for some reason...

*written @ 2:28 午後.

*/ Tout le monde veut devenir un chat - Les Aristochats


*written @ 1:56 午後.

*/ Scales and Arpeggios (French) [Lyrics+English translation]

I am very inspired to learn french!

*written @ 1:54 午後.

*/ The Lion King - Hakuna Matata (Cantonese)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Did you hear Simba say "ok lah...." HAHAHAHA

*written @ 1:30 午後.

*/ Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Mandarin) translation


*written @ 1:20 午後.

*/ The Lion King II - Love Will Find a Way (Korean)

THIS ALMOST THRUMPS THE ENGLISH VERSION! I wonder... how do you Lana in cantonese? and chinese? Hm...

*written @ 1:09 午後.

*/ I Won't Say I'm In Love (Korean)

But I like the korean one best. Love it when she says "andui" (sp?)

*written @ 1:05 午後.

*/ Hercules - I Won't Say I'm in Love (Greek w/subtitles)

This just sounds so natural. Meg singing in greek... *sighs* Don't think it's because she is greek! Mulan singing in mandarin is... weird and whiny. Plus, it doesn't rhyme!

*written @ 1:04 午後.

*/ The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Cantonese)

This is wrong on so many levels... But it's funny! Pumba grunting in cantonese! Whahahahahaa. I feel lucky to have heard it in it's original english.

*written @ 12:59 午後.

*/ Can you Feel the Love Tonight (French MOVIE)subs+translation

I LOVE THIS!! This is by far my favourite version besides the english one!!

*written @ 12:55 午後.

*/ Mulan - Reflection (Thai Pop Version)

This is so weird... But it's surprisingly good! It's cool!

*written @ 12:53 午後.

月曜日, 10月 15, 2007

This may be very late, considering how the whole world already knows and is in mourning.

Ya-Ya-Yah is breaking up! o(>.<)o No! I don't want them to! I want them to debut together! Yabu, Hikaru, Taiyou and Shoon all together! *cries* Taiyou hasn't even got a solo line in any of their original songs yet! I don't want the group that sang Ikujinashi to break up... I went to their livejournal community and it was empty. EMPTY! *wails* The place that saw me through O levels and brought me so much joy. GONE! NOooooo!!! There's this plan to buy the 100% Yuuki single in an attempt to re-join Ya3, but... It doesn't have Hikaru in it! It has like Ya3's old members. That's not the Ya3 I know... But... Maybe I should buy it. Hm.


*written @ 6:23 午後.

水曜日, 10月 10, 2007

After all this time in Perth, there is still one thing that I do not get. *nods* The "Aye"s, "Mate"s,the everything but the liquor and porn store (I live in a place where they openly rent porn at blockbusters and I was not allowed to buy a manga with sexual references in it. What the hell.)close at 5 and "I'll take a rain check on that" I get. But... the food. The food I do not get.

By food, I mean the Singapore fried rice and Singapore noodles. And of course, yesterday, I saw, on a menu "Fried Hokkien mee Singapore style". Pray tell, what is the "Singapore style"? And for that matter, what is/are Singapore fried rice and Singapore noodles?! Do we have a particular style of cooking things? Some magical way of swishing a spatula around that warrents us this particular way of making carbohydrates? The Singapore Sling I get. But noodles?

The Singaporean cuisine was briefly mentioned in season 4 of Gilmore Girls. But! What is the Singaporean cuisine (and noodles for that matter)? My idea of Singapore food is grilled belacan(sp?) stingray, kway chap (pig organs soup), chicken rice and the like. But Lorelai and Rory cannot possibly be eating that. Why? For the same reason the Aussies do not eat stingrays even though they are really good ("Oh my God! Steve Irwin got killed by a stingray and therefore stingrays are horrible dangerous creatures that kill!!!" Screams the Aussie. *rolls eyes* It is actually rather interesting that he did not get his head bitten off by a crocodile looking at the way he jumps on them). So! What is the mystery Singaporean cuisine that is mentioned in all these chinese restaurant menus and Gilmore Girls?

So. What are all these odd Singapore themed food? (Don't even get me started on the freaking pirate king of Singapore crap)

(I needed to write something substantial before I shrivel up due to my current lack of literary pursuits.)

*written @ 3:51 午後.

金曜日, 10月 05, 2007
*/ Hey! Say! JUMP - Ultra Music Power (HeyX3)

Right.I feel like such a traitor for liking this song. Yabu and Hikaru have made their debut! But... There's no Taiyou in it. NOooo... *sighs*

*written @ 1:16 午後.

*/ Hilary Duff - Stranger - Official Video (HQ)

I have new respect for Hilary Duff. *nods*

*written @ 1:11 午後.

月曜日, 10月 01, 2007

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God oh God... Why couldn't you make me more photogenic?

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Bunny and me!

Anyway:Random post ahead.
1) Dawnie and I have come to the horrible realisation that we have practically watched the whole collection of DVDs at Blockbusters. (Seriously, we're in there so often the people actually know us)

2) I have suddenly adopted the habit of drinking lots of water. Something is very wrong.

3) I don't want college to end... I can't imagine not seeing the people I know everyday and crapping in the library. *sighs*

4) Spring's here! =D

5) The house is disgusting. *nods* Need to do some cleaning soon.

6) Jennifer is definitely beyond hope.

7) I am somewhat low on funds but have the need to go shopping.

8) What to wear to graduation? Hm...

9) Hilary Duff has suddenly become quite hot. Go watch her PV for Stranger. She looks so hot as a belly dancer!

10) I can't wait to get back to my old handphone plan where I don't need to worry about credit.

11) When I can drive, I'm going to get a second hand volkswagon beetle or a suzuki swift! *wistful thinking*

12) STUPID #%*&%$^&#* ECONS

13) I was reading Vivi about 30 ways to attract guys. And it is the crappiest thing ever! Everything is about being cute. *rolls eyes* And the shocker is that Vivi is directed to girls in university. O.O When I'm in university, I'll be in my glasses all the time because I'll be too obsessed with graduating with honours (And I will).

14) We need a new sofa. *nods*


*written @ 4:31 午後.